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2019 Day 1 Releases for Me - Crackdown 3. The Division 2, Gears 5 & Dying Light 2 - That's all. Don't trust EA.

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Alright. Once again, I am sick of looking at games that I plan to play in the future. Some of these games, I may not even play this year, and I have many many games in my backlog, that I may never play. Why? Because new awesome games come out every month. And they won't stop. So that means, I must stop playing smaller shit games because they are free, or on the game pass, or WHATEVER.

Therefore, I will plan out my entire year NOW. And I will stop worrying about sales, new games, and any other bullshit. I spend the same about of time thinking about playing games as I do playing them. This needs to end. I have already refused to sign up for Pro in hopes that I will stop using this site as frequently. So here goes.

New games I will buy in 2018

Dark Souls Remaster
Red Dead Redemption 2 - Preordered
Jurassic World Evolution

Cars 3
Overkill's TWD - DAY1
Black Ops 4 - Preordered
Fallout 76 - Preordered
Battlefield 5 - Preordered

The DLC I will buy this Year

Rise of the TombRaider
Payday 2
AC Origins

Games I have already

Batman Season 2
Life is Strange Before the storm
Kung Fu Panda
Far Cry Primal
Sniper Elite 4

Game Pass

Rise of the TombRaider
Crackdown 3 - DAY1

Will continue to play

Payday 2 DLC
Overwatch Events
Gears 4
Oblivion DLC

Games I will finish

State of Decay 2
The Evil Within

Super Lucky Tale
Just Dance 2017
LOTR: Middle Earth 2 (what I can)
Rush: Disney
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 16 May 18 at 00:29 | Last edited on 20 July 18 at 16:26
ProfessorPluto A likely story.
Btw count me in for overkills TWD. Day one for me. Get CRACKDAWGS on board too.
Posted by ProfessorPluto on 16 May 18 at 02:23
Cr4ck Sh0t23 Start Batman season 2 ASAP. It's really interesting.

We still got Sniper Elite 4 to start together. I also think there was another game you were ambitious in starting together but I don't remember what it was. Don't get too ahead of yourself Pluto.
Posted by Cr4ck Sh0t23 on 16 May 18 at 03:38
Kanchanaburi I wanted to do State of Decay 2 with you guys. But pluto is apparently picky about which zombies he plays with. I am not buying the game but plan to play it to 1000gs with a free month pass, and then when DLC's come out, i will play it with another. That way i can play other game pass games as well. Tombraider especially.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 16 May 18 at 04:01
ProfessorPluto SE4 we are definitely going to play. I had a friend who owned it and loaned it to me permanently. However, TWD will come before this for SURE. I'm excited for this and might even try to take a week off work for it. That's one of the few games that will come before finishing my bean dive of crap if I haven;t finished it by then.
Posted by ProfessorPluto on 16 May 18 at 04:11
Kanchanaburi yeah, that will be one of the few games I day1 this year. I am looking foward to it, espeically if they make it for the long run. missions everyday! But serious, you need to warm up those zombie hunting skills. it's been awhile since dead island or zombie nazis!
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 16 May 18 at 04:32
ProfessorPluto LEL like I ever forget those!
Posted by ProfessorPluto on 16 May 18 at 04:40
Kanchanaburi it's been less than a month, and I have already broken from my pledge. Oh well.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 06 Jun 18 at 23:24