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PermalinkBattlefield Bad Company: Opinions Needed
Hey all, I recently noticed that Battlefield: Bad Company, an 11 year old game is still available to purchase on Xbox Live and I have a long a sordid history with attempting to finish it.

I'd like your opinion.

I began playing this game in June 2008 and resolved to complete it. Everything looked good, I had an Xbox 360 Elite and nothing but time on my hands. Unfortunately disaster struck on January 1 2009 with the dreaded Red Ring. I didn't have cash to go out and buy another $400 360 but I did have a PS3 so I wound up nearly getting a platinum on the Playstation.

Fast forward to today.

Now I'm back on Xbox One with my preferred gamertag of Vindibudd so I have a dilemma.

Do I try to complete this game at long last on my old gamertag or do I say screw it and do it with my current and main gamertag? Maybe you would complete it on both gamertags? Or do I just say, hey it was done on PSN, and call it a day?

Old gamertag with BF:BC stats:
V1NDIBUDD 791 (420)
First played on 24 Jun 08
23 achievements out of 50 won
Posted by Vindibudd on 19 July 19 at 14:04
Darkheart728 It's up to you. I have this problem where I complete the same games on multiple accounts. I was tired of seeing some incomplete and unobtainable games on my old tag and so I made this one lol. If it were me though, I'd say screw it and do it on you're current Gamertag. (Never completed BC1, only 2 on PS3)
Posted by Darkheart728 on 19 Jul at 22:36
Darkheart728 If you think you can complete it of course! If not and just want to play, then play on your old tag!
Posted by Darkheart728 on 19 Jul at 22:38
Vindibudd Thanks for the comments!
Posted by Vindibudd on 19 Jul at 22:53
Darkheart728 No problem
Posted by Darkheart728 on 20 Jul at 02:40
Cenosis It says that out of the 114,294 tracked gamers (on TA) only 0.73% have completed it. To state the obvious I would say that is a tough game to 100%.
I played part 2 and got all the single-player achievements cause I don't care about the multiplayer ones, I'm not a competitive gamer.
My advice would be to play it on what you consider your main account and if you can't get all the achievements then no biggie, less than 1% of the gamers on TA did so.
I would add to just have fun in whatever game you are playing, that should be the most important, let achievement hunting come in second.
Posted by Cenosis on 22 Jul at 22:51
Vindibudd Thank you, Cenosis!
Posted by Vindibudd on 22 Jul at 23:54
Cenosis No problem.
Posted by Cenosis on 23 Jul at 01:15