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PermalinkJimmy Hopper Week 6 - "The firestorm's getting closer"
Alright! Week 6 has brought us into a top 10 position, very cool. 8 out of my 10 seeds made it so I'll take that as a result. Congrats to TXMOOK & Zylo Grey for beating out Spiral & Christoph! Also congrats to Mr Granstaff on making top 10, you did it man! Way to go! toast

Over on Quickdontdie's contest I am trailing a little in 3rd place. Some tough requirements got thrown in which were a bit counter productive to Leapfrog / GTASC to make them worth going for. JBS has taken a flying lead but after dropping out today has given the rest of us a chance to catch up.

Can see week 7 getting very challenging. Going to be seriously tough and maybe impossible to stay in the correct brackets. My updated power rankings would be roughly:

Tier 1

- Infamous, Cyberber, Jimbot, SherlockGecko

Tier 2

- K4rn4ge, Porkroast, Burnah Bros

Tier 3

- Mr Granstaff, TXMOOK, Zylo Grey

UHH Talk

UHH 3 got announced, however the new rules made it more or less impossible for my account to be competitive. Too many games played with very little progress on. Probably all of my lists would not be doable in a week. Sure I could probably make a decent run and it would be a lot of fun but mediocre UHH result vs pushing for a decent Team / Solo GTASC placing, the choice is obvious.

With these rules you actually need to be somewhat of a completionist so you are able to set your lists up to be competitive. Can't see anyone beating Mattias unless some weird variance goes down. Sure he doesn't have 90% of his collection preloaded but what he does have preloaded will give him a huge advantage going into any match. Also very experienced now with targeted preloads and collection exploiting but still anything can happen. (Madeye save us!!)

I maintain my opinion that UHH is the most fun but least competitive contest on the site. That said good luck to everyone taking part, will sit it out and hop aboard the #TeamTriadTrain for this one! Good luck bud.

Leapfrog Stats Breakdown

Games Used:
18 (+2)

Badland: 5 (+3)

Cobalt: 4

Fermi's Path: 1

Guitar Hero Live: 5

How to Survive: 1 - New Arrival - A fun flashback to last years leapfrog! Desperately trying to fit the spark plugs before realising the S rank is way easier on a different challenge just building a crossbow and walking to the end.

Killer Instinct: 34 (+13) - Arguably the 200 matches / 20 ranked wins could be considered GTASC burn but decided it was a bit too fiddly with no trackers and low points to include it.

Kyub: 5 (+4)

Lies of Astaroth: 2

Lumo: 2

Mighty No 9: 5 (+1)

Moto Racer 4: 8 (+1) - This game turned out to be pretty useful for filling in gaps. Might not be worth going for the back end stuff though need to have a play around.

Path of Exile: 8 (+3) - Double reference in the title this week as my PoE character is built around the firestorm spell with a side of necromancy. Here you can see it in action (After I finish running into walls!) laugh
Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

Plague Inc: 10 (+3)

Rare Replay: 43 (+9)

Recore: 3 - New Arrival - The title update was too juicy to pass up.

Screamride: 3 (+1)

T-Kara Puzzles: 3

Thumper: 5

First to make cutoff: (6/42) (+4/7)

Period 36 - 1 Hour 20 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/4207ed02f9240b778b79b61deb4b40b0

Period 40 - 2 Hours 56 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/bf01ba018e981359872f26b20cff8b7c

Period 41 - 3 Hours 34 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/dee74da49cde644314a7d6054f3781cf

Period 42 - 2 Hours 19 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/c7f8ea52cc9eec224843d41ccfbf4fd0

Correct Ratio Bracket: (91/147) (+33/42)

GTASC Points Burn: Total: 900 (+480)

Guitar Hero Live: 310

Kyub: 310
KyubDark Side MasterThe Dark Side Master achievement in Kyub worth 318 pointsDestroy all pots in level 1-18
Not the quickest thing to pop but 300 even in 20 minutes tops is still worth having.

Moto Racer 4: 280 (+170)
Moto Racer 4R&DThe R&D achievement in Moto Racer 4 worth 162 pointsUpgrade the T.U.R.B.O on Jody and Saul's bikes to the max
As preload city as it gets.

Hype song of the week: - This is maybe my favourite song.
Posted by JimbotUK on 12 September 17 at 12:59
Triple Triad777 You can count on me, ill try to impress! I may have gotten out of going to Florida over thanksgiving, instead I'm going Christmas time....after uhh and gtasc. It's going to be awesome....finals week the same time as gtasc finals....kicking it into overdrive!!!
Posted by Triple Triad777 on 12 Sep 17 at 14:56
SpiralGamerpro Any time I see the word Stratovarius, I think of this:

Posted by SpiralGamerpro on 12 Sep 17 at 18:54
JimbotUK Awesome vocal!
Posted by JimbotUK on 12 Sep 17 at 19:05
Quickdontdie Sometimes counter-productive is the point wink

Anyways heres my rankings:
1. Infamous
2. SherlockGecko
3. K4rn4ge
4. JimbotUK
5. Cyberber
6. Porkroast
8. Burnah Bros
9. Zylo Grey
This is by odds of winning, not necessarily position. I think some of the lower ones will get a good position but not win.
Posted by Quickdontdie on 14 Sep 17 at 00:28
JimbotUK Seems reasonable. Nothing in it between 5 people at the moment.
Posted by JimbotUK on 14 Sep 17 at 02:02
TXMOOK 3 down 6 to go. Tier 3 will rise.
Posted by TXMOOK on 14 Sep 17 at 10:07
JimbotUK Bring it. toast
Posted by JimbotUK on 14 Sep 17 at 10:09
Burnah Bros You did an awesome sticking within the brackets week 7
Posted by Burnah Bros on 19 Sep 17 at 23:23