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PermalinkFCC 2019 Week 9 - ReCore and Overcooked! 2
There's no new completion this week. I did exactly as I said I would and went back to a game I haven't played in over two years. I had ReCore prior to release as I wrote the official TA review for the game. I spent nearly 40 hours with it, but then had to move on when another review arrived. I meant to go back to it earlier, but things never worked out. Freamwhole's Completion Challenge was a perfect opportunity.


ReCore Definitive Edition
Campaign Complete - No (no change)
Completion % - 52% 58% (including DLC)
Achievements Left - 38 34 (including DLC)
My last achievement in this game was dated October 20th 2016. Over those two years since I last entered the world of Far Eden, I'd completely forgotten the controls, I had no idea where I was, and I had absolutely no idea which of the collectibles I'd found. I felt like the first thing to be done was to start a new game on another account so I could go through the tutorial and get to grips with the controls. With some idea of what I was doing and the realisation that the in-game journals could fill me in on the rest, I loaded up my save. Well, that was an experience.

I last played the game before the free Definitive Edition title update was released. Not only did it add the missing T8-NK frame and associated area, it's changed a few things in the game. Most notably, it's added more collectibles in all regions, and a new storm event for Shifting Sands so that area actually lives up to its name. It's also changed the requirements for the five floors in the final tower, which I can now access but couldn't before. Finally, it's lowered the amount of core energy needed to level up the friendly corebots, which means some of mine are currently over-powered in some statistics. I guess their levels will catch up to their statistics eventually.

External image

My original to-do list is long gone so I had to create another one, and that took far longer than anticipated thanks to the confusion. The vast majority of the guides on the site are now out of date as they were done before the update. Areas that I thought I'd completed before were now incomplete. I think I've got a decent grasp on things now, though. I have the Tyrants Forge dungeon to do in Granite Steps, but I don't have enough prismatic cores yet, so that needs to wait. I can work on the rest in the meantime.

I've grabbed all of the new collectibles in Lonely Basin and The Cradle. The former is now complete again. As for the latter, I still need to speedrun the House of Steel dungeon, but I'll wait until I've levelled up a bit more before I try that. I didn't want to start the new content before finishing the rest of the game, but to reach all of the new collectibles in The Cradle, I had to grab the new T8-NK frame and complete one of the dungeons, so I have three achievements from that title update. After briefly reaching the Starving Sea area, I've gone back to the original game and I'll take a better look at that area another time.

Next on my to-do list is exploring Shifting Sands. I'd barely touched this area before I had to move on, so I have things to do in all seven dungeons; Armory Flux has already proven that getting the secondary objectives on some of these dungeons will be far from easy. At the time of writing, I also still need to find 80% of the health upgrades, 75% of the prismatic cores, 75% of the supply caches, and about 50% of the hardware pickups. This will not be a quick completion.

  • Other Games

Outside of the challenge, my husband and I have continued onwards with Overcooked! 2. We've completed all levels with three star ratings up to and including level 5-4. Level 5-5 is proving challenging, though, and we may need to swap roles for that one. It doesn't help that there's another objective to complete to unlock a secret Kevin level, so there's some added pressure. We'll get there though.

  • Freamwhole's Completion Challenge 2019 Progress

I intend to complete a single game in each of 30 different categories over the course of the year, including all of their DLC. I've now crossed four off the list and you can see the most up to date version of the list here.

  • Next Week

ReCore will continue to be the focus. I would like to have completed all of the open world exploration of Shifting Sands by the end of next week, and done a single run through of each of the seven dungeons. If I can complete their secondary objectives at the same time then it would be a bonus.

Outside of the challenge, we'll continue playing Overcooked! 2 in co-op. I will also make more of an effort to find some time for Beat Saber. I don't want that game to fall into the same trap as ReCore when I'm so close to completing it.
Posted by punkyliar on 04 March 19 at 01:15 | Last edited on 04 March 19 at 01:16
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ChewieOnIce Everything I’ve read about ReCore suggests it’s basically just a collectathon and not much else. Is that an accurate summary? Or is that just because of how the achievements are focused?
Posted by ChewieOnIce on 04 Mar at 14:50
punkyliar No, that's pretty accurate. The first hour is great as you have a tutorial that takes you through dungeons and introduces you to the main game elements. The dungeons are easily the best bit of the game. Then once the original hour is over, you're left to explore at your own pace and the majority of the entertainment is finding the hundreds of collectibles.

There was a reason there were two types of reviews when the game came out. Those reviewers who had only spent an hour with the game gave it a glowing review. Those who'd spent a significant amount of time with it gave it an average review because of how empty the world was afterwards. Mine fell into the second camp.
Posted by punkyliar on 07 Mar at 01:37