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PermalinkFCC 2019 Week 6 - My Second Completion!
While my life seems to continue to fall apart around me (don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with that story), my gaming progress seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds. Having gotten my first completion last week, I've doubled that figure this week. I even made a start on the third title on my list.


Campaign Complete - Not Started Yes
Completion % - 0% 100%
Achievements Left - 13 0
This game was interesting and not what I expected. It's a walking simulator that tells the story of a group of teenagers who travel to a remote island for a party, but while they're there they start playing with things they don't understand and incur the wrath of a seemingly supernatural presence. I loved the atmosphere of the game -- the horror was subtle enough that you always felt uneasy but never scared, even if it was unpredictable. I also enjoyed the many ways you could affect the outcome of the story through your dialogue choices, of which there were plenty. There was even a chance that if you dropped your attention for a second and missed a dialogue choice, that could affect the ending too. It kept you on your toes.

The only thing about the game I didn't think worked so well was the attempts for your friends to influence your playthrough. Throughout the story there are places where the ghost of one of your friends will appear and you'll see a dialogue choice they made in their playthrough. The problem is that when these moments appear, the dialogue choices make no sense. They only make sense near the end of the game, and if you're anything like me, you'll have forgotten what your friends said long before then. In turn, you also get the opportunity to leave dialogue choices for your friends, but you choose these before the consequences are revealed in your own playthrough, meaning you're likely to just pick something random rather than something genuinely meaningful. The idea was great, but it just wasn't implemented terribly well.


To get all of the achievements, you do need multiple playthroughs. For a walking simulator, I would imagine most people would automatically think a second playthrough would be boring, but the addition of a New Game+ mode (otherwise known as Continue Timeline) after the game's release makes things more interesting. While the gist of the story is the same, there are different dialogue options, new interactive objects throughout, extra time anomalies, an extra scene at the end of the game, and it skips some of the more tedious walking bits. The way the ending of your first playthrough just seemlessly segues into the second playthrough is also so subtle that some might not even notice how it was done. I applaud Night School Studio's efforts to make a repeated playthrough more interesting.

I played through the game four times. The first three times were following the walkthrough to get all of the game's achievements, but then none of them felt like my playthrough with my decisions, so the final playthrough was to see what ending I would have truly had. If the image above is any indication, I think I did fairly well. However, having played through the game so many times, I do now believe that only two playthroughs are necessary for all of the achievements. You can see my theory here if you want to try it out. I'm not in a rush to go back and do two more playthroughs on a dummy account to test it laugh


Rock Band Track Pack 2
Campaign Complete - Yes (no change) - well, there is a career of sorts
Completion % - 42% 84%
Achievements Left - 7 2
I finished Oxenfree earlier than anticipated, so I moved on to the third game in my list. I'd already started this one many years ago when I was obsessed with everything Rock Band. Nine years after finishing the drum career and getting all of the achievements possible with a drum kit, I knocked off another bass achievement for the Happy Birthday TrueAchievements community challenge. It's one of the few Rock Band games I can complete as I didn't need to rely on others to make a band, so I decided to focus on finally getting it finished.

Today I managed to complete all of the bass achievements without any problems. The Expert vocal achievement gave me a lot of problems, mainly because I can't sing. I tried, but I just couldn't match the low note on the singing bits of Monkey Gone to Heaven. I'm a little ashamed I resorted to a recorded video to unlock that one, and even then it took me four attempts to get the timing right and to find the sweet spot for the microphone next to my laptop speakers, but I got there in the end. I've also mopped up all bar a couple of the guitar achievements. I'm now practicing El Scorcho on Expert, but there's a single chord giving me a problem at the end of the second chorus. It needs a bit more work.

  • Other Games

Outside of the challenge, I didn't make a lot of progress in any other titles, so I'll just mention them quickly. My husband and I continue to plug away at Overcooked! 2. We're mid-way through World 4, so my husband will soon have caught up to the same place as myself in the campaign and then we'll be entering unknown territory.

In terms of Beat Saber, I've now completed all 18 songs on Expert with a full combo and S rank. At this point I was wondering what to do to accumulate another seven hours of playtime and ~40 million score, but this week they released Expert+ mode. Some songs seem doable while others currently seem like a nightmare, but then I said that about Expert difficulty when I first saw it. Luckily, 17 hours after starting the game, I've finally discovered the game's practice mode, so I can work at Expert+ for as long as it takes without getting too frustrated.

  • Freamwhole's Completion Challenge 2019 Progress

I intend to complete a single game in each of 30 different categories over the course of the year, including all of their DLC. I've now crossed two off the list:

1. Girl Power: Complete a game where a main playable character is female - Gone Home: Console Edition

2. Enough With The Zombies: Complete a game that contains zombies - The Walking Dead: Season Two

3. Dropping A Deuce: Complete a sequel that contains the number 2 in the title (number not word or roman numeral) - Life is Strange 2

4. I Promise There Are Xbox Exclusives: Complete an Xbox Exclusive Title - The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom

5. I’ll Take ACTUAL Reality: Complete a game that has a VR Port or version. - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

6. Ornithology 101: Complete a game with a bird in the title. - Thrillville: Off the Rails

7. Mother Gaia: Complete a game that takes place on planet Earth - >observer_

8. Historical Context: Complete a game that takes place in an ancient historical period (up to / and including the Renaissance) - Assassin's Creed

9. More Recent History: Complete a game that takes place in a more modern time frame (1700 - 2000) - Stacking

10. Now You Are Just Making Things Up: Complete a game that takes place in the far future (2077 or beyond) - ReCore

11. Devil Made Me Do It: Complete a game that contains the Devil or a Demon from Hell - Darksiders

12. The Leg Bone’s Connected To The: Complete a game that contains a body part. - Valiant Hearts: The Great War

13. Yippie, Skippie! - Double Consonant: Complete a game that contains a double consonant in the title - Silent Hill: Downpour

14. Ooh, Goodie - Double Vowel: Complete a game that contains a double vowel - The Gardens Between

15. Hack The Planet: Complete a game that contains hacking into a computer system. - Spy Chameleon

16. Backwards Compatibility IV: Complete a backwards compatible game. - Shadow Complex

17. Self Gratifying: Complete a game where the title contains the name of the main protagonist / playable character. - ilomilo

18. Punctual: Complete a game that contains weird punctuation (Any punctuation that is not a period, comma, or colon) - Axel & Pixel

19. That’s A Grind: Complete a game that takes at least 50 hours to complete (TrueAchievements suggested completion time) - Far Cry 5

20. It’s Shorter This Way: Complete a game that contains an abbreviation or acronym in the title. - D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

21. The Hand You Were Dealt: Complete a game that features cards (playing cards, collectible cards, ability cards, etc.) - Costume Quest

22. Hamster Wheel Of Games: Complete an ACA NEOGEO title or any Arcade Classic game. - SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World

23. Y So Serious: Complete a game that contains two Y’s in the title. - Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

24. It’s Not The Size Of The Game, But How Easy Is The Gamerscore: Complete a game that contains an adjective describing size - Little Nightmares

25. Short And Sweet: Complete a game whose title is less than 10 letters long - OXENFREE

26. Of Course!: Complete a game that contains the standalone word “OF” in the title. - The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

27. Prime Community Game: Complete a game that contains a co-op mode for more than two players. - Rock Band Track Pack 2

28. Enhanced: Complete a game that is X1X Enhanced. - Hello Neighbor

29. Don’t Repeat This Letter: Complete a game whose title starts with a different letter than any other title on your list. - JUJU

30. Dealer’s Choice: Complete any game. - ???

  • Next Week

It's my birthday this week, and I'll be away from Wednesday until Sunday. This means the majority of my week's gaming will be on my Switch, which will be making the journey with me. Maybe I'll finally complete the co-op campaign in Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle laugh Before that, though, I'm hoping to get Rock Band Track Pack 2 finished. Depending on how quickly I get it finished, I may even have time to move onto the fourth game on my list, which is Hello Neighbor. I guess I've cursed it now, haven't I...
Posted by punkyliar on 11 February 19 at 01:20
ChewieOnIce Nice one on the OXENFREE completion. I’ve done the first playthrough and will try and fit the next two in over the next couple of weeks. I’m guessing they’re quicker in NG+ due to the lack of collectibles and the game skipping some bits?

I hope the personal stuff goes ok. As you know, I can relate to things taking a downward turn suddenly at the moment.
Posted by ChewieOnIce on 11 Feb at 08:16
punkyliar Yes, I found the second and third playthroughs quicker because I wasn't bothering with the collectibles, I knew where I was going, I knew what was going to be said (to a certain extent), and the game skipped a few bits. They still take a while, though, and you'll be lamenting the lack of a sprint button.
Posted by punkyliar on 11 Feb at 22:24