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Permalink#100kChallenge - Day 12
What have I been playing?
Since last time around I have started three new games, Sam&Max: Save the World, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Pac-Man CE DX+. Of these three games I have fully unlocked all achievements for Pac-Man and Brothers. Both easy completions and done in around 3/4 hourss (for both of them combined). Sam&Max is a game I plan on completing over the rest of the month.

I have completed #IDARB as I only needed one achievement (100 points) from the last update and I also finished NBA: Playgrounds - this was a great game and took me back to playing NBA: Jam on the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis). The Swapper has also been completed since the last update, I hit another achievement on ROBLOX for a 10 day streak and I have been really getting into Van Helsing III. Unlocking a few achievements along the way!

I also wrote a short review on True Achievements which you guys can check out on my blog (laing1983.co.uk)

State of Play - 12/01/2018
Games: Total played 12
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III: 260/1000
Tomb Raider Underworld: 150/1250
Roblox: 710/1000
NBA 2K17 - The Prelude: 800/1000
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - 1000/1000
Sam&Max: Save the World - 50/200
Pac-Man CE DX+ - 200/200
The Swapper: 1000/1000
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown: 400/400
NBA Playgrounds: 1000/1000
#iDarb: 900/1000
Back to the Future - The Game: 200/1000

Total Points: 6770

Still no money spent - which is a good thing at the moment .I have been planning on what to play in later months and as soon as I have exhausted the Game Pass I may get a little stuck and will need to start buying games to unlock points - although I do have an idea :)

What else have I been doing?
Back to normal in the house now and I leaving my job at the end of last year to work for myself so far seems like it may be the best thing I have ever done. Early days still but I am excited for what the future may hold.

What next?
My target for this coming week is make some more progress with Tomb Raider: Underworld and I have installed Gears of War 4 from Game Pass and I would like to check this out. Not so much for achviements but I havent played it yet.

I would like to try and write a review or another article so if any one has any suggestions for a topic I could give it a go?

As always.....

If you want to keep up to date then follow my on Social Media, share tell your friends add me on Xbox (Gamer Tag - danlaing1983) and keep checking back here.

Till next time.
Posted by danlaing1983 on 12 January 18 at 21:25
Tony Soprano Do you not own any other games from before the challenge? How will you manage to reach your goal if you don't have enough games.
Posted by Tony Soprano on 12 Jan at 22:32
danlaing1983 I do have games from my other account (before the challenge) - however trying to not use these part of the challenge is of course to keep the costs down but also start from scratch. The backlog of games could possibly be used for something else next year.
Posted by danlaing1983 on 14 Jan at 20:02