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Current Interviewee: Priinz 31er
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Gamertags almost always tell something about their owners. Tell us about yours. Does your gamerpic mean anything to you as well?

Yesh! i always use anime gamerpics because anime is a big part in my life. The Gamertag is a funny story: me and my friends wanted to name ourselves Priinz but i didn't know what exactly to pick. So he called me a 31er which kinda means you're a rat or traitor. So I thought it would be funny to name myself this way, haha.

Hopefully it was all in good fun! Continuing on: describe yourself in a few words. How do you think the rest of TA knows you?

Hmm... i would say I'm a pretty nice guy who tries to be friends with everyone but I'm also a person with a dark humor, who thinks some memes and jokes are funny that others would probably not like. Which is why I "try", haha.

You seem nice to far! So, how long have you been gaming? What’s the first game you remember playing and do you have any fond early memories of the hobby?

I think started gaming when I was like 5 years old. I cant remember at all what my first game was but one of the first ones I think was Mario on the Gameboy Color.

Mario is a classic. Let's hear about your home life next. Hometown or state, spouse and kids, any pets?

I lived in Klagenfurt, a big city in my country but I moved to a smaller town because I started living on my own and my work place is near me, so that's good too. And nope no gf and no kids (I'm too young for kids anyways haha).

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Klagenfurt, Austria

Moving out is always a hassle. But how is your work? Do you have any hobbies or accomplishments related to what you do?

My job is being a caregiver. I've been taking care of older people for almost 2 years now. My main hobbies are gaming and watching anime, but I also enjoy doing thing other people my age do like going to festivals and such. No real accomplishments as of now.

You mentioned festivals. Any that stand out?

Yeah, I'd like to visit Electric Love next year which is a pretty big event in Austria. I also really would like to go to Defqon1 since I'm also really into hardstyle.

You said you don't have many accomplishments yet. But is there anything in your life that you would like to accomplish? A dream job or something like that?

Well i would like to start working full time because I'm working part time currently. I would like to own a nice house and a nice car that I would drive around in daily.

Sounds like good goals! You also mentioned anime being a second hobby of yours. Name some favorites!

Some of my favorites are Steins;Gate, Made In Abyss, Kimi no na wa, Monogatari, Re;zero and many more. When it comes to anime, I could talk the whole day about it.

If you had to pick your favorite anime character, who would it be and why?

Probably Hikkigaya Hachiman from OreGairu because he just really sees how things are and doesn't try to see everything in a way brighter light, and I can relate to him on many levels.

Is there a particular reason as to why you like anime? Nostalgia, maybe?

When I was 13, I played Call of Duty with someone and he had an anime profile pic. He was talking about anime and that I really should try it. After a few days, I saw that the whole Elfenlied anime was uploaded to Youtube so I watched it, and then anime pretty much took over my life.

Do you watch anime with subtitles, or with dubbed voices? Is it a big deal to you or not at all?

Always sub and yes, it is. Because it just sounds so much more natural to me. I also don't like the English or German voices most of the time which is a minus.

Would you say that anime gets a bad rap sometimes? Do you think it's deserved?

Depends depends. Some people call it cartoons for children, some call it tentacle hentai.

In short, yes. I do think that many don't really know much about anime and then join the ones who don't know either, haha.

Have you ever watched an anime that you didn't enjoy?

Yes. I've watched over 1000 anime, so I've also watched some pretty bad ones, and actually also finished most of them because I don't like starting something and then not finishing it.

There's a pretty wide range of shows and genres in the world. What would you say makes a particular anime stand out? The plot or the characters? The design?

A bit of everything; the characters are important but so is design, plot, art-style and animation.
But it also comes down to the person. Some love Tatami Galaxy, but I really dislike the art-style. But that's just me and my taste in anime.

Have you played any games that were based off of anime? Were they good or bad?

On Xbox, just the Naruto games and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. The Naruto Storm games are nice, fun fighting games and also offer some story if you didn't watch the anime. SAO FB was surprisingly a nice, addicting loot shooter that I liked more than other loot shooters like the Division.

We've talked quite a bit about anime, but how about manga?

Yes, I also do read manga, however, not as much as anime. So any recommendations are always appreciated!

Back to gaming. What do you enjoy the most about TA?

The people, who all have the same hobby and enjoy hunting achievements. And the site in general, because I can check all my stats with ease.

What piqued your interest in achievement hunting? How long have you been on the site?

If I like something, I really want to collect a lot of it. I started getting more achievements and it really took me in. And so now I'm here and collect as much as I can. I've been on the site for 5 years now but that not really much compared to other people.

Do you intend to stay on the site for a long time?

Yes, for as long as it stays up (forever lets hope).

Would you ever change consoles or accounts in the future?

Nope. Xbox is pretty much my family. I would like to play some games on other consoles but I'm never going to switch from the console I used for over 10 years.

Do you have a particular genre that you enjoy? Any favorite games?

I like all genres to be honest. My favorite genre is probably role playing, even though I almost never play them because of the time investment. And my favorite game that I still play is probably Rainbow Six Siege.

And what about a least favorite game?

I would say a big thing for me was Wildlands. I really thought its gonna be a nice, big, and fun game with a good story, but it was just a empty map with repetitive missions.

Do you have any long-standing goals on the site? Any accomplishments so far?

Yes, I really want to get to at least 80 percent completion because I have so many games that I still haven't played.

Considering that you're working on your completion percentage, are there any games you've had to pass up out of fear that you wouldn't be able to complete them?

Not really actually, since my percentage is pretty low. If I had 90 percent, I would probably skip some games to be honest because I'm not the best gamer. Some hard games will be impossible for me.

Are there any games on your tag that you haven't/couldn't complete?

Way too many. I wish I could complete some of the longer games like The Witcher 3 and Skyrim, but I sadly don't have enough time to play games that take longer than 40 hours.

You mentioned mechanics. Do you think that developers use video game mechanics to their full potential? Or do you think they miss a lot of opportunities?

Yep, most don't do the games justice. But I can kind of understand it because they surely don't want to copy and paste other games. And in the end, it's money. And if games still sell well even though they have bad mechanics, then they have no real reason to change anything.

Is there anything that irks you about gaming? Achievements, industry news, microtransactions, so on?

Microtransactions are only bad, in my opinion, if its more than just cosmetics. Also, achievements kind of changed how I play and see some games. Which is pretty normal for most of us, I think.

What do you enjoy most about video games? Are you excited for any upcoming releases?

That you can dive into another world and enjoy many different stories and gameplay mechanics. I do look forward to many games like Code Vein, Doom Eternal, Cyperpunk and many more.

It's been great talking to you! As usual, we're ending the interview with shout-outs. Any you'd like to give?

Yes, I'd like to thank you for doing all those interesting interviews. toast

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Badw0lf 01 Enjoying these interviews, keep up the great work clap
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Spirochaete Monogatari would be great... without Senjogahara.

best girl debate: GO
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Priinz 31er Best girl by far is Shinobu ÙwÚ
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