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PermalinkGTASC 2017 - Period 47
Hello and good evening! Its that time of the week when we look back at the stats of the previous period, check in on the Games With Gold as well as currently running TA events and of course - chat with the Overachievers of the previous period. Without further ado - here's GTASC 2017 - Semi-Final edition!

Available through December 15th:
X1: Tales from the Borderlands (This includes all episodes)
Marketplace Link
360: Child of Eden Achievements
Marketplace Link

Available through December 31st:
X1: Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Achievements
Marketplace Link

Available December 16th:
X1: Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition Achievements
360: Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death Achievements

We've started a new month and Assassin's Creed Origins has won the right to be the new playlist game. Here's hoping those microtransactions aren't too intrusive. Just a few days in, here's what we've accomplished as a community:

14,271 gamers are playing - 1,622 started the game - 527 completed it - 69,427 achievements were unlocked - 1,355,735 Gamerscore earned - 2,287,102 points earned.
External image

Interestingly enough, this has more gamers participating already than we did for last month's game. We're nearing the achievements unlocked tally as well but are well sitting at around 25% the GS and TA earned. This has the potential to be the best game for stats yet! Well - excluding completion perhaps - Turing Test will likely keep that honor for some time.

UHH Finals are upon us. Its the purple bunny rabbit vs the embodiment of Deathsmiles! Its already quite the match with not only some insane achievements in the list but the effort these 2 have expended. Ultra Fast Food is no joke of an achievement and both of these finalists have nailed it. The match is here:
Congrats to both of Jam and Mattias for their supreme efforts. Jam, congratulations on your win!

Don't forget to register for the Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge if you haven't already. Each day for 12 days starting December 1st a new challenge will be revealed. Use all the achievements at your disposal to accomplish each task and you'll earn the new Community Challenge badge (or increment the one you got for completing the Alphabet Challenge.) Never fear, although the number 12 features prominently in this event (thanks to a particular song of course...) you have the entire month to complete all 12 challenges. You must complete them in order and all achievements must be timestamped.

We've revealed 5 of the 12 days so far. I've linked the announcement thread and the individual challenge threads below:
Introducing Community Challenge 2 - The Twelve Days Of Christmas
Complete 1 base game
Unlock 2 achievements flagged 'Versus'
Unlock 3 achievements with a TA ratio of 3.0 or greater
Spell the 4 letter word 'NOEL' using the 1st letter of achievements
Unlock 5 'Rare' achievements
Tomorrow's challenge will be announced at 5PM GMT.

No new winners. Chances are this will be the end of this until next year.

Its madness and quite understandable that we only have 2 members of The Godz Reborn to join the Solo Overachiever Yinga Garten with us today.
1) Did you play anything memorable this past period?
JORAX: C.U.B.E. and ChromaGun were pretty fun, though can't hold a candle to Portal 1 & 2.
Ow Nitram: Only quality titles like Road Rage, nothing memorable, SPIFFING wasn’t bad though. I played the latest release in visual novel, OCCULTIC;NINE : that wasn’t really good.
Yinga Garten: Sadly memorable for all the wrong reasons was Pixel Piracy, a game so fundamentally broken that after a while you'll be reduced to navigating the map at less than 1fps (just check out the clip I recorded of it). Its a real shame because it could have been an okay game without its awful technical problems, managed to get the completion though despite great difficulty. Going back to Clustertruck was great fun though, so frustrating yet has its moments of absolute brilliance which make it a pleasure to play.

2) What if anything would you change about the GTASC format?
JORAX: Overall the contest seems solid as far as rules and format. Sometimes it seemed like the rules were enforced a bit... harshly :). Easy for me to say from here, though (and thankfully never impacted my team).
Ow Nitram: Double the “bonus value” 2000 to 4000. It’s disappointing that the two teams competing for OVERACHIEVER and ACHIEAVOLICS and making thing more interesting week after week didn’t get a better reward in the end.
Yinga Garten: Generally I'm fine with the format but I'd prefer less of the weekly stackable bonuses as I'm more of a person that prefers pure scoring. This is my first year of competing in the competition and looking back at previous years the cut-off formula was a lot less brutal than it is now so that needs to remain the same, makes the contest more engaging throughout the year.

3) What has driven you to this point in the contest? Why do you compete?
JORAX: I've always liked GamerScore anyhow, and after a disappointing run in GTASC last year my teammates convinced me that with some planning and an actual strategy, we had a real shot to win this time around. As a competitive fellow, the idea of planning and gaming for the entire year with an objective to win something like this sounded like a lot of fun!
Ow Nitram: I was mostly driven by my goal of reaching 1 million gamerscore and the support of my team across the year. As for competing, the thrill I guess? It’s also probably my last time playing THAT big and making a good run (a lot of things happens when you have a career and I’d rather play good games than the trash on my hard drive sometimes), might be aiming for the top in this case.
Yinga Garten: I committed to going far in solo a few months back as I felt I wouldn't get much further with my team as we had many weeks where we clutched out of the elimination zone. However I was proved wrong and my scoring in solo was part of the reason why my team got to the semi-finals which I wasn't expecting at all back when I made my decision to go far in solo. I just have a competitive nature really, I've done well in previous contests on this site such as Leap Frog but GTASC seems like the ultimate one to me.

4) Do you think you still have enough left to make a top showing in the finals?
JORAX: I always believe our team has a chance - we have a lot of games, a ton of bonuses, and some preloads as well.
Ow Nitram: We will see. We’ve been doing gamerscore for the last 12 years, there’s no substitute for experience.
Yinga Garten: We'll have to see how cut-off goes for this week (I'm answering these questions on 30th November so hope I don't look silly afterwards). I was projecting cut-off for semi-finals to reach 30-35k but I'm definitely expecting a final cut-off to the higher end of that prediction now as more people have proved competitive than I thought. I'm confident of putting on a good amount of score in the finals if I make it but the higher the cut-off goes in the semis the less I'll be able to put on for the finals.

5) How have you prepared for the finals? Did you book time off work... save specific games... preload... invest in a time machine?
JORAX: I had some 'use it or lose it' vacation time to use in December, so I did move a few days of that around for GTASC. I also bought a ton of ACA Neogeo titles along with other quick games.
Ow Nitram: No, everyone is working, it’s business as usual for the team. Would love to have more time though :( Trying to cut on the sleep as much as possible to still be functional. Can’t stay with mom and dad 24/7 and playing (not the kind of life I’d like anyway). We had a bit of emergency preload but I won’t bring back this debate.
Yinga Garten: I've tried to make sure I have a few less social commitments than I usually do for these last two weeks but my general working schedule will remain the same. I'll be using a mixture of quick points (Minecraft etc.), preloads and the rest of my easy completions I've been saving which have been estimated to be less than 3 hours on this site. The hard work for me has been done in the past two/three months preparing for this moment, now its just to see how it all falls in place.

6) Do you have any desire of finding a friend to compete with next year?
JORAX: Sadly no, its been a really fun contest but I don't think I'll have the energy to do this again anytime soon. Also my wife has been extremely patient with me gaming more than usual (and in odd ways such as hogging all the screens with simultaneous 360/X1/PC playthroughs of Telltale games).
Ow Nitram: PM me if you have a trizillion of preload in FIREPOWER.
Yinga Garten: I haven't really thought much about next year really. I'll be taking a break for a bit once the competition is over then do a few games I want to play over the Christmas holidays at my own pace. I'll make a decision then as GTASC is such a massive time sink which I'm not sure I can fully commit to again.

7) Is there anything else you'd like to add?
JORAX: Corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior!
Ow Nitram: A final thanks to you planting for hosting the contest, it made me play like never before. I would like to take a last opportunity for a few “thank you”. Thank you to my teammates, you are amazing people, I’ve been playing and competing with Deathisland and K4rnage for years, it’s always a pleasure to be with you guys. I’ve known Momie since 2006 but I’m really happy we get closer with the contest. Also really happy to have meet JORAX, such a nice guy. Speaking in term of pure scoring skill, I was with the best of the best. Thanks for everyone rooting for us during the contest, your support is really appreciated. Thanks Stagger for your entertaining posts during the contest, made the contest more enjoyable, sometimes I was discouraged by people attitude, it’s not like your life is riding on this contest but whatever…seems a lot of teams had “that guy”.

Special thanks outside of GTASC now. Many thanks to my girlfriend for helping me with the Japanese games at the beginning of the year when I was too lazy to translate stuff and having endured me and my garbage games over the year, I want to play Mario Odyssey too, it’s coming soon enough. Thanks to my longtime friend King of Fool who were like the 6th member of the team with all the help he did, can’t wait to go back on coop stuff and Overwatch with you, you have no idea how much I miss that during the year. Thanks to xSup3rM4ri0x for being here over the year too.

Farewell GTASC 2017
Yinga Garten: Congratulations to the 18 that got to the semi-final week of solo, amazing commitment as the going has gotten really tough at times. Hopefully I'll be in the final week but the upcoming bonus bonanza will surely take out one unexpected person so I won't rest on my laurels. Shout out to my team, the Original BackLoggers, for defying expectations to reach the semi-final week. I don't really have much investment in the team side now but I'm hoping that Team UHH prevail. That's all, been fun and hopefully I'll see you all in future competitions or gaming sessions on this wonderful site.

Overachiever: DeAtHisLaNd 50,424 TA (1,634 TA ahead of second place)
That was close: RedmptionDenied 41,537 TA (safe by 61 TA)
Achievement grinder: RedmptionDenied 1.8568 Ratio
That was easy: cyberber 1.3173 Ratio
Achieveaholics: Zalexzy 596 Achievements
Achieveaphobic: JimbotUK 375 achievements

N1NJ4 41,476 TA
Woodster 86 39,683 TA
Wakapeil 38,943 TA
DaXXaa 36,130 TA
K4rn4ge 30,302 TA
Thrash Forever 25,203 TA
fragilesound 9,091 TA
FgnZ DeBroin 2,602 TA

Achievements Earned: 7,220
GamerScore Earned: 349,366
TA Score Earned: 563,341
Bonuses Used: 169
Average Ratio: 1.6125
Avg Score Diff: 2813.0588
Benches Used: 11

Achievements Earned: 956,734
GamerScore Earned: 30,342,117
TA Score Earned: 54,689,341
Bonuses Used: 1,631
Average Ratio: 1.7356
Avg Score Diff: 214.3813
Benches Used: 247
Bonuses Awarded: 1,316

cyberber with 41,784 TA, 31,720 GS and a total of 578 achievements.
DeAtHisLaNd with 40,924 TA, 23,460 GS and a total of 508 achievements.
Zalexzy with 40,865 TA, 22,266 GS and a total of 596 achievements.

Minecraft Achievements with 21,859 TA, 6,405 GS and a total of 278 achievements.
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Achievements with 17,292 TA, 2,740 GS and a total of 108 achievements.
Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Android) Achievements with 16,806 TA, 5,090 GS and a total of 213 achievements.

DreamBreak Achievements with 8,800 GS worth 9,793 TA and a total of 100 achievements.
Tacoma Achievements with 8,000 GS worth 9,248 TA and a total of 96 achievements.
Minecraft Achievements with 6,405 GS worth 21,859 TA and a total of 278 achievements.

Minecraft Achievements with 278 achievements won worth 6,405 GS and 21,859 TA.
Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Android) Achievements with 213 achievements won worth 5,090 GS and 16,806 TA.
Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Achievements with 178 achievements won worth 4,070 GS and 11,289 TA.

Trigger Happy in Jeopardy! added 2,969 TA to the leaderboards.
Finisher 3 in HAWKEN added 2,442 TA to the leaderboards.
Master Zoologist in ARK: Survival Evolved added 2,032 TA to the leaderboards.

ARdcore in Tacoma added 1,600 GS to the leaderboards.
Music Lover in DreamBreak added 1,600 GS to the leaderboards.
Employee of the Month in Tacoma added 1,600 GS to the leaderboards.

Lama So Cute in DreamBreak added 10 achievements to the leaderboards.
Perfect Score in DreamBreak added 10 achievements to the leaderboards.
I'm TV Star in DreamBreak added 10 achievements to the leaderboards.

Overachiever: English Warriors 162,333 TA (12,470 TA ahead of second place)
That was close: Is This Team UHH? 126,738 TA (safe by 4,171 TA)
Achievement grinder: The Godz Reborn 1.6202 Ratio
That was easy: English Warriors 1.4285 Ratio
Achieveaholics: English Warriors 2,033 Achievements
Achieveaphobics: Ganker' Preloaded 1,484 achievements

Killers of Unicorn Killers. 122,567 TA
Wolfos Team 110,147 TA
We Got This! v3 107,726 TA
The Original BackLoggers 57,645 TA
Victorious Secret 32,671 TA
Crushed Memes & Dank Dreams. 21,353 TA
Dirk Gently and the Rowdy Three 14,562 TA

Achievements Earned: 13,326
GamerScore Earned: 694,078
TA Score Earned: 1,045,451
Bonuses Used: 47
Average Ratio: 1.5833
Avg Score Diff: 13433.7273
Benches Used: 4

Achievements Earned: 1,207,700
GamerScore Earned: 39,459,603
TA Score Earned: 70,776,222
Bonuses Used: 846
Average Ratio: 1.8440
Avg Score Diff: 1018.1901
Benches Used: 68
Bonuses Awarded: 655

ROGUE 1992 with 41,465 TA, 31,869 GS and a total of 523 achievements.
DeAtHisLaNd with 40,924 TA, 23,460 GS and a total of 508 achievements.
JJBDude48 with 39,828 TA, 29,810 GS and a total of 517 achievements.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Achievements with 32,007 TA, 5,505 GS and a total of 219 achievements.
Minecraft Achievements with 22,527 TA, 6,525 GS and a total of 287 achievements.
ARK: Survival Evolved Achievements with 22,072 TA, 7,100 GS and a total of 148 achievements.

Your Toy Achievements with 13,550 GS worth 15,592 TA and a total of 301 achievements.
DreamBreak Achievements with 13,550 GS worth 15,109 TA and a total of 151 achievements.
8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) Achievements with 12,800 GS worth 17,619 TA and a total of 232 achievements.

Your Toy Achievements with 301 achievements won worth 13,550 GS and 15,592 TA.
Minecraft Achievements with 287 achievements won worth 6,525 GS and 22,527 TA.
Decay - The Mare Achievements with 246 achievements won worth 5,865 GS and 6,568 TA.

Finisher 3 in HAWKEN added 6,513 TA to the leaderboards.
Master Zoologist in ARK: Survival Evolved added 4,063 TA to the leaderboards.
Trigger Happy in Jeopardy! added 3,959 TA to the leaderboards.

Music Lover in DreamBreak added 2,600 GS to the leaderboards.
Secret Pipe in Planet of the Eyes added 2,000 GS to the leaderboards.
Case Closed in Echoes of the Fey: The Fox's Trail added 1,800 GS to the leaderboards.

Excellent reaction in Tapping Skill Test (Win 10) added 17 achievements to the leaderboards.
Long Time No See in Tapping Skill Test (Win 10) added 15 achievements to the leaderboards.
Lama So Cute in DreamBreak added 15 achievements to the leaderboards.

Its the finals. Only 1 Team and 1 Individual will win. Scoring has been absolutely crazy! Check out Shadow 00 Fox's blog post - GTASC Scoring Frenzy Final Week Madness! for some interesting snapshots of the Team finals!
Posted by planting42 on 06 December 17 at 05:47
xSTAGGERxLEEx Congrats to the final 5 teams and final 10 solo
Posted by xSTAGGERxLEEx on 06 Dec 17 at 06:41
King of Fool Awwww thanks Ow Nitram, impatient to continue some coop stuff with you !! dance
Posted by King of Fool on 07 Dec 17 at 00:22
Stevanno Ow Nitram: Double the “bonus value” 2000 to 4000. It’s disappointing that the two teams competing for OVERACHIEVER and ACHIEAVOLICS and making thing more interesting week after week didn’t get a better reward in the end.

Having seen what's happened in the last week of the contest, I've fully changed my mind from a couple weeks ago and seeing this quote.. It's so true. Being tops week in and out should be a better reward, and both teams probably burned more than should have laugh
Posted by Stevanno on 10 Dec 17 at 16:54
DANIELJJ14 And that was where your overall strategy failed.
The badge chase shenanigans was where I decided to put my foot down in our Team discord.
Some of us were getting worried that you were stacking 8k week after week, but my argument was to just sit back and let you do it.
When you were putting up an extra 20-30k each week for them and leaving yourselves minimal time for preloading.

We were instead preloading more than 8k a week and not burning points like crazy.
Oh and even if you had double the bonuses you’d still be 50k behind us without any of ours. Yet here you are Steve still crying, while the rest of your team move on with grace.

Leaving all teams aside I scored over 3 times as much as you this week just accept that you were beat.
Posted by DANIELJJ14 on 10 Dec 17 at 18:23
JJBDude48 My team felt the same way Daniel, just wish we were able to match you guys in preloading but couldn’t, you lot smashed it! Go check out his own blog, quite impressed with what he wrote there as wasn’t expecting it.
Posted by JJBDude48 on 10 Dec 17 at 18:45
Stevanno Literally 2 weeks ago, in our group chat - the question came up: "With all our bonuses and preloads, are we for sure ahead of these guys" - the answer was for sure yes. We're all mind-blown by what just happened this past week. When Triad threw out the 100k number in the UHH forum, we thought for sure it was a team number, not solo. It somewhat corroborated with the numbers we had researched individually on your team. I'm not sure if my team used as many preloads as we had. I don't blame them if not, it wouldn't have mattered.

I think in the end, the only numbers we had right were on Gankers. Even Godz surprised us.
Posted by Stevanno on 10 Dec 17 at 19:11
Stevanno And no Daniel, I'm not crying about your win. It's over and I've said nothing other than agreeing with what Nitram said, and then seeing Stagger over exaggerate yet again.... I must live in his head the way he comments about me laugh, I could care less.
Posted by Stevanno on 10 Dec 17 at 19:13
xSTAGGERxLEEx Exaggerate lol.
Posted by xSTAGGERxLEEx on 10 Dec 17 at 19:15
DANIELJJ14 I must say the one thing that strikes me is that your team research was so off on us that you thought we’d get 100k as a team. laugh
We each had several major ones like Giana, Adventure pop, ClusterTruck and Runbow then we each had our slightly more obscure big scoring ones each like Tokyo 42, Tron Run/r Elite Dangerous, Crossout, I am Bread and plenty more.

I guess our less researchable preloads were just the smaller scoring indie crap that we had setup for a quick 500-1000 TA here and there rather than just having only the major heavy hitters.
The sort of games that aren’t as amazing as 0-2 hour completions but some that may take 6-8 hours but with a bunch of stuff stacked at the back end like Toro had about 1k that could be popped in 10 minutes if it was preloaded.

Maybe I just misread the intention of your post about the bonuses wrong as over the past couple of weeks you’ve been dissing every other team. And now that it’s over you wish the bonuses were worth more.

But yeah we decided the bonuses weren’t worth enough to go for and it turned out to be an amazing team decision.
Posted by DANIELJJ14 on 10 Dec 17 at 20:23
Danno Omen Honestly the the preload guesses were my fault. Whether it was some games I just figured there was no way you finished them due to difficulty/time or I just flat out missed them. The list I have for finals was...

Ourselves 475-500
Uhh 450-475
Godz and gankers 325-350

Once I saw you guys were gonna blow past what I knew we could put up myself and sniped pretty much lost the motivation to score much more. Like I said in a forum post no sense doing all that minecraft and thee easy games when I knew it wouldn't be enough anyway. So I will gladly admit I was the one that underestimated the numbers. I said all along though it was a guess as you can only really speculate what someone actually has preloaded. Just cause something looks like it might be preloaded doesn't mean it is and vice versa.

As for the bonus discussion I'm torn on it. Any other year our strategy probably woulda won us the competition before the finals even started just based on previous years scoring. The badges/bonuses add intrigue to the comp through the earlier weeks and even if Godz and ourselves didn't win it was still a good strategy. 4 of the final 5 had the most bonus points for a reason. Having said that my only gripe with the bonuses is making them worth enough for more ppl/teams to go for them. It would make the rest of the competition a lot more interesting, especially for the non preloading teams to go for those badges to give them a chance, or at least feel like they have a chance. I think the morebteams actively battling it out on a weekly basis for those extra points is good for the competition, even if it has no real baring on the finals outcome. But having said that I don't know what that number would be. If it was 5k would team X that finished 45th maybe have tried to compete for more ratio badges?10k? I thought 2k would have been enough but apparently it wasn't seeing as how only 5-6 teams really tried for them.

And this definitely isn't me trying to say they shoulda been worth more so we coulda won or anything like that. They could been worth 5k this year and it probably wouldn't have made a difference. I simply want to see the best, most competitive competition that as many people can feel like they can compete in and hang in. That's kinda why I mentioned a lower tier in one of our interviews. I love the gtasc and love how it brings the site together (and occasionally sadly brings us apart) and I'd prefer to see as many ppl as possible enjoy it as long as we can stretch it out. Having a more engaged community is never a bad thing. Having 20 teams have an interview rather then the same 2-3 every week is never a bad thing. I just don't know what the answer is to making that a reality.
Posted by Danno Omen on 10 Dec 17 at 21:58
Stevanno As I've stated. It's really easy to go back and wonder things. It doesn't mean it would change anything.

I only responded to his comment because I've only got to it now after doing everything I possibly could this week.. I'm sorry you feel otherwise, but I'm just trying to be nice. Shocking I know.
Posted by Stevanno on 10 Dec 17 at 23:35