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What story should I dive into? LA Noire, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided or The Evil Within 2 ?

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PermalinkUpdated GTASC Power Rankings!
Not gonna be going to far in depth on this, did that last time. You can check it out if you want.

1. (--) Vicious and Delicious
2. (--) Is This Team UHH?
3. (--) Ganker' Preloaded
4. (+3) The Godz Reborn
5. (-1) Killers of Unicorn Killers.
6. (--) The Big Willie 4.0 (Bigger Than Ever Before)
7. (NR) Wolfos Team
8. (NR) We Got This! v3
9. (-1) Pomelachev
10. (NR) Dirk Gently & The Rowdy Three

Honorable Mentions:
1. (NM) English Warriors
2. (-1) It's Raining Hell Dawgs & Krazie Munkehs
3. (NM) Victorious Secret

Off the Rankings:
(-6) Megaladons Assemble
(-2) Conquistaria BR (Eliminated)
Posted by Stevanno on 13 September 17 at 18:18
JimbotUK Still confident then wink
Posted by JimbotUK on 13 Sep 17 at 20:34
JimbotUK Guessing you have some offline consoles prepped?
Posted by JimbotUK on 13 Sep 17 at 21:09
Stevanno Why wouldn't I be confident? I still know what we have and we've added to it.
Posted by Stevanno on 13 Sep 17 at 21:39
Danno Omen I've got 3 Russian and 2 Korean consoles ready to go!
Posted by Danno Omen on 13 Sep 17 at 21:39
JimbotUK Sorry, I get bored. 11 months of waiting for a 2 week competition!!
Posted by JimbotUK on 13 Sep 17 at 22:01
Stevanno Honest opinion jimbot, i think the margin between the top 2 teams will be within 5000 of eachother. Likely the tighest finish in the contest
Posted by Stevanno on 14 Sep 17 at 01:55
JimbotUK Nah you guys got this we have 2nd place curse!
Posted by JimbotUK on 14 Sep 17 at 02:14
Stevanno We'll see about that. With Conquistaria and Megaladongs fading, I'm just wondering what team fades away next....
Posted by Stevanno on 14 Sep 17 at 07:29
SloppyJoe811 I think Wolfos Team could be that silent killer this year. They still have yet to use a bonus and have consistently put up a decent score. I think these guys could edge out one of the top 5 to make it to that final week.
Posted by SloppyJoe811 on 15 Sep 17 at 13:55
Stevanno The problem for Wolfos is that although they haven't burned a bonus, they're so far behind the top 4 teams on the bonus leaderboards. We haven't seen anything with the bonuses yet..... do they all fly at once or saved at the end? Someone's gonna get left in the dust depending on what gets used and when.
Posted by Stevanno on 16 Sep 17 at 06:19