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PermalinkGTASC19 Period 6 Roundup - Vogon Poets
This turned out to be a strange period. I got hit with a lot more decay than I normally do. Didn't really look into what was causing it in particular.

I know different games have a recalculation at different intervals depending on the age of the game, etc. I'm just wondering it there is a larger recalculation that takes place during the beginning of the month and that is why so many users experienced more decay this period than any of the previous.

I thought I'd finally beat TheMaize, but he had to go and make me wrong. At least we got to gain some ground on him in contribution percentage!

Rossco broke his scoring trend. warning

Snuck in a stackable achievement during the final stretch for the bonus. Was trying to avoid starting a new game, but started Hell Warders. Seems like it is going to be a pretty solid co-op tower defense game. Reminds me a lot of Death Trap and Dungeon Defenders. Entire campaign is playable in co-op mode.

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Posted by eohjay on 12 August 19 at 13:07 | Last edited on 12 August 19 at 14:40
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TheMaize Well..atleast I got my ratio up a bit...and don't worry..you will get me this period :o)
Posted by TheMaize on 12 Aug at 14:23
TheMaize How much decay last period btw?
Posted by TheMaize on 12 Aug at 14:31
eohjay I stopped recording it after Period 4 so I don't have exact numbers anymore. I was in a rush that day and just posted the image or something.

I woke up to be -100TA on a few different days, though. I think I was averaging around -130 all week, last week I was around -300 total. I have some spare time, I'll go back and see if there is a way I can get accurate numbers from Periods 5 and 6 or if I already missed the boat. Kinda curious.

One of the days I noticed it was due to the latest Portal Knights DLC dropping. That's why I didn't progress on MYZ, too, that DLC is so overly inflated right now.

Your contest-wide ratio went up .05 due to last week.

Also, our team's ranking for the entire competition is back down to 32nd place.

Posted by eohjay on 12 Aug at 14:38
Sir Paulygon Maybe the drop was from Ryse?
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 12 Aug at 14:46
eohjay Well, if it was Ryse that's the last time I offer anyone advice laugh

Actually, it looks like most of my drop was from the Mutant Year Zero DLC. I was -288 from it alone last week. Glad I held off on popping any more in it. My other big drop was -90 from Wargroove, so those two games alone cost me about 370 points across the entire week, plus whatever other games dropped.

My average leading into Week 5 was -190 all week, so I was dealing with double the drop that I was used to.

Not that it's really problematic at this point. The cutoffs are still so low it isn't really a concern. If I planned on competing past Week 10 I might be worried more.
Posted by eohjay on 12 Aug at 14:56
Rossco7530 I just couldn't hold back on those juicy high-ratio achievements any more! Maybe 2K will be my target for the 2nd half of the comp. Or maybe just to beat TheMaize. Just once... wink

It's really been an eye-opener in relation to decay. When I'm looking at my ratio and I've always thought of it as a generally static number. Really surprising to see how much changes.
Posted by Rossco7530 on 12 Aug at 15:08