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PermalinkA million points...?
I'm looking at my dashboard, and it's reading 1000000. It's rather surreal. Took me 13 years to get here, and it wasn't that long ago that I thought of it as a number in the sky to look up at.

Huh. There it is. Now I'm going to be stuck with a 1 at the front of my score. No, I'm definitely not going for 2 million.

That final push was a little crazy. A year ago, right before I went on vacation, I was sitting at 783,102.
216,898 in the past 365 days, and 31,180 in the last 20 days.

I have a lot of people I need to thank for helping me out over a long period of time. It takes a village. At the top of the list is cnirvana, my partner in crime, for helping motivate me for the past few years. Right up there is my inner circle: InigoMontoya80, fighterx93chipp, ChrisD0811, keinanna, redraider104, REVELATIONxJedi, Darth Maul FTS, OneAngryJawa, TheOceanic815, oxBURN3Rxo, WudYaLo0kAtThat, SuperTigerWoods, and hott Armante. I'm sure I'm forgetting people!!

Beyond that are all of my friends on TA who've been so wonderful over the almost 10 years (!!!) I've been on the site. I remember back when I wasn't even in the top 10,000 on the site, then moving up above 1000, 500, and finally where I am now. Before I joined TA (in 2009), I had under 31,000. I got 7800 that first month. laugh

Two years ago I went through some turbulent times, and I have a lot of people to thank for keeping me upright. Xbox has been something that's helped me out. When all of that started, I was still shy of 600,000. To my friends and family, I owe a debt of gratitude. Thank you so much for everything. You know who you are.

Lastly, I need to thank my parents. I'll be making a blog post soon expressing how damn awesome they are, even though they have no idea about this milestone or, really, anything having to do with Xbox. laugh

Happy gaming, everyone! toast

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Posted by Sashamorning on 13 August 19 at 12:00
InjuryProne19 Congrats! Amazing milestone! clap
Posted by InjuryProne19 on 13 Aug at 12:04
Jblacq Congrats man! I still blame you for me starting Evolve. Besides getting the achievement before the servers went down, I haven't touched that game since you got me to start it. laugh
Posted by Jblacq on 13 Aug at 12:25
Sashamorning That was such an underrated game!! I really wish I could have gotten more people to play it, but pretty much everything I did I had to do solo. cry
Posted by Sashamorning on 13 Aug at 12:41
Lavindathar Well done mate, it’s impressively Impressive.
Posted by Lavindathar on 13 Aug at 13:20
Kitty Skies You're outstanding, congrats on this amazing accomplishment! smile
Posted by Kitty Skies on 13 Aug at 13:53
Apocalypse Kane Congratulations!!! toast
Posted by Apocalypse Kane on 13 Aug at 14:06
SuperTigerWoods Wow, you're a "millionaire"! That's crazy shock
Posted by SuperTigerWoods on 13 Aug at 15:02
oxBURN3Rxo Congrats buddy!!!! Thanks for the shoutout
Posted by oxBURN3Rxo on 13 Aug at 16:06
IXI FalcoN Congrats on the milly my friend! I hope to join you in the next couple years. 235k to go for me. Long completions have been slowing me down lately.
Posted by IXI FalcoN on 13 Aug at 17:45
Ess Rod clap
Posted by Ess Rod on 13 Aug at 18:19
WudYaLo0kAtThat Hell yeah dude congrats!
Posted by WudYaLo0kAtThat on 13 Aug at 18:36
cnirvana toast Congratulations! Now sit back and enjoy an JRPG or two wink
Posted by cnirvana on 13 Aug at 18:45
Mr Rodster Congratulations! Huge milestone, and you've made a very impressive push to get there. Very nice.
Posted by Mr Rodster on 13 Aug at 19:06
Falensarano Not even half way there myself! Congrats! Reaching this height will always remain a pipe dream for me! smile
Posted by Falensarano on 13 Aug at 20:33
Sashamorning I thought so too only 3 years ago. If you want it, go for it!! toast
Posted by Sashamorning on 13 Aug at 20:56
iMaginaryy Congrats!! Very well done, now go camping or something and relax, roast some marshmallows and enjoy the memories :D or mai tais on the beach!
Posted by iMaginaryy on 13 Aug at 21:54
PlayUltimate711 One million is so far off for me. I will probably keep doing about 50-80k GS per year, but I'll keep trying to push that ratio up each year. I've been doing around a 2.5 ratio the past few years, but I've been feeling a desire to do more difficult content lately, so maybe I'll start to average more like a 3.5 ratio and see if I can hit 1 million GS and 3 million TA with the same achievement.

Or maybe life will drastically change and I'll stop doing this seriously.

TA will still exist by the time I get there, right?

Great work. When I saw you were 999,999 I was hoping it would be that final achievement in Infinite Undiscovery. That would be funny. Looks like you haven't even played that, though.
Posted by PlayUltimate711 on 13 Aug at 23:15
Sashamorning I was really thinking Bullet Witch, but I'm just not that good.

Eve was very appropriate.
Posted by Sashamorning on 13 Aug at 23:31
Mike Marcelais Amazing accomplishment. toast I'll likely get to 1M TA at some point (although I remember when I thought 100k was unreachable back in the day) but 1M GS is so far out.

PS: Does this mean you're going to retire for real now? wink
Posted by Mike Marcelais on 14 Aug at 03:00
Sashamorning Doubt it. Need a rest though.
Posted by Sashamorning on 14 Aug at 03:07
Darth Maul FTS Thanks for the shout out and Congratulations
Posted by Darth Maul FTS on 16 Aug at 16:05
Chunkeh Munkeh No idea how I missed your milestone...Congrats Sasha clap toast
Posted by Chunkeh Munkeh on 22 Aug at 22:08