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For 2019-07-10 to 2019-07-16:

1100 GS. A return to the ~1000GS per week that is probably going to be my typical average, though we're moving into a non-typical setting.

No completions, but one unfortunate start:

<a href=">Attack of the Toy Tanks AchievementsXpovos' achievements in Attack of the Toy Tanks

I started Attack of the Toy Tanks for reasons I'll get into below. I knew it was bad. But I needed something quick to hit some GS for me. I ended up getting 640 GS pretty quickly, but it wasn't fun. This game is going to get a lot of bad press, and much of it deserved, so I need to avoid just piling on. It's not good, but it's really not a bad game. As long as what you're looking for is very narrow. There's not much here, but it functions adequately. The AI pathing is terrible, but that may be one of the best features of the game, given the rest of the functionality. At least, in terms of having fun. Despite a very low ratio, Attack of the Toy Tanks is a skill-testing game.

I actually started up some other games to try to grab the remaining GS, but nothing else popped quickly, so I avoided having to add them here, in my moment of shame.

  • Stream Games

Last week, Des and celebrated Bastille Day a bit early by loading up Assassin's Creed Unity. That didn't go amazingly well, so I doubt we'll return. The game feels very off, and a lot of design choices are ones that I'm concerned about because that's not the kind of game I want to play. I knew coming in that Unity had been a buggy mess, but I also "knew" that most of the worst of the bugs had been patched out. That turns out not to have been the case. The whole experience was largely annoying, as I spent most of the stream time doing nothing, effectively, hitting several glitches, and having very little properly explained. I'm not going to blame the game for all of that. I'm streaming, which means, only about a third of my brain can actually go to paying attention to the game, so it could have told me what I needed to do, and probably did repeatedly, but I didn't notice, so I couldn't really progress, and the game isn't good enough, or dumbed down enough (or both) for me to be able to figure it out with what remains of my attention. It looks like they brought back some of the pre-requisites for assassination missions, at least in a soft way, which I conceptually like. It also looks like they jammed in some unnecessary MP all over the place, which I hate. Ultimately, though, for me, AC games are about climbing and scenery, so I got to do a bit of that, while Des and I talked, so it was fine. But I don't think we'll return anytime soon. It wasn't amazing stream content.

As for tonight? It's Des' choice again, so we'll be back on PC, playing something of interest to her.
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  • Significant Games

I've played a fair bit of Minion Masters over the past week. One of the most interesting moments playing the game came when I managed to get one of the trickiest achievements by pure luck. I was getting wrecked early, and went down to 50 HP, but there is an achievement for winning with fewer than 100 HP remaining, so now I was very motivated. I made some adjustments to my gameplan and ended up taking the win, as you can see below.

The thing is, four times in just that video he fires a fireball spell at my troops. If any of those had been aimed at my tower, he wins. It really is better to be lucky than good. I'll take the nearly freebie achievement.

I also played a significant chunk of Tumblestone and I have to say I really appreciate the puzzle design in this game. It's tough and fair. I can't fully understand why this game has such poor ratings. There's nothing wrong with it. Maybe it's not quite as compelling a battle-puzzle games as Panel de Pon, or Puyo Puyo, but it's very satisfying. The story campaign is where I've really been spending my time, though, because my goal is to finish the fourth world, and like any puzzle game it's good to take a break when you get to one that stumps you for a while, so I've been in and out of it as I make my way through the worlds.

Once again, another source of late-night grinding has been Sacred Citadel. I've played this off and on for the past few weeks and this week I finally cleared out the last of the challenges which is an achievement that isn't all that hard, but boasts a 4.1 ratio. Gotta love deep achievements in GwG. I still have more to do here, but I'm also getting close to just finishing off the game, so I might try to get the completion here ASAP.

  • Prime Story

Sadly, this week, my Prime Story is a bad one. For GTASC, we were going for the bonus. We had good communication and at the end of it, it was on me to score 20 points more. I had lots of time and I had an easy 20 in sight. Finish the Prologue on LEGO Jurassic World. This game had been accidentally dived when my kids were playing it while I was logged in, so I got credit for a later level.
Unfortunately, my kids playing means that they didn't get me the achievement for finishing a single level as "True" whatever that LEGO game has, but I've played so many LEGO games, that getting True everything is just kind of second nature. So I went with it. Which meant that instead of popping one achievement for 20 GS, I popped two. For 40 GS. Panic time to try to find another 980 GS in short order, but with only about an hour left it became problematic.

I have too many studs!I have too many studs!

That's why I started Attack of the Toy Tanks, which turned out to be not quite enough. If I'd had some more time, I could've made it work. But really, it just came down to not paying enough attention, and my GTASC team suffers for it.
Posted by Xpovos on 16 July 19 at 20:45
Jblacq I wouldn't say we suffered lol. We missed a bonus... nbd. laugh
Posted by Jblacq on 16 Jul at 23:49