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So. The hiatus is over and I’m back into gaming. But here’s the thing... I’m not drawn towards anything. I’ve passed up a couple of sales. I’m focusing on having fun!

A buddy started a Minecraft Realm that I’ve joined some friends and their friends on. It’s been pretty fun working with others to create things. We are on at different times, so whenever I login, there are new things. We’ve partnered on creating things to help each other with achievements. People are working on their own projects. It’s neat to see different creativities working together.

I slave away in my mine, expanding as needed and building whatever; They’re building elaborate surface dwellings. I’m working on a rail system; they’re working on advanced storage facilities. I feel very simplistic next to their contributions, especially since I’m not on as much. But it’s awesome seeing some of the things they do that I never thought of. Their farm is huge, relative to what farms I’ve attempted in the past.

So for anyone reading that plays Minecraft, what are your thoughts, takeaways, experience with world building? Do you prefer to explore alone or with others? Strangers or friends?
Posted by Tophertanium on 15 May 18 at 16:29
Xpovos When I play with my daughters it is much more exploratory than actually crafting. I respect the people who do, but I don't have the time or patience yet, and my daughters don't seem to have the inclination. Achievement-wise, I generally just play on my own.
Posted by Xpovos on 15 May at 17:24