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I decided to break my personal best 31 day trophy streak and to do so I have implemented a few strategies to make it easier. Maybe these will help you, maybe not!

1. Lay the ground work for your next achievements the day before you are planning to achieve them.

I find the best time to do this is at the end of the day so that as soon as the clock strikes 12:01 am I can jump into a game and pop the achievement right there. This greatly reduces the stress involved. No panicking about how to do something at 11:45 pm. Last night I was really worried about the latest achievement I was going for in Forza 7, No Substitute, thinking that I hadn't popped an achievement for 7/16 but in fact, I'd already done so at 12:27 AM so it turned out alright. Unfortunately, I was wasting time on the Xbox rather than God of War on the PS4 so my 4 day trophy streak was broken there, but lesson learned.

2. Research achievements the day before you line them up.

It's much easier to determine what's manageable ahead of time so you aren't scrambling looking for something, anything that you can do quickly.

3. Have a big game on standby while you work on more labor intensive achievements.

In my case I have Halo: MCC which has an achievement for just about everything. Right now I am lining up finding skulls in remastered mode while I also try to complete Forza 7.

4. Have you completed all your games? Alexander wept for there where no more worlds to conquer!

Look into the free games available on Xbox Live. This site has a list of free games that are available right here in the top right side bar:
Xbox 360 Super Game Sale 2019

That's all for today, thanks for reading!
Posted by Vindibudd on 17 July 19 at 13:25