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4TB external drive gotted. Now to begin downloading the ~100 games I’m planning to Dive this year.

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PermalinkChampaigne & EpiSoda 13: Guardians of the Galaxy, Minecraft Story Mode & Batman Enemy Within
With Champaigne on pause in favour of knocking out all the Telltale games, three more episodes are finished for EpiSoda this time with two full completions being taken down and a third game started up. I also idled out the time needed to finish up Minecraft (Win 10), including doing the latest update on both that and Minecraft. It was easy thanks to a world that someone's made but also stupid. Would you normally trade that many emeralds in the game without grinding it out loads? With that all four versions of Minecraft I own are completed barring any more updates for the Play Anywhere versions, which I'm sure will be forthcoming.

I also dossed around a bit in Zombie Army Trilogy with my buddy Legohead 1977. The original plan was to slowly work through the game as a group here and there but then it transpired that it was being removed from GamePass. Although I own it, he only has it through the service so needs to blast it out ideally before it goes. Unfortunately with how little I'm getting to play at the moment I won't be able to put the time in. It's a shame because it's pretty fun in co-op. Finally, I knocked about a little bit in Cars 2 because it was something I could sort of half play whilst rocking the little one at 6am as the rest of the house slept.



Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
Campaign Complete - No YES
Completion % - 80 100
CitM Achievements - 6 0
We sure do agree strongly a lot in that caseWe sure do agree strongly a lot in that case
The beginning of the final episode of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series starts with the group fractured and split across space with Quill needing to get the gang back together to face off against the Kree. The way this is handled in the game is through a weird surreal section where you enter a headspace with Mantis and seek members out through your emotions or something. It's fairly nonsensical and again slows the pacing down to a crawl. One good thing in this section is that you see Groot's flashback to when the group first met and there's good moustache related humour which reminds you of how fun and funny the game could be if it didn't keep getting dragged down with being sentimental and angsty.

With the group reformed in surprisingly easy fashion it's then down to planning and enacting the final assault. You get to pick each member's roles for the attack and there are natural fits or you could put people in roles that make no sense. I mostly fitted it together naturally but I'd be interested to see what would happen if you tried to get Drax to be the hacker for instance. The final assault and fight with the Kree leader was pretty fun with the team all working together. Naturally everything gets wrapped up fairly neatly with the final decision to use the Eternity Forge on a deceased close one of the group being the only really interesting choice, but then only if you actually activated the Eternity Forge back in episode 3. Overall I was left a little cold by the series. It had decent moments (mostly whenever Drax was involved) but far too often the story stalled and got bogged down in sentimentality. I get the whole "we're a family who doesn't always get along" thing but it dominates way too much. Decent soundtrack though.

Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series
Campaign Complete - No YES
Completion % - 88 100
CitM Achievements - 0
<br/>Well at least now what's on the inside matches what's on the outside
Well at least now what's on the inside matches what's on the outside
Finally after eight episodes the first series of Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series is wrapped up. This last episode basically plays out the same as the other portal hopping ones where an abuse of power has led to a world whose inhabitants are being controlled for nefarious purposes. This time it's the Old Builders themselves, who run a Hunger Games / Running Man / Battle Royale style games in which teams fight it out to win and escape their servitude in the mines of the Nether. Naturally, the games are rigged and no one really wins. As you'd expect, Jesse and co fight the authority and win using the power of unity and friendship, allowing them to return home. Despite wrapping up the storyline it was a mostly business as usual episode, following the template of the others, though the main Old Builder was so obnoxious, seeing him get his comeuppance at the end was a bit of a fist pumper.

One thing that's been a bit frustrating about these episodes was the underuse of Ivor, who is mostly just comic relief when he could have been much more of an antihero and foil, especially considering his actions in the main series. The final sting to the episode hints that this might become a story thread in series two but I'm not sure. I'll be starting that one next time.

Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series
Campaign Complete - No
Completion % - 0 20
CitM Achievements - 30 24
It's also clear that I'll be bunking offIt's also clear that I'll be bunking off
I really quite enjoyed the first Batman series so was looking forward to kicking off the second one. The subtle design differences of the rogues gallery fitted the style well and I thought the fundamental change to the character of Thomas Wayne was actually a really clever and fitting take on the lore, allowing Bruce Wayne to get much more screen time and depth than you normally see in the property. The opening of the second series continues the story nicely as the repercussions of the Children of Arkham, Penguin and Two Face are still being felt strongly, allowing Riddler to step in and make his mark. Supposedly an older rogue who was thought dead, he turns up to wreak havoc with his Saw like death traps and riddles. Things get fairly brutal and bloody, something I'm glad the series doesn't shy away from.

As well as Riddler, a pre-Joker John Doe also makes a welcome reappearance in a role that again subverts the norm. He comes across as an unbalanced fellow who desperately wants to bond with Bruce Wayne in an almost hero worship stalker way, but not necessarily dangerous yet. I'm guessing how we interact with him throughout the series will inform his tragic descent into full on crazy town. Waller and the Agency also turn up in more traditional fashion, further blurring the lines of right and wrong as their methods clash directly with Gordon and Batman. We also unexpectedly lose two major characters, further showing that the games are willing to break new ground. As well as the story and characters, I enjoyed the detective sequences, fight planning, action and moral quandaries. Overall a really strong opening episode.

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- The DLC should have been reasonably completed or at least attempted (i.e. story complete)

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Posted by ChewieOnIce on 17 June 19 at 12:02
Legohead 1977 I have been continuing on with Cadet on ZAT, looking for all the bottles and gold bars as I go. Bits of the game are recognisable from Sniper Elite 2 and I am enjoying the game. There have been a number of sections so far that stand out as being tricky when Sniper Elite is attempted, would have been so much fun in a group!
Posted by Legohead 1977 on 17 Jun at 13:11