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PermalinkUHH4 - Period 4 (Group) - angelsk vs ORIGENxGarboMan (Bl-UHH-rp!)
Link: UHH 4 match up: angelsk vs ORIGENxGarboMan
Result: 17-12 (win!)
Rank: 12th on the group leaderboard with 94 points (4 wins, ratio: max 3.66, total 105.90)
Playlist: UHH4 Playlist
Time taken: Approx 23 hours

Opponent: Another active player! No puddings for me this group stage.

This competition really has a thing for Deus Ex ;) Should have probably made some progress in that instead of Shiness last week; but it doesn't matter.
So far I've had 54/80 unique games, and 36 of those were bean dive games :)

NOTE: Being as the competition got delayed a week I actually have more hope in the knockouts so it worked out well for me!!! I may even get through to round two!!! Here's hoping. (Am totally going to make some progress in Deus Ex this week though!)

PS: Am also 12th on the Top Gamers leaderboard with 74/80 achievements won!


MinitTREASURE HUNTERangelskThe TREASURE HUNTER achievement in Minit worth 32 pointsFIND YOUR FIRST COIN

Did an easy one to start, get me on the board. Literally start the day, smash a pot and find a coin ;)

Skyling: Garden DefenseSproutangelskThe Sprout achievement in Skyling: Garden Defense worth 121 pointsComplete 10 levels to unlock

Took a bit to remember the controls, but wasn't that bad - only had 3 levels to complete.

Soul AxiomDucktectiveangelskThe Ducktective achievement in Soul Axiom worth 29 pointsFind the Blue Duck

Way too many jumpy bits in this! Needed to finish Tier 1 to unlock Tier 2 where the university was. Lovely game, very intriguing. Grabbed the missables in the levels when I could.

Adventures of PipPip, the HeartthrobangelskThe Pip, the Heartthrob achievement in Adventures of Pip worth 147 pointsPurchased all Heart Containers in the Item Shop.

Farmed some pixels in 1-1, didn't take long to get all the heart containers unlocked. Should make the other levels a little more easily.

Bard's GoldThis might helpangelskThe This might help achievement in Bard's Gold worth 26 pointsLevel up a skill

I am very bad at this game! But managed to get enough gems to purchase an extra heart. This one took a little longer to unlock than I'd have liked though, delay on the bleep bloop.

Played a bit of Winterbottom - that game is weirdly frustrating.

CastlesNo chanceangelskThe No chance achievement in Castles worth 39 pointsEnd a match without completing any challenge

Set up two controllers, and just let this one play itself out whilst I got ready for bed.



Just had a lazy achievement day. Took a bunch of breaks, had a nap.

Watch_Dogs 2DedSec-A-RoniangelskThe DedSec-A-Roni achievement in Watch_Dogs 2 worth 15 pointsRide a cable car

Followed the solution to find the right cable car. Took way too long to actually catch up to it ;) Popped once I'd jumped on.

The BridgeCorridor-InverterangelskThe Corridor-Inverter achievement in The Bridge worth 61 pointsComplete The Corridor with 3 inversions.

Doh! This one left game pass at the end of August, and I wasn't paying attention. Luckily it's not super expensive. I managed to get through the next two levels in the chapter and grabbed this one.

ABZÛJetstreamangelskThe Jetstream achievement in ABZÛ worth 57 pointsBurst 15 fish schools in the jetstream.

Such a pretty game!!! Took a few to get used to the controls, after un-inverting all the controls!!!

BioShock InfiniteSecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in BioShock Infinite worth 32 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

This was literally the next achievement, I only had to go through one fight area coz I'd gotten so far doing the upgrade achievement.

The Misadventures of P.B. WinterbottomConservative BottomangelskThe Conservative Bottom achievement in The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom worth 35 pointsComplete 20 recording challenges in the bonus shorts.

Found a good guide because I was getting frustrated. Watched a video on a couple. Had to finish Chapter 4 to unlock the final shorts. Finally got it!

Assassin's Creed The Ezio CollectionACII | The Merchant of VeniceangelskThe ACII | The Merchant of Venice achievement in Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection worth 39 pointsComplete DNA Sequence 7.

Only had 2 sequences to do. Didn't rush. I do like this game. Really want the first game to be remastered too.

2064: Read Only MemoriesPersuasionangelskThe Persuasion achievement in 2064: Read Only Memories worth 17 pointsConvince Lexi to help you in Chapter One.

This is an intriguing and interesting game! Really want to be able to get into it more.

Beholder Complete EditionPimp My BrideangelskThe Pimp My Bride achievement in Beholder Complete Edition worth 19 pointsFind a woman for Shpak

Such an annoying achievement concept, that in the context of the game was quite funny. This game is odd, and I'm never sure if I'm doing the right thing - but intriguing.



Took the evening off. Set up my new shiny laptop.



Masquerada: Songs and ShadowsThis Is Not Our WarangelskThe This Is Not Our War achievement in Masquerada: Songs and Shadows worth 36 pointsDefeat the Ancient Feravaro.

I really am enjoying this game. Was kinda sad when I got the achievement. Will defo be picking this up again as soon as I can.

Defense Grid: The AwakeningTower ExpertangelskThe Tower Expert achievement in Defense Grid: The Awakening worth 21 pointsBuild at least one of every tower type and available upgrade.

Okay, so I checked the solution to see how awkward this would be coz I'm very bad at this game and saw it would only take a few minutes. So I just grabbed it before bed :)



Played a bunch of Child of Eden. Got hand cramp. Didn't get the achievement.



AereASecret AchievementangelskThe Secret Achievement achievement in AereA worth 37 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Got a late start. But due to my ineptitude with levelling up against the first boss I was so OP that I knocked out the next 2 in like 1 hit! Liking this game more now I'm not frustrated with it.



Child of EdenThe Skills That Pay The BillsangelskThe The Skills That Pay The Bills achievement in Child of Eden worth 22 pointsAchieve 10 consecutive Perfect Octa-Locks.

I did try for this one, but didn't manage to get the right rhythm. Highest streak was 9x and then flubbed.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedWe Are Human BeingsangelskThe We Are Human Beings achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided worth 48 pointsYou completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™ on any difficulty.

I didn't even attempt to play any more coz I ran out of time.

Deus Ex: Human RevolutionPacifistangelskThe Pacifist achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution worth 282 pointsComplete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without anyone dying by your hand. (Boss fights don't count.)

I originally went for this in my first ever play through of the game, and still have no idea where someone got killed :( . Wasn't going to play through the entire game again just to miss out again.



17 for UHH
27 Tag-UHH-longs
18 games played


25 day achievement win streak (16th September 2018)

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Posted by angelsk on 24 September 18 at 09:22
PlayUltimate711 OHHHHHHHH

SOMEONE WROTE A BLOG ABOUT ME! I FEEL VALIDATED IN LIFE NOW! laugh I'm just joking around. I'm a bit odd.

Minit: Looks like you were WAY faster on that one than me. I just played naturally and played for a good hour or so before I finally just said "Okay where the hell is the easiest coin?" It's a neat game, though. I really enjoyed playing for a while.

Adventures of Pip: Same deal. I just played naturally for an hour or so and then I said "Okay this is going to take a long time this way." At least I made some progress? I'm not super into this game, though. It's just a little too simple and I feel like the target audience is more people who want something cute and simple. It just doesn't hold my attention at all.

Bard's Gold: I thought at first you needed all 1000 gems in one run to purchase the upgrade so that took a while for me. I REALLY don't like that game. The jumping and combat feel awful.

ABZU really is beautiful, relaxing, and just adorable. I really enjoyed that one.

It's nice that you had so much progress on Bioshock. I was fairly early on in the game and even playing on the lowest difficulty and just running past enemies and stuff I realized it was going to take a long time. Same idea with AC 2. I only had the first two sequences done and I just really didn't want to rush through the next 5. I tend to start a TON of games. These days once I sit down and play a game I typically get all the achievements or at least significant progress. I just don't feel like I have a lot of games where I can say "Oh nice I already have the first 5 sequences done." Not complaining, just noticing that I often have less progress than my opponents since I dive games and either don't return or return and get 100%.

2064 read only memories seems super cool. It's definitely on my list to go back to. I find the dialogue amusing and the story intriguing even if it isn't the greatest story ever written.

Yup I'm intrigued by Beholder. I just don't know exactly what to do. I might try to get back to it later.

I really like Masquerada. I only did the dive on it, but I think it's really fun. I have to get back to it as well. It's unfortunate that I didn't have any progress on it and I just didn't feel like binging it in one night.

Aerea is one of my most disliked games I have ever played. The combat is boring and clunky. I aim right at an enemy, but it doesn't hit them. Everything dies in one or two hits, so it doesn't even matter whether or not you're playing well. I love music so I was interested in that theme, but it's definitely not a super deep story. It's more aimed towards families and stuff. I just don't like the game at all.
Posted by PlayUltimate711 on 24 Sep 18 at 22:43