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Looking for easy achievements to get
Posted by DarkR Phantom on 15 August 19 at 02:44
Hazar Khall If its developed by Ratalaika, its typically 1-2 hours to beat- 5-7 dollars, and a 2-3 out of 10 difficulty.

ACA NEOGEO offers quite a few fighting games that offer a similar, yet more frustrating, 100%, though anything with a ratio above 1100/1000 and you are looking at games that require a bit more skill than just blind luck.

Under the 10 dollar range, Fighting Vipers, Sonic the fighters, Korgan (free btw), Energy Cycle 1&2 (with guides), Virtua fighters 2, the gardens between (on gamepass at the time of typing), NBA 2k17 prelude (1000gs, free), Virtua fighter 5 final showdown, pac-man 256 (with glitch, mind you), Mr.pumpkin adventure (guide) Planet RIX (guide) and honestly most episodic/point and click games.
Posted by Hazar Khall on 15 Aug at 12:49
Narcissist Code Odium to the Core, Brick Breaker, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Wuppo, and Dustforce should sort you out
Posted by Narcissist Code on 15 Aug at 23:22
DarkR Phantom Cool thanks guys. I did get "mr pumpkin adventure" and will be working on that. 'NBA 2k17 prelude" I did finish few years back. I'll look into others that you guys suggested.
Posted by DarkR Phantom on 16 Aug at 02:42