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Alright, time to buckle down and try to rewrite this Warframe walkthrough.

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At the end of last year, I came to a realization that achievements were no longer a healthy escape for me. The stats painted a pretty clear picture of heavy achievement hunting with stressful and depressive episodes of life, and so I did my best to cut them out as much as I could.

However, later in the year, I ended up on better medication and was conflicted; I was attempting to move on from something unhealthy for me, which is good, but losing interests in things is a textbook example of depression. So how do you determine which one it is?

Well, my first attempts were pretty miserable. Destiny 2 was found lacking within the first week, and I had to force myself to sit through BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360) as a game on my backlog. That put the concept squarely on the side of unhealthy in my mind, and so I let it sit there for a month or so. I had some travel on the agenda, and where I would normally bust out the Windows Phone for a bit of cleanup, I got reacquainted with the 3DS. When I felt the urge to start up Warframe, I did so on PC. When I did get achievements, they were usually a secondary idea: completing Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition in anticipation of the cross-platform version.

But then last night, a switch flicked. My allergies were acting up, so I confined myself to the office with an air purifier. I had my Steam library at my disposal, and yet despite the problems I was having with streaming to PC recently, I opted to fire up Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments instead. I had finished up the story recently and only had two achievements left.

Time flew by. Any other day, I would've tossed in the towel and went to bed early. Instead, I got that familiar feeling and thought process. I just need one more deduction. Push through this, you're almost there! That resulted in the first completion I've had since July. And despite any reservations I have at the moment, I won't deny that it felt good.

There's a small part of me that remains concerned. I have something of an addictive personality trait, and it feels like getting another hit after being sober. On the other hand, it's a clear goal to focus on when you have a to-do list in games, and there's an undeniable social aspect, given the site I'm writing on.

So I suppose I'm making a tentative return. Achievement hunting was decidedly unhealthy for me this time last year, but it looks like it could be a positive influence now that things are finally somewhat stable.
Posted by Geoffistopheles on 13 November 17 at 12:51 | Last edited on 13 November 17 at 12:52
Luc1d Dreaming Bwahahahahahaaaaaa, this means you have to play with me more. There's no escape from your friends! dance
Consider this a tentative welcome back to the dark side clap
Posted by Luc1d Dreaming on 13 Nov 17 at 16:13
ChewieOnIce Nice to see you pop back up on the feed mate, was concerned you went off the deep end. It's important to find the right balance with things and I can definitely empathise with getting addicted to it and the danger of using it as a crutch/escape/whatever. But then it's impossible to ignore that with the right balance can come great fun and you shouldn't push back the things you enjoy just because they can become too much. Everything in moderation.
Posted by ChewieOnIce on 13 Nov 17 at 22:52
Geoffistopheles @Luc1d Dreaming - NEVER MIND I REQUIT

@ChewieOnIce - Definitely went off the deep end for a while, but thankfully that doesn't entail doing anything drastic. Closer to doing nothing at all, really. It's only been recent that my wife's been gently prodding me back to it now that the pursuit is a bit healthier for me.
Posted by Geoffistopheles on 14 Nov 17 at 00:48
Beanpotter Not that I've had anything like your kind of issue but I do enjoy a nice lul every now and then, followed by playing something I really want to play, rather than forcing myself for points.
Posted by Beanpotter on 15 Nov 17 at 15:54
Luc1d Dreaming That's what she said?
Posted by Luc1d Dreaming on 15 Nov 17 at 17:41