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PermalinkOn the 6th day of Christmas Trueachievements gave to me, 6 EASY CHALLENGES
Hi all it's been some time. As the GTASC is finally wrapping up for everyone. (GO JIMBOT GO) It's high time we talked about next year and what lies ahead for yours truly.

I finally hit 65% completion so it's time for a blog. As you know I've been working on a project, the next big chapter for my gaming career, and I'm almost ready to share that with you and it will most likely will be around the new year. As far as the GTASC goes I will be competing however odds are I won't make it as far as I am in 5 weddings next year, without counting my own. So i'm going to be rather busy. Let's dive into the Christmas challenge shall we?

So far the hardest challenge so far was honestly spell NOEL so everything has been rather easy and i can't wait to see how many people actually complete this challenge as it is much more difficult then the ABC challenge.

That's all folks, i'm busy myself as it is getting ready for that big announcement in the new year, im really excited about it and i'll see you in 160 more achievements!
Posted by TheCharityGamer on 06 December 17 at 20:48
planting42 I mean, I can see how folks with high completion % will find it difficult. Overall the challenges are fairly simple and given you have the entire month to complete it - we are trying our best to make it so nearly anyone that wants to can finish given the effort.

We still have a few tricks up our sleeve though wink
Posted by planting42 on 06 Dec 17 at 20:52
TheCharityGamer Don't get me wrong, i believe these challenges will be exponential. From a personal stand point due to my collection i foun them rather far
Posted by TheCharityGamer on 06 Dec 17 at 20:57