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PermalinkGTASC19 Period 5 Roundup - Vogon Poets
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Posted by eohjay on 05 August 19 at 13:31
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Sir Paulygon What does '######' mean? compute
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 05 Aug at 14:23
eohjay It's an excel spreadsheet that I set up at the beginning of the competition to auto-calculate everything. I basically just input the achievements, GS and TA from the leader board each period and it does all of the rest.

As such, the formula's are already in place for periods that haven't happened yet. Period 6 is this week, 7 is next week, and so on. The ### parts are showing because the formula for that particular cell (TA/GS=Ratio) is division, and it's dividing numbers that haven't been input yet - so it's like a divide by zero error. The periods haven't happened yet, so I haven't input data - there isn't anything to divide. This is also why there are a bunch of 0's in the team totals rows and TA diff columns - the formulas are there to sum up all of the numbers - but there aren't any numbers yet.
Posted by eohjay on 05 Aug at 14:35
Sir Paulygon While I learned something just now, I was mostly picking on you since I knew there weren't any numbers in those fields. While I could never fully grasp something of this magnitude -- I have never done well with numbers -- I can certainly appreciate the time and effort required to conjure up something like this.
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 05 Aug at 15:04
eohjay I spent like 20 minutes making it at the beginning of the competition, and then spend a handful of minutes plugging in data at the end of each period. It really isn't anything extravagant, but it gives me that extra "oomph" of incentive to stay interested. I get burned out with the weekly scoring otherwise, but I want the damned community challenge badge!

Granted, I have years and years of Excel experience. It's probably, as weird as it is to say, my favorite program on the computer. If I have an interest (from videogaming to workout tracking to genealogy and anything in between) I have somehow found a way to use excel to make it more streamlined laugh
Posted by eohjay on 05 Aug at 15:15
Sir Paulygon Dang. Color me impressed then!

Yeah, Excel is a powerful program. I do a little bit with formulas, but I think most of my time is spent protecting the sheets because we have end users here that likes to overwrite the formulas, lol.
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 05 Aug at 16:12
TheMaize excel is a first party MS program...lets start a petition to add achievements to it, together with the rest of the office pack ;o)
Posted by TheMaize on 07 Aug at 12:56
eohjay Excel - the only game that I would continue playing after unlocking all of the achievements. laugh
Posted by eohjay on 07 Aug at 13:15