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I made my goal of landing on 200,000 GS! Feels great!

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PermalinkNew Year, New Pains.
Well, so much for getting to 200k Gamerscore any time this year. My Xbox One has died. My wife says we can start saving for a One X, but that’s going to take a few months. I’m thinking of trading in my broken system at GameStop for $80 store credit.

The plan is to then save $10 a week until I have enough for a One X. The great thing about getting a One X is then I can strive for getting a 4K TV. But that’s probably going to be next year at this point.

In the interim, I am going to probably move my 360 to my main TV or just play on my PS4. Either way, my achievements are going to take a big hit.
Posted by Tophertanium on 13 January 18 at 18:45
Xpovos That is a huge bummer. What're the symptoms? Any chance at a repair? I went down that path myself with a 360 for a while before it totally died.
Posted by Xpovos on 13 Jan at 18:52
Tophertanium It won’t power on. Tried unplugging the power cord for a reset. When I plug it back in after a minute or so, you can hear it start to make the turn on sound when I put my thumb in the sensor and you can hear a soft, electronic click, but nothing happens.

I could send it off for repair, but I’d rather just save for a One X because I don’t have money to throw into repairs to delay getting a new one. It’s pretty much a launch console, so I got a few years out of it.
Posted by Tophertanium on 13 Jan at 18:56
Xpovos Yeah, sending away for repairs is usually not worth it. But since you're voided on warranty anyway, and it's totally dead, now's a good time for screwdrivers and anti-static wristbands.
Posted by Xpovos on 13 Jan at 19:08
Tophertanium I’m all for DIY repairs but then I couldn’t get anything for it to trade in. But thanks for the cool link! I love watching things like that.
Posted by Tophertanium on 13 Jan at 19:19