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Nope.  Not Gonna Happen.Nope. Not Gonna Happen.

  • The Long Road to Recovery (From Bean Dive 2016)
It's been almost a month since my last blog, and forward progress has been glacial. At least in terms of achievements unlocked from my backlog. I snagged the 6 easy achievements to wrap up 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (JP). And I did manage to close the book on another of my oldest incompletions:
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved²SmileThe Smile achievement in Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved² worth 110 points2, 4, 11, 15, 17, 18 and 19.

But otherwise it's been a dry spell for cleaning up old achievements. I made some progress on Platinum Medals in Project Gotham Racing 3, and Hardcore levels in Splosion Man, but I still have a good amount of work left before I pop any achievements in either game. And even if I completed both, I'd only net 4 achievements out of the 12 I needed to recover my dive.

I decided to break up the monotony of tedious grinding by dipping into a few quick games. That helped me to keep my energy levels up for grind sessions, but due to inconveniences of math, new completions do next to nothing to improve my Completion %. A couple hundred achievements @ 100% only pulled my average up about 0.01% and cut the number of achievements I need by one. So, now I'm 11 away from full recovery, lol.

Although playing new stuff was refreshing, it's disconcerting that even one problem achievement would undo a couple hundred achievements worth of progress. Every new game only adds however-many hours to get right back to where I already am. I hope that as I continue to push my completion to ever greater heights this anxiety about starting games doesn't get worse, but I think it's going to be OK once I finish this push.

I really just want to reach my targets of 99.5% completion and 10 incomplete games and then get on with enjoying new (to me) games. I'm not going to get there with new completions. And I'm not getting anywhere fast by limiting myself to the grinds I have now. Which leaves me with only one obvious course of action:

  • Sound the Alert!
Time to Takei Care of Business!Time to Takei Care of Business!
I've been actively avoiding Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 for a while now. It's the last title left untouched from Bean Dive 2016, and it accounts for 49 of my 109 unearned achievements. At least several of those will be fairly easy to unlock.

What originally started as a series of conflicts preventing me from playing Red Alert eventually morphed into a personal challenge to postpone it for as long as possible. I don't just want to top out at 99.5%, I'd like to maintain there--or at least stay somewhat in the vicinity when I get back to starting games. I wanted to see if I could completely recover my dive before starting Red Alert. Now I know: I could, but I don't want to. smile

I looked at my unearned achievements to see if I could cherry-pick a dozen from the three titles that still have more than a couple left (Vampire Rain, Kinect Adventures and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat). Short answer: no, not without getting fairly invested (or really sore, lol). And if I'm going to get invested in another backlog game, it ought to be the one with MP achievements....

So, that's it then. Sometime in the next few days I'll finally end this 14-month long journey to resurface from a 50-title dive back to record heights. And then I can change my focus to maintaining. No more Bean Dives for me. dive warning clap
Posted by SpeleoFool on 12 September 17 at 23:55 | Last edited on 12 September 17 at 23:57
LausDomini Super dedication there! Congrats on that Smile achievement. The first three games I ever played (Hexic, GRAW, Rockstar Table Tennis) are still sitting incomplete 11 years later. Once 360Voice died and the 90% badge with it, I was able to let my 92-93 completion rate tumble tumble tumble.

Splosion Man and Kinect Adventures were fun completions. PGR3 I absolutely loved but those medals were way too hard for me.
Posted by LausDomini on 13 Sep 17 at 04:15
SpeleoFool Thanks! It's been a very long road, but I'm officially done with the Dive now. I think I'm 9 achievements away from 99.5%--basically have to finish the Russian campaign in Red Alert 3 with Croaker to get there, and I'll have another 25 achievements to pad out on top of that.

A big part of my Dive Recovery grind was making sure that I didn't just burn a whole year undoing the damage of starting 50 games--I wanted to make sure I cleaned up some old messes, too. Here are some truly ancient incompletions that I mopped up:
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved² - 2257 days
Overlord - 2973 days
Gears of War - 3868 days
Totemball - 3244 days
Bejeweled 2 - 3442 days

Whenever anything that old finally comes to an end it's a sobering moment. I wouldn't wish GRAW on anyone (and I only know about Table Tennis by reputation), but Hexic is totally doable--I wrote the guide for it. If you play slow and look at the two rings of hexes surrounding your starflowers it's really not that bad. It was daunting the first time, but now I can do that game in my sleep. In fact, I've tried to get too trashed to finish the ring of black pearls, and short of passing out entirely I don't think it's possible. :-)

Anyway, you're probably better off for letting completionism go. I tried, but it didn't take, lol. Here I am still, with a real shot at 100%, dreading some of these last tasks that stand before me. :-D
Posted by SpeleoFool on 15 Sep 17 at 23:10