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Hello, TrueAchievements! wave

It has been a while since I last blogged here, but it felt fitting to leave my 250,000 Gamerscore post up on display. Plus, I have been incredibly busy working on other things and haven't felt the need to constantly blog about my gaming.

One of those things is a subreddit! But not just any subreddit...After talking with the original owner, who no longer uses Reddit, I have managed to become the owner of the Gamerscore subreddit: /r/Gamerscore!

I spent all of August coming up with plans for it, teaching myself CSS, and making the design for it. I officially opened it to the public September 1st, and it has actually been going pretty well. The only problem is the subreddit was pretty much dead before I took over, and most people are there just to read posts.

So, if you're on Reddit, be sure to stop by! Right now it's mostly posts about achievement news, which is exactly why I'm posting this. We need more people to hang out and bring a wider variety of posts. And if you're reading this, I know you're into Gamerscore! wink

If you're not on Reddit, think of it as a massive forum website. A subreddit is a subforum hosted on the site, usually about very specific topics. For example, there are subreddits for everything from world news to gaming to funny cat pictures. And I am the guy running the subreddit for Gamerscore.

Regardless, I can't do this on my own! Let's not let the subreddit go to waste or wither away and die. If you're on Reddit, it's a community where you can talk about achievements proudly, and if you're not on Reddit, you need to join.

The subreddit has it's own Twitter account, Discord chat room, a TA leaderboard, and even it's own Xbox One club!

Plus, it functions as rehab for those of us with a serious Gamerscore addiction! laugh
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Nitoriism Joined the Discord smile
Posted by Nitoriism on 12 Sep 17 at 18:57
Cornerscout Thanks, Nito. <3
Posted by Cornerscout on 12 Sep 17 at 19:02
IAteA11ThePies Huh, another leaderboard I could be bottom of... laugh
Posted by IAteA11ThePies on 13 Sep 17 at 19:42
Cornerscout Hey man, we won't judge! wink
Posted by Cornerscout on 13 Sep 17 at 20:46