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GTASC19 Period 2 Roundup - Vogon PoetsPermalink
I went a little overboard this week with some high-value For The King achievements. The smart play would have been saving them to use throughout the competition, but I need instant-gratification. Plus, I enjoy FTK so much that it's hard to put down!

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Updated with the final Period 2 stats. Added a few other fields for information. If either of you care to see or track something not in the chart - let me know!

Also, another neat statistic that I think I'm able to track is the decay since the beginning of the contest.

eohjay has been hit with -524TA since July 1st. Averaging -262TA each period, -37TA daily.
Rossco7530 has been hit with -308TA since July 1st. Averaging -154TA each period, -22TA daily.
TheMaize has been hit with -965TA since July 1st. Averaging -483TA each period, -69TA daily.
Posted by eohjay on 15 July 19 at 13:13 | Last edited on 15 July 19 at 13:36
Rossco7530 You guys go on ahead - I'm just aiming for consistency. wink

Damn, that decay... averaging a loss of 128 a day! That's brutal. I hadn't even considered that before the competition started. We should be fine for week 10 but it's going to play a huge part for people who want to get to the pointy end of the comp.
Posted by Rossco7530 on 15 Jul 19 at 16:37
eohjay I was actually very surprised at how consistent all of your stats were between the two weeks. There was very little variation - I'm intrigued to see how long this holds true for!

I had a banner week solely due to a single achievement granting close to 2K TA difference - that won't be a regular occurrence. I expect my % to taper off and I'll fade back into mediocrity by Week 5 or 6. laugh Going for the bonus on the solo-side is going to muck up my regular play, too. The vast majority of stuff I'm currently working on is 3.0+, so I'm planning on running some easy stuff in my backlog to balance it out (Inside, Uncanny Valley, etc). It's a bit of a bummer, though, because I've been working on bringing my global ratio up (like you).

Decay is brutal, you're right. I'm going to have fun tracking it week to week. It's something I never really thought, or cared about, until this GTASC. Most of mine is coming from Wargroove. It hit GamePass like 2 months ago and ballooned up to a ridiculous 14,000TA. It's been dwindling down ever since.
Posted by eohjay on 15 Jul 19 at 17:35