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Got up to 10 Windows Phone completions the other day, so that's cool. I think. Maybe add another zero to that and that will be something to really brag about later on, yeah? Yeah? Yeah. That's what I thought.

Regardless, probably kick it up a gear soon. I need to spend most of my week editing some videos and once I get caught up with that, I'll pick up the pace with these games on my phone. Plenty of simple ones to do too.

I'm also hoping to have both Deadlight and Magic 2013 fully processed. Deadlight is essentially finished. Just debating if I want to add a few minor things in the video -- may not be worth my time as I'm sure I will be the only person to notice it. Magic 2013 is going to be the huge time sink, I'm predicting. Plenty of hours to go through there.

Anyway, here are videos of the few phone games I played these past few weeks.


Temple Run 2:

I've dabbled with this game in the past, but not with achievements. There's nothing special about it, but was a nice time waster. And, I mean that in a good way.


Beards & Beaks:
This one is most memorable because in order to use one of the powerups, you need to blow into the phone. I'm serious! Outside of that, I really enjoyed this one. Too bad the developers stopped creating levels for the game. I'm sure funding, licensing or something got in the way of that.


Wish it was a bit more difficult as it was just too easy to earn the best ranks. Of course, at the very end of my tenure of playing this game, I realize you didn't need to tap the phone. You could just click and drag, so to speak. Would have reduced the tapping tenfold.


Fruit Ninja:
Can't go wrong with Fruit Ninja. I must have a soft spot for this one because I could play it for hours. No lie. Can't wait to dive into the Kinect versions -- those are the most fun to me.


Outside of phone games, recently completed ROBLOX by logging in for twenty days in a row -- thank goodness for that too! Started to get more and more paranoid on whether I had logged in for that day or not, lol.

No need for a padded room now. Whew.

I might make another blog post for my trials and tribulations with finding the perfect HDMI splitter/matrix switch to accomplish my streaming needs. Spoiler alert: I found one. Unfortunately, it wasn't a simple plug and play scenario. I had to dig deep and use every part of my brain to come up with a solution. It was exhausting. Left me in a primal state temporarily.

Anyway, the main hurdle to clear was that any game that implements HDR10 for gaming ended up with washed out colors on my capture card device, which downscales everything to 1080p. Now, even though Elgato comes with its own software, I ended up having to use OBS, which I'm finding to be more superior.

Luckily, I found this HDR filter, so I downloaded that, set that up as my filter, adjusted its sliders and boom -- colors are really popping now. And, while this doesn't make much sense to me, I had to set my color range back to Partial. You would think setting it to Full would enhance the colors even more, but not really. Had the opposite effect.

That said, I'll be dedicating my time mostly to games on my Xbox One X for a little while now. Really need to get back into Diablo III since my buddy, BONECOLLECTOR88, has patiently been waiting on me to partake in the festivities with him.

I mean, he's been a monk. So patient. Surprised he's remained being friends with me. wink

And, that's it for now. Will continue playing Madden when I get back home from work and might even start its narrative story mode they got going on. Will actually be able to directly capture its footage now too. Could only stream it originally.

Posted by Sir Paulygon on 20 June 19 at 16:03
GLOVEZ 1 2 3 i'm guessing you have these games already installed as apose to a work around on how to install them after theyre delisting.
Nice job
Posted by GLOVEZ 1 2 3 on 20 Jun at 18:02
Sir Paulygon Well, that's weird. Phantom tag commenting on my blog, lol.
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 20 Jun at 18:31
Sir Paulygon I take my last comment back! :) Apparently, clicking on a tag from a blog's comment brings you to a 404 page. Strange.
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 21 Jun at 12:30