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Hello and welcome to the PAXified edition of the GTASC recap. That's right, I'm likely to ramble on about things we saw while wandering around the convention center in Boston. I was accompanied by both Crandy and Spazpol. I was able to meet up with a couple of other TAers during the event - shoutout to acaraba2 and SaucySlingo (who beat a disabled lady at a VR game - not letting you live that one down laugh)

So for those that are curious... PAX is a chance for you to stand in line with other NERDS (how many times did I hear this yelled, Spazpol? While you were trading pins?) to get inside. Once inside (and past security of course) you get to stand in line to do whatever else you want to do... including a 3+hr line to play Oculus Rift games or the other big name events (Blizzard, Overwatch, MS, Sony, Nintendo booths) I guess the difference was the Oculus line only took 2 people every 15 minutes. So... 24 people in line = 3 hour wait. Insane. Thankfully those are pretty much the worst ones and you only have to do it once for the experience. Beyond the booth presence by developers & publishers, there are panels which are talks with members from the gaming community. I sat in on one with the Telltale team where they talked about the final season of the Walking Dead. Was cool to hear from them what motivated them along the journey. Also, playing Jackbox games with an audience of 1,000 is pretty crazy. Its not all about current gen though. There was a room where you could play Steel Battalion (the OG Xbox game with the $200 controller) in a 10 player LAN setup. Considering no one else had a clue what they were doing, it was a blast! Rooms of retro consoles and games to play, stand up arcades and pinball machines if you want to go back a few decades. But wait, there's more! There is a tabletop gaming section that takes a significant portion of floor space with table upon table of games I've never heard of waiting to be played. D&D sessions, Magic tournaments (I played in a few of these - Crandy & I went undefeated in Saturday's Two-Headed Giant tournament and I went 3-0 in the freeplay on Sunday.) Oh yeah, there was a PC section too. wink In case you were wondering, yes... it sucks to wait in a line at the food trucks for 45 minutes in the snow. Anyone that was there Friday knows what I mean. Is it an experience that I'd recommend? Yes! Is it something you can see all of? No - not even if you go every day. This being my 2nd time attending, I had a better idea of what to expect and was able to plan out the event better. The addition of a Thursday meant hitting the show floor that day was a necessity. During the weekend it was a mob scene for the big name games. Did see Shaq-Fu there... its real! Did NOT see Crackdown 3 there. One has to wonder.


Available through April 15th
Xbox 360: Cars 2

Available through April 30th
Xbox One: The Witness
Xbox 360: Dead Space 2

Available through May 15th
Xbox One: Assassin's Creed Syndicate

All right, let's dive in to the world of statistics for TA events as well as GTASC.

We continue our voyage through the Sea of Thieves this month. With it being a game that's available in Game Pass - this one sure has whipped up the community. So grab your cutlass and shoot yourself out a cannon.

31,471 pirates set sail with 11,671 having started it this month. No pirate has mastered this journey. 186,633 achievements have been unlocked (they work!) totaling 1,923,845 gamerscore which is worth 4,708,543 TA score.
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The bonus that was on the Team side - Cup o Joe is one that required both members to unlock at least 2 achievements flagged Time Consuming. As its one that requires scanning to check, this will be awarded once it can be verified. This period the bonus has swung back to the Solo side. They are tasked with the following:

To the Gym
End the scoring period with a 50% improvement over all stats from the previous period (TA, GS, Ach)

So, using the data as shown on your team page (the one you access from the leaderboard or the side panel on your TA profile page) you can see your ending stats for each period. Period 13 is the one you want to look at. Say you ended having unlocked 36 achievements worth 2,100 gamerscore and 4,700TA score in Period 13 - to earn the bonus up for grabs you'd need to unlock at least 54 achievements worth 3,150 gamerscore and 7,050 TA. Give your stats a workout and see if you can earn this juicy bonus!

No winners this period. New prizes have been added so don't miss out!


This period we have the aptly named duo ALL IN as well as the Solo Overachiever from Period 12 - Watty8883.
1) Did you play anything you'd recommend last period?
FEAR EPIDEMIC: I played only a handful of games. Some are okay games like Gears of War 4 but I wouldn't recommend starting it now if you're a completionist.
Franco 4 127hrs: Yes,Far Cry 5 has been excellent and I would highly recommend it. If it counts,my teammate played Town Of Light which I had played before and would also recommend.
Watty8883: Last period I played mainly tripe due to reasons detailed below. However, Party Hard grew on me after a few hours playing. My initial impressions were of ID xbox shovelware but it surprisingly was addictive throwing people of buildings and sneaking around. Think original Playstation Grand Theft Auto graphics, Hitman gameplay with a pumping soundtrack

2) What pushed you to 1st place?
FEAR EPIDEMIC: I always thought it would be cool to be on top. We have been in the top few for a few weeks now.
Franco 4 127hrs: My teammate and I had talked about getting 1st a few weeks back but we always came up just short. This week however I prepared a huge amount of easy and quick games that would easily push us over. I was also pushing to get past 900k so that kept me motivated to stick to my list of games.
Watty8883: Actually I am a big failure ! I was in a competition on another site to win a game of my choice(Far Cry 5 ), the caveat being having to score the most gamerscore at the weekend only using the randomly picked letters M,P,U. First,second and third places all got a game of their choice plus other minor prizes.

I came fourth by a margin of around 200 gamerscore. The annoying thing was I knew I could smash Minecraft in an hour(with a downloaded world) and didn't want to reveal my tactics until the last hour so I could snatch a podium spot. Unfortunately I didn't account for the alien controls on the Pocket Edition (IOS). Minecarts were zooming away from me as I tried to jump in,my character seemed to move at a snail's pace and refused to move off edges.

I COULD have easily took first place but by nature I am tighter than a duck's arse and refused to spend £16 on games like Maize or Monkey King Saga where I would have got next to no enjoyment........Then my wife bought me Far Cry 5 anyway and made the whole exercise pointless.

3) What is the origin of your gamertag?
FEAR EPIDEMIC: Well, originally I was changing my tag to be similar to a few other people from the game F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon. I was trying to think of a few things to put after FEAR and EPIDEMIC came to mind and was the first thing not taken.
Franco 4 127hrs: I was obsessed with a movie called 127 hours when I was younger. For those that don't know James Franco was the main actor of the movie. I just simply combined the 2 names together and landed on this one. The movie is definitely worth checking out for those that like inspirational,real life-based stories.
Watty8883: Oh that's easy 'Watty' is my nickname based on my surname and 8883 is the last four digits of my army number.

4) What originally brought you to TrueAchievements?
FEAR EPIDEMIC: I always went for achievements but I could not for the life of me finish Need for Speed: ProStreet. I needed to beat an EA moderator and someone I knew sent me to this site. I have been here ever since.
Franco 4 127hrs: I can't actually recall what specifically brought me to TA but I think it was one of my friends hounding me to sign up and talking about how great the stat features were. I will say that I have enjoyed my time here and really feel like I have been able to watch this site grow. What makes a gaming site is the community and this site's community is really like none other! The amount of effort and work people put on this site to benefit others is selfless and admirable.
Watty8883: I had been gaming mainly offline from 2007- 2009 on Xbox 360 and knew about the site but considered it at first glance to be quite elitist and for worshippers of 'Stallion83' ,who was trying to be first to a million gamerscore.

I lurked around the site for a bit (some say I still do) reading solutions until some of the solutions mentioned gaming sessions. I put myself on the register, met some great people and was hooked furthermore.

5) What's your take on microtransactions? None at all, cosmetic only, anything goes or somewhere in-between?
FEAR EPIDEMIC: I wish they put away with them. Now, I have bought some for various games before but I feel like they prolong the game or take away from it even. I like the feeling of unlocking things or knowing I have more to work on. When you put a price on things, that changes and I feel like in most cases makes it to where there is very limited to do unless you pay or spend way to long on the game.
Franco 4 127hrs: I hate microtransactions and would prefer to never see them again. If they are in a game please just leave it to cosmetic only. However microtransactions generally do not deter me from playing a game if they are avoidable. For instance I played Star Wars Battlefront 2 when it came out and still remember the outrage people were having about the star cards and the ability to just max out cards you want immediately. I was still able to finish the game and even get top 10 for the completion without spending a dime in microtransactions.
Watty8883: I will go even further and class episodic releases as micro transactions. I would much rather wait longer and get a finished game rather than buy into an incomplete experience. I want the best version of the game possible and pay once upfront, I am picky with what I buy and I will look elsewhere...or rent

6) Is there a game you regret adding to your gamercard? What about it makes you wish it wasn't there?
FEAR EPIDEMIC: There are a few I can name actually. With most of the games I have on my card, I have fun with them but that doesn't mean I like the achievements that are in the game. Games like Paladins: Champions of the Realm or Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter come to mind.
Franco 4 127hrs: I regret adding Paladins to my card since it got that terrible DLC. I will say that the base game was pretty enjoyable and I did get some enjoyment out of it. Hopefully I will go back to it one of these years to finish it off.
Watty8883: After playing over 1000 games there are several contenders but Condemned is the one that gives me the most anguish. The 970/970 isn't the issue, it's the fact that after four attempts I still cannot complete the collectibles and weapons achievements.I tried deleting my save,using different walkthroughs, even another copy of the game. I just think something has glitched regarding my profile with this game saying the conditions have already been met on a new playthrough.

7) If you were stuck on a desert island that for some strange reason had both a Xbox 360 and an Xbox One but you could only have 1 game for each - what would you choose? What about those games gives them such replayability?
FEAR EPIDEMIC: Well assuming there is an internet connection, I might have to choose Left 4 Dead 2 for Xbox 360 and Destiny 2 for Xbox One.

I personally love those games and if I had people to play it with, it would make them even better. With Left 4 Dead 2, I love the realistic Expert Campaign challenge and I just find it brilliant. Different outcomes every time you play. And with Destiny 2, If i have a trials or a raid team, I would get lost in that game for hours. I love the online challenge and the feeling of accomplishment. Although many people prefer Destiny 1, I still love this game.
Franco 4 127hrs: For Xbox 360 I would pick Rock Band 3 and for Xbox One I would pick the Bioshock Collection. I'm a huge music gaming fan and of music in general so picking Rock Band 3 is a no brainer. Plus my 700 or so songs will easily keep me occupied. I chose the Bioshock collection since Bioshock 1/2 are my favorite FPS games out there. Having played all versions of Bioshock 1/2 I can say that these games never get old and just keep getting better. I even hoped for a stack when the 10th anniversary edition of Bioshock came out. I think it was like $199 or something like that but playing them again would have been worth it. I do enjoy Bioshock Infinite too but it just doesn't have the magic of the first 2 games.
Watty8883: Assuming I had electricity,xbox live access and for some reason couldn't raise the alarm - I would choose World of Tanks on X1 for the replayability as every match feels different and satisfying.

I would choose Planet 51 on xbox 360 for the motivation to get off the island.

8) Is there anything else you'd like to add?
FEAR EPIDEMIC: I enjoy playing Xbox and unlocking achievements. I love meeting new people and having new experiences. I hope you all had a good read and enjoy the rest of GTASC 2018!!!
Franco 4 127hrs: My friends and I would really like to see a competition that is like GTASC but only counts TA score from games that you started that week. I think it would mostly circumvent preloading and make for an interesting contest idea. I do respect preloading though and find it interesting that people can preload that much and are that patient to strategically pop their prepped points.
Watty8883: [insert fart noise]

Overachiever: LausDomini 144,459 TA (127,930 TA ahead of second place)
That was close: CHERRYCOKEKID23 1,950 TA (safe by 5 TA)
Achievement grinder: Redrum Homicide 15.2688 Ratio
That was easy: MCWX 0.6758 Ratio
Achieveaholic: LausDomini 1,307 Achievements
Achieveaphobia: Mystic Typh00n 0 Achievements

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Achievements Earned: 31,375
GamerScore Earned: 1,158,698
TA Score Earned: 1,899,631
Bonuses Used: 90
Average Ratio: 1.6395
Avg Score Diff: 242.3960
Benches Used: 21

Achievements Earned: 692,998
GamerScore Earned: 22,770,495
TA Score Earned: 36,219,189
Bonuses Used: 834
Average Ratio: 1.6012
Avg Score Diff: 37.9804
Benches Used: 127
Bonuses Awarded: 1,683

LausDomini with 144,459 TA, 103,913 GS and a total of 1,307 achievements.
Hitman Darkness with 16,528 TA, 4,675 GS and a total of 172 achievements.
TheMaize with 13,401 TA, 6,170 GS and a total of 140 achievements.

Late Shift Achievements with 34,914 TA, 25,950 GS and a total of 533 achievements.
Happy Wars Achievements with 34,066 TA, 6,345 GS and a total of 275 achievements.
Gears of War 4 Achievements with 27,958 TA, 5,830 GS and a total of 207 achievements.

Late Shift Achievements with 25,950 GS worth 34,914 TA and a total of 533 achievements.
One Eyed Kutkh Achievements with 20,900 GS worth 21,360 TA and a total of 209 achievements.
Metropolis: Lux Obscura Achievements with 20,730 GS worth 26,094 TA and a total of 485 achievements.

Cars 2 Achievements with 729 achievements won worth 14,225 GS and 25,956 TA.
Far Cry 5 Achievements with 648 achievements won worth 13,325 GS and 26,950 TA.
Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala Achievements with 591 achievements won worth 15,290 GS and 20,580 TA.

Masterminds in Grand Theft Auto V added 6,611 TA to the leaderboards.
Slaying It in Gears of War 4 added 5,186 TA to the leaderboards.
Expert Storyteller in Late Shift added 4,083 TA to the leaderboards.

Good Karma in Late Shift added 2,800 GS to the leaderboards.
Interrogation in Late Shift added 2,700 GS to the leaderboards.
Expert Storyteller in Late Shift added 2,600 GS to the leaderboards.

I Wanna Be A Pirate! in Sea of Thieves added 31 achievements to the leaderboards.
Cause and Effect in Late Shift added 30 achievements to the leaderboards.
Star-Crossed Lovers in Late Shift added 29 achievements to the leaderboards.

Overachiever: Our top guys couldnt make it 25,863 TA (1,913 TA ahead of second place)
That was close: LionSpinkHeart 2,968 TA (safe by 1 TA)
Achievement grinder: We'll See How Long We Last... 4.1397 Ratio
That was easy: Super Debauchery Tea Party 2: Turbo HD Remix 0.9805 Ratio
Achieveaholics: Our top guys couldnt make it 293 Achievements
Achieveaphobia: Super Debauchery Tea Party 2: Turbo HD Remix 11 Achievements

Achievements Earned: 25,680
GamerScore Earned: 913,968
TA Score Earned: 1,523,930
Bonuses Used: 52
Average Ratio: 1.6674
Avg Score Diff: 98.3127
Benches Used: 7

Achievements Earned: 603,716
GamerScore Earned: 19,884,166
TA Score Earned: 31,776,403
Bonuses Used: 591
Average Ratio: 1.6099
Avg Score Diff: 69.8912
Benches Used: 58
Bonuses Awarded: 1,110 * Bonuses not updated

Hitman Darkness with 16,528 TA, 4,675 GS and a total of 172 achievements.
TheMaize with 13,401 TA, 6,170 GS and a total of 140 achievements.
B0ngAAA with 12,461 TA, 6,710 GS and a total of 153 achievements.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Achievements with 37,808 TA, 7,320 GS and a total of 303 achievements.
Late Shift Achievements with 27,232 TA, 20,250 GS and a total of 409 achievements.
Far Cry 5 Achievements with 26,752 TA, 13,475 GS and a total of 667 achievements.

Late Shift Achievements with 20,250 GS worth 27,232 TA and a total of 409 achievements.
One Eyed Kutkh Achievements with 19,700 GS worth 20,135 TA and a total of 197 achievements.
Metropolis: Lux Obscura Achievements with 19,410 GS worth 24,540 TA and a total of 452 achievements.

Far Cry 5 Achievements with 667 achievements won worth 13,475 GS and 26,752 TA.
Cars 2 Achievements with 576 achievements won worth 11,190 GS and 20,232 TA.
Killer Instinct Achievements with 457 achievements won worth 4,515 GS and 19,126 TA.

Slaying It in Gears of War 4 added 5,186 TA to the leaderboards.
Shara Boss in TERA added 5,141 TA to the leaderboards.
Masterminds in Grand Theft Auto V added 4,407 TA to the leaderboards.

Good Karma in Late Shift added 2,400 GS to the leaderboards.
Curious in One Eyed Kutkh added 2,200 GS to the leaderboards.
Interrogation in Late Shift added 2,100 GS to the leaderboards.

Passing the Time in Minecraft added 27 achievements to the leaderboards.
Bridge in Metropolis: Lux Obscura added 25 achievements to the leaderboards.
Club in Metropolis: Lux Obscura added 25 achievements to the leaderboards.

If you want to have something to listen to while toiling away getting achievements - check out the Zed to Zed Podcast for games discussion, reviews and the occasional rain cloud.

Keep those happy trees coming!
Posted by planting42 on 12 April 18 at 00:34
Mental Knight 5 To be fair, it's not like you'd have let him live it down if he LOST to the disabled lady, either. wink
Posted by Mental Knight 5 on 12 Apr at 23:17
HawkeyeBarry20 Franco’s idea of a new TA contest would be interesting but one downside could be AC Negro games. They can already turn the tide but they would be solid gold in a competition like that.
Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 13 Apr at 00:38
planting42 Wait till you see the next GTASC. A little something called TA Difference instead of TA Score wink

Avatar: TLA: TBE is only worth 7 points!
Your average ACA game ~ 100 points.

I think things will be a bit different indeed!
Posted by planting42 on 13 Apr at 14:12
JimbotUK How would decay work?
Posted by JimbotUK on 13 Apr at 14:19
HawkeyeBarry20 I feel like I’ve just been given a cliff hanger ending and now I have to wait until next season to see what happens.
Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 13 Apr at 15:23
planting42 Decay would be handled as it is now... meaning it bites much harder.
Posted by planting42 on 13 Apr at 16:02
JimbotUK Brutal! But yeah probs the best way.

Put Minecraft on a ban list and it would be perfect haha.
Posted by JimbotUK on 13 Apr at 17:24
Mental Knight 5 Those scores sound much more meaningul. I bet people would dig it and we'd never go back. Staying tuned...
Posted by Mental Knight 5 on 14 Apr at 01:57
Evil Toast That sounds exciting, Planting! But i think you might get sponsors begging you to go back to TA rather than TA difference once we stop buying easy gs games for the contest ;)

Grats on 1st Watty! It's a shame your teammate is such a lame duck or you could've come in first in team as well :p
Posted by Evil Toast on 14 Apr at 20:42
Danno Omen So its going to be the GTADC now?!?
Posted by Danno Omen on 18 Apr at 03:10