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Permalink30 Second Failure: Dr. Chaos Strikes
I had an amazing gameplan. Des and I were going to stream Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax next. We spent the week prepping for it and because the game is so blatantly timed, I was particularly concerned about needing to focus on the game for extended periods and not being able to talk, ruining the stream vibe. So, I enlisted some help and we brought in a guest host for this episode. I was really happy to have Freamwhole join us. In case anyone isn't aware, Freamwhole is one of the hosts of the Zed to Zed podcast, where they talk about achievement hunting and the community that surrounds it. He's also been a significant contributor here at TA for contests. As a podcast host, I also knew he'd be a great personality to keep things flowing in chat when I was in the tank. We're all set and ready to go when...

Nope. Half-Minute Hero is not streamable via Mixer. At least not with the technology I had available. It was a crushing blow, but we rebounded, checked our plan and went on to the next game on the BC list: Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos.

This turned out to be an excellent choice as finding hidden objects is a lot easier with the extra pairs of eyes from Des, Fream, our Mixer chat participants... even my wife joined in.

This was a particularly fun episode and we started to revisit some of the items we've talked around in the past few, so I made sure to provide links in the YouTube description.

I had a lot more ground that I wanted to cover. There were so many topics I wanted to be able to get to, but the time absolutely flew. So we'll have to try to do this again soon so I can get some of those topics done.
Posted by Xpovos on 13 September 17 at 04:04
SpeleoFool Ironic that we were just talking about streaming limitations re: 'Splosion Man. I kind of figured that I couldn't stream via Mixer on the One, because that game is a 360 BC title and would be running in the emulator. I know you can't stream apps or your dashboard because they're not recognized by the XBox OS as games, but I wasn't sure about BC titles. My best guess was that Mixer would throw it's metaphorical hands up and say "dunno what this is; no stream for you." Sounds like that's what happened here?

FWIW, I discovered that by connecting my Elgato HD60 to an output of my HDMI matrix, I can stream *anything* that I output on that channel. I even tested a blu-ray (insofar as to confirm it showed up as ready to broadcast on my laptop and not a blank screen). I do like that by streaming the straight feed I can share exactly what I see, including overlays, achievement pops, etc.
Posted by SpeleoFool on 13 Sep 17 at 17:07
Xpovos I've streamed a significant number of BC games. Most of them have no problem. The problems I have experienced:

Domino Master Achievements multiplayer is broken in BC. This didn't affect streaming, though.

Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax refused to stream.

Stream functionality is optional for games. I know that several games on PSN limit it extremely. Des has talked about this on stream a few times, actually. Atlus is particularly bad about it. Developers/publishers may not want their game streamed. Streaming a game usually is good for building hype and interest in a game, but for certain games it can be a detriment as well, particularly anything that is very short/story driven.*

My guess is that Games developed by Marvelous Entertainment opted out of stream functionality for their BC update of Half Minute Hero. I don't know their reasons, but I know they could have done so and that is consistent with the error message I got.

That doesn't mean that it couldn't be streamed, though. I'm simply using the built-in technology of the Xbox One. With a capture card I could stream anything I wanted, but that comes with limitations as well. While the built-in tech only gives the game, with a capture card, I get all of the overlays and notifications. So for me, I'd like to have some of them (achievements) but not necessarily others (XBOX OS menus). So ideally we'll get to a hybrid solution some day. And if that means giving up some control, I'm probably OK with it. I should have just tested it before assuming it was going to work.

*Look for a future blog on this subject.
Posted by Xpovos on 13 Sep 17 at 17:46