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A simple analysis for my 35 started games that are not backwards compatible. When I finish all of them or at least most of them (probably until the end of 2020) I will finally retire my Xbox 360 for good, after (so far) 7 years of use, since August 2012.

Every game listed below with a ETC - Estimated Time to Complete, based on completion estimate used in this site for each game, discounting the time spent in unlocked achievements.

Army of TWO: The Devil's Cartel - Started in my Bean Dive 2017, only played one mission, needs to play proper and unlock most of the achievements. ETC = 15 to 20 hours

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY - Already completed the campaign and most of the achievements, need to complete again in Hard difficulty and do some combat challenges that I'm very bad cry ETC = 8 to 12 hours

Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) - Completed the campaign but needs to do many things: 3 DLCs, collectibles, many combat challenges that I'm very bad (again) and complete the campaign another time, will be a long and hard grind, at least the game is very good. ETC = 46 to 68 hours

Battlefield 4 (Xbox 360) - Already completed most of the achievements but needs to do the 3 hardest assignments for the 3 last DLCs, without a boosting partner will be a long grind. ETC = 20 to 30 hours

Blur - I need to do some online portion of the game, reach level 50 and complete most of the singleplayer game. Many things to do, but is a very good arcade racing game so is not so bad. ETC = 30 to 40 hours

Dark Souls II - Already completed most of the achievements and one playthrough but needs to complete another playthrough and a half to earn some grind achievements. ETC = 20 to 30 hours

Dead Island Riptide (Xbox 360) - I need to do 3/4 of the game yet, collecting everything, finishing all quests and everything else. ETC = 15 to 20 hours

Dishonored - I need to complete the 2 dlcs including the hardest Dunwall City Trials and play through the campaign another time in High Chaos. ETC = 20 to 25 hours

Dust: An Elysian Tail - I need to complete most of the campaign yet, including collectibles and another run on hardest difficulty. ETC = 10 to 15 hours

F1 2010 - Still needs to complete the online level 50 and complete more 2 seasons for some achievements. After that I need to complete a season in Expert difficulty, will be very hard. ETC = 30 to 40 hours, at least

F1 2012 - Needs to do many things and the online portion of the game, but is not so long. ETC = 15 to 20 hours

F1 2013 - Same as F1 2012, but with harder and longer achievements in singleplayer mode. ETC = 20 to 25 hours

Far Cry 4 (Xbox 360) - Only need to complete the dlc. ETC = 4 to 5 hours

FIFA 11 - If I can do the glitch to unlock the "online" achievements that is still possible to unlock using this glitch I only need to play 500 matches, still will be a long grind. ETC = 40 to 60 hours, with luck

Forza Motorsport 2 - Need to do the online and the long grind for the offline mode, like every Forza will be very long. ETC = 150 to 200h

Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) - Many things to do, including online DLC and online base game, including level, collectibles and medals for singleplayer. Another Rockstar long grind game. ETC = 60 to 80 hours

GRID (2008) - Many things to do including completing the DLC and I need to try to remove the update to do the last achievement, so will be long work. ETC = 40 to 50 hours

Max Payne 3 - This is probably the longest grind of the list, many onlines to do, DLCs, completing campaign another N times in harder difficulties... ETC = 120 to 150 hours

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Xbox 360) - Finally a short game to complete, just need to do the last achievements. ETC = 4 to 6 hours

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (Xbox 360) - Only need to complete the final achievements, hopefully will be easy. 2 to 4 hours

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Only need to do the DLCs, not long. ETC = 6 to 8 hours

Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Need to continue the campaign, more 10 people to defeat. ETC = 10 to 15 hours

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) - Another game that I only need to complete the DLCs, but this is a grind and need people to boost, so will not be short.
ETC = 39 to 50 hours

Payday 2 - Many things to do, almost the entire game, will be a very long grind. ETC = 70 to 90 hours

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (Xbox 360) - Need to play the entire game pratically, only played a few hours. ETC = 30 to 35 hours

Remember Me - Need to play half the game approximately, many things to do but is quick at least. ETC = 10 to 15 hours

Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) - Need to play the entire game too, and the 3 dlcs, a not so good grind (I didn't liked this game). 58 to 73 hours

Resident Evil Revelations (Xbox 360) - Another game that I need to play the entire game, at least is way better than RE 5, in my opinion. 80 to 100 hours

Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Xbox 360) - Same as RE Revelations above, another good game that I need to play proper. 34 to 42 hours

State of Decay - Another game like as before, but this game I lost the save so this is the reason that I need to play everything facepalm. 38 to 50 hours

The Evil Within (Xbox 360) - One of best survival horrors of Xbox 360, and I need to play, many things to do and the 3 DLCs to complete. 35 to 45 hours

The Saboteur - Need to do 3/4 of the game or a little more, is a good game so will not be a boring grind, hopefully. ETC = 30 to 40 hours

Titanfall (Xbox 360) - Only needs the last online achievements but is hard to find matches and people to play so I don't know if I'll finish this game. ETC = 12 to 30 hours, at least

Trials Fusion (Xbox 360) - Only need the harder ones, will be very difficult to finish like all Trials games for me, but I'll try eventually. 10 to 20 hours, with luck

Velvet Assassin - Started in Bean Dive 2017, need to play proper. ETC = 15 to 20 hours

Total Estimated Time for all games above = 1.146 to 1.533 hours shock

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velho lobodomar Estou montando grupo de max payne 3, temos uma vaga :~~ interessa? Projeto pra daqui uns meses :~~
Posted by velho lobodomar on 20 Aug at 18:35
velho lobodomar Ah, boa sorte limpando a lista até 2020, achei apertado :~~
Posted by velho lobodomar on 20 Aug at 18:36
wellingtonbalbo Valeu mas o Max Payne não sei se tenho interesse, é muito demorado... vou pensar e te falo.

Acho que até o fim de 2020 da pra limpar boa parte, o problema mesmo é ir pro One kk mas vou tentar fazer o que der até lá, mas o prazo são pra esses 35 jogos ou a maioria deles, os que estão na retro jogo pelo One depois.
Posted by wellingtonbalbo on 20 Aug at 19:04
velho lobodomar Bacana, boa sorte com suas metas :~~
Posted by velho lobodomar on 20 Aug at 22:14
wellingtonbalbo Obrigado toast
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