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PermalinkStill having a ton of fun with my backlog!
Sadly, I have had to drop out of a couple of boosting sessions I signed up for due to work and blood family obligations. If only I could win the lottery, then I wouldn't have to work and I would be taking my Xbox with me on my worldwide vacation, drinking local beer all around the planet, visiting museums, staying up late playing Xbox in five-star hotel rooms, etc.

Life goals, motherfucker. Life goals. I just have to get that winning lottery ticket. Not that I'm exactly holding my breath on that - I actually have to buy a ticket in order to win first.

Tonight, my nephew is visiting me, and I suppose it is a good thing that I have a lot of games that are not rated M that we can play together. Heh. He's very easy to please - all I have to do is feed him some tacos and talk with him a while, then play some games with him on a second controller.

A part of me remembers being a gamer kid. I only owned a small handful of games. I mastered each and every one of them. Now I own over 1,200 games between eight different consoles. My backlog is a massive beast that needs to be tamed, because it has been growing at an out of control rate over the last several years.

On another note - August 31 was eight years clean from hard drugs! YaY! Now it's eight years and thirteen days. I still engage in beer and indica, though. Progress, not perfection.

I guess I should avoid the Microsoft marketplace when I am smoking or drinking, since my backlog tends to grow a little bit a lot of the time when I do that. Heh.
Posted by CompleteKurisu on 13 September 19 at 20:14
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Christijam Right on!
Posted by Christijam on 14 Sep at 10:51