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Really enjoying GTASC this year. I know I won’t get much further but trying to stay in and going for all the bonuses has been fun.

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I know I said last time I would be wrapping up Thief of Thieves now, well I decided to hold off on that until the GTASC period rolled over because it has hefty ratio and I was already more than safe for this week so it was better used in the next period. Instead I pulled out two easyish games and spent the weekend finishing the first campaign in For The King with my crew.

As well as knocking out Anode and The Long Reach, I also grabbed random easy achievements in The Jackbox Party Pack 5, Celeste and Q.U.B.E. 2 to complete this month's AH101 Gamertag Challenge - Jblacq. It was a fun little side challenge to go for and I'm looking forward to the next monthly challenges.

Completing The Long Reach also got me another completion on the Freamwhole Completion Challenge for completing a game with a size-based adjective in the title.

Campaign Complete - N/A
Completion % - 3 100
CitM Achievements - 22 0
This is not a game for the colourblindThis is not a game for the colourblind
On the surface Anode seems to be a Tetris clone but it's actually a little more advanced than that. Blocks of different shapes fall from the top of the screen and you can move and rotate them to fit together, but you have to be on the lookout for the colours of the blocks and plan how they connect together in order to win. Whenever a block of a certain colour is flashing, that means any other blocks of the same colour connected to it and each other will explode. If you explode seven blocks in one move, then you unlock an item to help you. You also get a multiplier if you set off explosions within five second intervals so you need to try and balance big chains and regular explosions to really get the score up. Although it's a very basic concept, it's pretty well executed and there's a nice variety of game modes on offer.

The completion isn't too difficult, requiring you to try all the different game modes and do moderately well in them. Once you've got to grips with the mechanics it's not too difficult to do ok and the score ones should only take a few attempts. Unfortunately there's a bit of a grind involved as you need to use 300 items, meaning 300 seven block chains built. After doing everything else in the game I'd only used around 50. There's also a luck based achievement that requires you to use two specific items at once in a multiplayer game. As items are random and come from a pool of 10-15, getting those two specifically could happen first time or after a couple of hours of trying like me. It's tricky to manage too because you need to be playing both sides of the screen at once with two controllers, one getting big chains for the items and the other setting off enough explosions to keep the screen from filling up too much and ending the game too quickly.

The Long Reach
Campaign Complete - No Yes
Completion % - 7 100
CitM Achievements - 14 0
This looks like it was one hell of a Christmas partyThis looks like it was one hell of a Christmas party
As a fan of horror and adventure games, I was really looking forward to trying out The Long Reach ever since it was first advertised. Now I've completed it I really liked the overall atmosphere and tone of the game, and I though it was a great example of how pixel graphics can actually be done pretty well. The lighting and design work here is great for the limitations of the medium and is probably the game's strongest element. Even though I liked the story on paper - a science experiment to link up consciousnesses, and share talents and knowledge, naturally fails and sends all the scientists insane - the way it's presented is a little too convoluted and abstract to really sell the horror, especially when it moves outside of the institute. Ultimately, individual elements are stronger than the whole. It's also let down by a very strange decision to make all the dialogue really childish and snarky, which goes completely against the whole tone of the game. The main character walks around calling people bitch and making stupid jokes and insults for no particular reason, making him completely unlikeable and meaning there's no emotional core to the game. It's fine to pepper humour into a game, and often it can elevate the experience if done well, but you've got to be careful not to undermine the overall experience by layering it on too thick or confusing unnecessary trash talk for witty remarks.

The game is also very easily completable, with most achievements being progress based. There are two collectible achievements to be wary of but they're easily spotted. There's also a branching ending with two achievements for different choices in the finale, but continuing the game after finishing one option allows you to choose the second without a full replay. I'd like to see what the developer does next if they continue to make similar types of game, just with some better writing next time please.

For The King
Campaign Complete - No Yes
Completion % - 25 46
CitM Achievements - 0
After countless creatures of different sizes and shapes, the final boss old bloke and a couple of dogsAfter countless creatures of different sizes and shapes, the final boss old bloke and a couple of dogs
I've been plugging away at For The King with my co-op crew Legohead 1977 and UselessFATDOG on and off for the last few weeks but now we've finished the main campaign I'm ready to give some thoughts on it. It's an RPG that's very influenced by tabletop games. Everything is turn based and uses dice rolls that are influenced by skills, stats and items. You set off as a group of characters from different classes and are tasked with some typical fantasy RPG type stuff. What sets the game apart is its roguelike elements. Every playthrough is different based on the map being procedurally generated, as well as randomised dungeons, encounters and special enemies that appear called scourges, which negatively impact the world. There's also a day/night cycle with tougher enemies turning up at night, and a Chaos level that you can try and reduce. If it gets too high everything gets more difficult. In true roguelike fashion, death is also permanent. If the entire party loses all their lives then you're permanently dead and all progress is wiped. Thankfully there is a currency called Lore that you collect on the way. This is used to purchase things in the Lore Store like encounters, items and characters that can be unlocked for subsequent playthroughs.

In our first playthrough of the game we were mostly getting to grips with the mechanics and experienced more deaths than we should have thanks to unfamiliarity with some core concepts. Our second attempt was much more successful, completing the first campaign with minimal losses and only a few wobbles, including me memorably (and embarrassingly) getting ambushed and killed by a few fairies on a bridge. We also managed to grab a bunch of the scourges, take down the Kraken and pull off a few other events that brought achievements with them. It was great fun and I'm happy to have been persuaded to give the game a try as I would have otherwise ignored it. It's especially fun in co-op and I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the game offers. Although we've now completed the main story campaign, there are actually four other ones in the game and they all have achievements linked so we're going to work through those too before tackling the harder difficulties. Hopefully by then we'll have unlocked the majority of the Lore Store to aid us but I fully expect quite a few failed attempts on the hardest difficulty, even if we are pros by that point.

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