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TrafficKing on New Game Plus in Ruiner has been kicking my ass the last couple of hours. Seriously, this boss sucks.

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PermalinkToo long since I've had a soda.
I would like to say that I don't miss having an ice cold can of Coca Cola - but that would be a lie.

Add in the additional hours that got pinned on to me at the job this week - it seems like I have become the go-to person who they rely on to cover the office when everybody else is unable to do so. A part of me appreciates the additional responsibility, while another part of me fucking resents it.

I dunno, I feel tired most of the time these days. Not much seems to interest me now.

In any case, I have decided to talk with my doctor about the depression.
Posted by CompleteKurisu on 26 June 19 at 19:44 | Last edited on 26 June 19 at 19:53
G Mason Patriot If people go to you at work, it means you are valued. People would not trust you with more work if they didn't think you could do it. It also means job security. Those who get bypassed for you are the first to go if there are layoffs. Supervisors know who their "Go to" people are. Take on the tasks with a smile (even if forced), and just take things one step at a time. One day, you may have your own "Go to" people.
Posted by G Mason Patriot on 26 Jun at 21:17
Cannon Fodder06 Glad to hear you are talking to your doctor. Too often we try to hide our depression or don't talk to others about it (after all, one of the characteristics of it is self-isolation, which just tends to make the depression worse).

Good job on the soda. I cut the cokes out of my daily routine (probably at least 3 a day) and ended up being a big factor in losing weight (amazing that cutting out 500 calories a day of liquid sugar helped, huh?). Can't say I don't still miss them though. About one every couple of months I'll get a nice cold Mexican Coke (glass bottles - uses real sugar instead of corn syrup, so it's "better" for you, or at least less bad for you) as a treat.
Posted by Cannon Fodder06 on 26 Jun at 22:23
CompleteKurisu Yeah, I am aware that the added responsibilities on the job are a very good thing, and that the minor inconveniences because of that are nothing in the bigger scheme of things. Depression does make things seem a lot worse than they really are. At least I am somewhat aware of what is going on these days and I have decided to take steps to remedy that. Not a huge fan of pharmaceuticals, but sometimes they do serve a purpose.
Posted by CompleteKurisu on 28 Jun at 19:12