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Hi everyone,
I'm back, after another operatione to my eyes. I'm here again. smile
My eyes are abandoning me. I'm losing my sight, but I don't want to bore you with my problems.

I'll open again my TA blog and I'll update it.

Thanks for reading my blog. toast

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Posted by I ManuBad iT I on 12 October 17 at 15:47 | Last edited on 04 November 17 at 15:13
BEAR X I hope for you speedy recovery mate.
Posted by BEAR X on 12 Oct at 15:56
cisco7501 Great luck and speedy recovery to you Sir!
Posted by cisco7501 on 12 Oct at 15:59
Deus Ferus Welcome back bro toast
Posted by Deus Ferus on 12 Oct at 16:14
The Subaru Fan Oh that's sad! But health goes first! Good luck mate!
Posted by The Subaru Fan on 12 Oct at 17:12
PlugPray Good luck with ur recovery, though, cu soon online again toast
Posted by PlugPray on 12 Oct at 17:15
I ManuBad iT I Hey guys, we'll see you online soon, thanks again for your support toast
Posted by I ManuBad iT I on 12 Oct at 17:23
Dogeatr00 Hey manu, best of luck buddy!
Posted by Dogeatr00 on 12 Oct at 18:02
I ManuBad iT I ^Thanks buddy toast
Posted by I ManuBad iT I on 12 Oct at 19:00
A BANNED CRIBB Hope everything goes well for you. Stay positive.
Posted by A BANNED CRIBB on 13 Oct at 06:32
I ManuBad iT I ^Thank you my friend. I'm always positive but the problem is that my eyes have a degenerative disease and there is no cure. This illness leads to blindness. compute I have to hope in nanotechnology .. hope in a future not too far.
Posted by I ManuBad iT I on 13 Oct at 09:44