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PermalinkUHH Wk 8 (JFF): A Last Minute Loss but a Trio of Completions
I could tell going into this week's matchup that it was probably going to be an uphill battle. frenchdawg had consistently put up good numbers in previous weeks, despite seemingly being matched with puddings on multiple occasions. Despite knowing I probably wouldn't win, I didn't want to make things easy for them. You can check out the match here.

After a few days of a few achievements each, I pulled into the lead so that by the weekend I was out in front by a handful of achievements. There wasn't much more I could reasonably go for on the list but I did wonder if I'd sent him packing with my clear lead. Then I woke up on Sunday morning and saw that they'd completely smashed through the list and overtaken me on Saturday. At this point I didn't want to battle hard, preferring to finish a few of the games I'd started, so I conceded defeat and ended the match 12-10. It was a fun battle though and I hope more interesting for frenchdawg than some of his previous wins.

Out of what I played, I really, really enjoyed Remember Me. The achievement required me to play the first couple of chapters and it's left me really wanting to play more. The world building is excellent, the story is neat and the memory mechanics are cool. It got a little bit cartoonish by the end of the second chapter but I was fully invested by that point. I also played through two short easy games where the achievements were quite deep into them so after conceding defeat, I decided to spend the time to wrap them up. Details below.

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I'm not sure it's sensible to hang around here for too long,<br/> you know, because giant creatureI'm not sure it's sensible to hang around here for too long,
you know, because giant creature
My love for point and clicks is well established so I was looking forward to getting into The Little Acre, which is a traditional style adventure with lovely hand drawn graphics. Overall it doesn't disappoint and the only real criticism is that it is very short. It's not just the length itself, because there a plenty of perfect short little games, it's that it feels like there's things missing. Some sections feel rushed and empty, basically just involving walking across the scene, particularly in the final sections. Also, although the story, characters and setting are wonderfully quirky and charming, it feels like we're only finding out a small portion of the wider story and we're left with many questions unanswered by the time the credits roll. Not that it's a bad thing to leave some mysteries, but it's as though the ideas and ambitions of the developers couldn't quite be realised due to (I assume) time and budget. It can't be quick or cheap hand drawing all the backgrounds, characters and animations. Fair enough, at least they've still managed to produce something that works well and I hope they're able to make more games, just hopefully more complete experiences next time.

One other bugbear I have is that there's a speedrun achievement for completing the game in one hour. These achievements keep cropping up in adventure titles and it really grates with me. It seems counter to how the games are intended to be enjoyed and stops people from taking the time to explore, figure things out and absorb the world. Why do they want people to rush through these experiences that they've clearly spent a lot of time and money to lovingly craft? I shouldn't bag on it too much though, it's still a lovely experience overall.

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Burning wind is something you should probably get looked atBurning wind is something you should probably get looked at
Monochroma is a side scrolling platformer that, as with a lot of titles in recent years, riffs heavily off LIMBO. It has the same dystopian world, the same general mechanics and the same monochromatic colour scheme (the clue is in the name). It's nowhere near as polished and focused as LIMBO, with some fairly imprecise controls leading to frustrating deaths that are no fault of the player. It also doesn't really capitalise on the world that it's created, leaning on fairly generic factory settings in later stages. The story focuses on a brotherly bond at its heart with one brother carrying another injured one throughout the game, impacting puzzles and jumping ability. Unfortunately, over time the bond becomes more of a chore than it should because there aren't really any more moments with the brothers to develop their relationship past the opening and the injured one just sits there like a tool for the majority of the game so carrying him feels like a burden more than an imperative.

For achievement hunters frustrations also come because the collectable achievement is bugged and must be done in a single play session because progress is lost after quitting. However, the game is clearly made with love. There are some nice touches that appear throughout and the puzzles are actually pretty decent. It's not a bad way to spend a few hours but it can sometimes be a frustrating one.

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I think we're all feeling a little green.  Maybe it was the shellfish.I think we're all feeling a little green. Maybe it was the shellfish.
I also managed to put the time into wrapping up the campaign for Far Cry Classic. The last few chapters remained the same dumb and dated shooter fun. The final twist could be seen a mile off but I'm not sure if that was the case when the game originally came out. Nowadays you pretty much know to never trust the guy on the radio giving you instructions. I also managed to use the difficulty exploit for the Hard achievement and got the miscellaneous mission achievements for the completion. Huzzah!

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Finishing The Little Acre, Monochroma & Far Cry Classic really bumps the numbers. At this point it's almost a shame not to start something new but I'm making such good recovery progress it would knock me back. Maybe if I set myself a target of 35 credits, then I can let myself start a new game (or 5).

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frenchdawg It was a good match! Definitely the most competitive I've had haha. Wasn't sure I would have enough even with the push. Good effort on your part though, keep up the good numbers!
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