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OK friends I am going to ask you guys a favor it seems i keep falling off track on what im trying to finish up so if you see me straying from working on these games call me out on it please. I tend to wander into other games and forget to go back to the ones i said i will come back to so other than the few free to play games listed if you see me getting sidetracked please kick my a** back into gear.

Free to play games I work on daily/weekly or might jump on for short periods of the day.

Fallout Shelter
Gems of War
clicker heroes
soltrio solitaire
any microsoft PC game

Games i should be working on these are the ones I want to make sure I get ragged on if I am not working on any of them.

101 ways to die / 15 achievements left
spheroids / 8 achievements left
ticket to ride / 3 achievements left
stick it to the man / 15 achievements left
Lego star wars the complete saga / 1 achievement left
toy story 3 / 4 achievements left
Gears of War 2 / 12 achievements left
Shadowrun /
the elder scrolls skyrim / 59 achievements left
WWE 2k17 / 4 achievements left
Sniper Elite 4 / 66 achievements left
Sherlock Holmes the devils daughter / 21 achievements left
monkey Island 1 / 11 achievements left
monkey island 2 / 11 achievements left
banjo kazooie / 11 achievements left
banjo tooie / 11 achievements left
Posted by checo316 on 13 September 17 at 19:01 | Last edited on 17 September 17 at 01:37
damien666777 You know i got you on WWE and Elder Scrolls as long as j Bitchstars not involved roll
Right now im just taking a break from mp stuff and working on something non stressfull like Skyrim.
Posted by damien666777 on 13 Sep at 20:19