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PermalinkTop 150 games ever pt 7 games start to get really amazing
Sorry I didn't do this part sooner but I had a busy time in any case here's 50-31.
#50. Dead Rising 3- This is by far the best DR game because there is a lot of value and let me tell you I like the value of games a lot so a big win indeed.
#49. Final Fantasy XII- A great PS2 classic I haven't touched Zodiac Age yet but I will, this game is so different in the systems it uses but it's honestly great you need to take the time to plan out how you're going to do things and I had a great time with XII.
#48. Final Fantasy IV- This is a must play FF game it still gets regarded as one of the greatest games ever made and honestly the music is enough for me to agree.
#47. Rayman Legends- What a comeback for Rayman I mean for so many years he just struggled to get any games I really enjoy but Legends is by far his best, the modes are fun and the story even better I spend a lot of time on this game and it's so worth it who knew Rayman had it still.
#46. Assassin's Creed Unity- Another game I spend a lot of time on I still think it deserves way more love it was great for the franchise to go to Paris and my thoughts still go to Notre Dame may it be better and stronger for France!.
#45. Halo Reach- Still a great game from bungie who for so long made this franchise a icon and to this day they are the reason why Halo is still around I feel.
#44. Burnout 3- Still for me the best racing game for now I haven't played FH 3 or 4 but in saying that this is a blast my friends crash, crash and crash some more! who doesn't like crashing I mean it's so awesome man!.
#43. Secret of Mana- Please play this game it is a huge forgotten gem on the snes we always talk about Mario, Zelda and Pokémon but seriously these gems don't pop up as much as they used do and this is still one of the best gems ever to be played.
#42. Chrono Trigger- And please tell me you played CT at least once cause if you haven't just play it already! you will enjoy the game until the end literally I enjoy it even though I didn't play much but it really is a classic game.
#41. Call of Duty 4- I may not like COD as a whole but COD 4 is a great game in the series and still the best both multiplayer and single-player are amazing for it and you can play it on your computer! come on soldier play the damn game!.
#40. Paper Mario- Childhood game I'm talking about here I mean a memorable story except for like a couple of things, great partners and just a huge amount of happiness I mean if PM ever returns I hope it goes back to this cause it was so fun and I still play it today too so I can't lie.
#39. Far Cry 5- Ubisoft manages to get another classic game on this list FC 5 is a explosive ride that will keep you playing for a while and honestly it should do that.
#38. Super Smash Bros Melee- One of the hands down greatest games ever made the music is absolutely hyper fantastic and it brings back a lot of memories good times my friends.
#37. Mario Kart Wii- I really hope you haven't forgotten about MK cause if you have you need to play this one and a couple of others.
#36. Mario Kart 7- Such a breathtaking new experience especially when it needed a big change and this game is a great shake up to a old favourite.
#35. Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds- Paying a awesome respect to the original by making it a different experience as well as bringing the classic LOZ style i grew to love over the years good job Nintendo again.
#34. Mario Kart 8- Say what you want about 64 being better but I've been waiting for the ultimate MK experience and 8 is finally it I'm sure it won't ever be dethroned but maybe 9 someday will.
#33. Super Mario 3d Land- Who says you can't relearn a classic game 3d land takes what made the original land great but it's so much better there is even a Zelda dungeon reference in the game! now that is amazing!.
#32. Assassin's Creed Syndicate- London was a bloody good location for AC no pun intended and we got assassin twins as well! I mean AC kept one putting up more greatness and here's another one.
Finally #31. Assassin's Creed Odyssey- Since Ubisoft decided to change the format of the franchise it's been arguably the best decision they have ever made, the game has more choice than ever before and I like how it combines Skyrim with Greek Mythology with blending it with almost like a Prince of Persia feel in the sense you can still be stealthy if you want the choice is yours and for me being given a choice is a huge plus to Odyssey nice work Ubisoft.
See you soon for 30-11 and then on my birthday July 29th the final 10 does anyone feel like they could know what #1 could be well you will have to wait but until then pop goes the cheevos!.
Posted by Jeremy Jay One on 16 July 19 at 09:39
Vindibudd You're a legend for just having played this many games that you can remember. I'd be hard pressed to come up with 100 AAA games I've played ever. Nice list though I haven't played most of them myself.
Posted by Vindibudd on 17 Jul at 15:20
Jeremy Jay One Well let me tell u i was very lucky to play some of these games and thank you so much for feedback it's always good to read!
Posted by Jeremy Jay One on 18 Jul at 21:53