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PermalinkGTASC19 Period 7 Roundup - Vogon Poets
Another week down. Onwards and upwards!

Took a bit of a lazy approach this week and worked on some games without immediate yields. I've been wanting to wrap up Culdcept SAGA for years and spent quite a bit of time progressing towards the last achievement on it, as well as playing through the Hell Warders co-op campaign.

Only secured the bonus due to knocking out the semi-enjoyable Uncanny Valley earlier in the week, plus quite a bit of gamerscore from starting the fun-filled Gang Beasts during the home stretch when I realized I was still about 500 gamerscore shy. Gang Beasts is a weird one. I can comfortably say that it would be a terrible game to play on your own, but it's a lot of fun as a family/party game.

The cut-offs this week ended up being a pretty big jump up from last week, and much higher than I expected them to be. I was also caught off guard by Halo Wars: Definitive Edition - I had logged in and planned to boost some of the online last night to help with GS towards the bonus, but the online servers aren't working. Googled the problem and there were dozens of reports from last night with users complaining th7at it isn't working any longer. Now, I get to fear that they won't come back up and I'll be left with unobtainables. I'll be checking daily and knocking it out at the first possible moment if they come back up!

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Posted by eohjay on 19 August 19 at 13:04
TheMaize Looks like this week's bonus is up to me lol...I wonder if I got enough easy games backlogged to drop 26600 TA
Posted by TheMaize on 19 Aug at 13:28
TheMaize Just to clarify what I mean by that...I'm the only one who doesn't care about total ratio...and the bonus is not exactly worth dropping 5 Minecraft stacks for :o)
Posted by TheMaize on 19 Aug at 13:40
eohjay Well, we would need a team total of 24,646TA. You can count on Rossco and I for at least 2KTA each, so you're only looking at about 20,000TA. Your record so far is 13,500TA.

Good luck laugh
Posted by eohjay on 19 Aug at 13:48
TheMaize Ahhh ok..only 20k? ...here...hold my beer
Posted by TheMaize on 19 Aug at 14:04
Sir Paulygon I remember reading reports that the Halo app was being shut down last week. Here's hoping they didn't unplug the servers for Halo Wars by mistake. shock
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 19 Aug at 14:25
eohjay @TheMaize

Actually, I was looking at TA Difference - my mistake. Rossco and I usually contribute a rough total of between 6,000-8,000 TA each period. So, you're probably looking at needing closer to only 17-18,000TA.

If this were Week 9 I'd pop all of the stuff I've been holding onto in an effort to help since I won't need it past that point.

*Sir Paulygon

It looks like the servers are down for some reason. I don't know whether it was intended or not, but various forums are abuzz with complaints. Apparently this happened sometime in July, too, but was resolved.

On the plus side - it looks like I can get all of the remaining achievements in skirmish mode against AI, but that will be a much bigger pain in the butt than just boosting would be.

*fingers crossed*
Posted by eohjay on 19 Aug at 19:00
TheMaize well..i will see where we are when we get to the weekend :o)
And i will try to finish some of the faster games on my to do list...and then we see where we end.
Im not expecting anyone to go out of their way for the bonus though.
Posted by TheMaize on 19 Aug at 19:45
TheMaize With stellaris hitting gamepass yesterday, we might end up with a bunch of the TA we need from that, lol....will probably screw me/us in the next week's though
Posted by TheMaize on 20 Aug at 10:31
eohjay That's true. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition might raise a bit, too. They discontinued the version that we completed, but released a new version with a whole new list that auto-pops if you've already completed it. About 1,500 TA in less than five minutes, assuming it's already complete.
Posted by eohjay on 20 Aug at 12:04
TheMaize Sadly I never completed the titleupdate...and now I cant
Posted by TheMaize on 20 Aug at 19:36
eohjay I read a post by someone else that mentioned if you owned the previous game you could still download and play it via account history or something. Might be worth checking into!
Posted by eohjay on 20 Aug at 20:20
TheMaize Yeah..well..I don't own the old version either...I played it via gameshare
Posted by TheMaize on 26 Aug at 13:20