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PermalinkGTASC is just proving to be more and more difficult for me and indecisive ass.
Maybe seeing this everyday with making me play more. I'm at a constant battle between keeping my streak, working on my percentage and not letting myself buy anything new. Basically Borderlands 3. Trying not to start anything new unless I can stick with it to finish. A lot has to do with being a cheap ass and not having a better xbox with more memory. Maybe I'll change my mind when it's closer to the end and shit starts to get gnarly. Lack of time and heartbreak making this weeks team bonus unobtainable..yet again. Shout out to We Were Here..for being what I was really excited to play and my introverted ass can't now. roll Upped my 360 collection at least. Found a slightly addicting show on Netflix called Hyperdrive to go watch when I visit dad since he's all about his mustangs and I'm over here rooting on Nissan to make him mad. Brittany Williams is nuts but I think Diego is a monster. So far. Their cars make me melt. Galaxy things. <3 Shit makes me hype and get weird looks from my dog. Sorry not sorry Bubba but when there's fast cars I have to scream...Ohh the anxiety. Guys broken suspension made me get so emotional I stopped breathing for a few secs. One wheel drive 2jz BMW...what. Husband and wife drifting duo? Pulls at my heart strings as much as husband and wife gamers. Oh. The support. I'd drop bands into a car to race against my love.

Anyways I guess..
I've been playing Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Actually not as bad as I thought it was at first. Well see how I feel when I complete it. So far I haven't had any issues. Fairly easy. Hopefully completing this week. Debating multiplayer things.

I'd like to revisit various CoDs and other Assassin's Creeds. Who it for bubby. *sigh* imub.
Posted by Kriskkiills on 19 September 19 at 02:57 | Last edited on 19 September 19 at 05:12
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Echtzeit I'm actively playing Syndicate as well. I like it a lot more than Unity, which had great atmosphere and buildings, but the controls felt weird, the overabundance of icons on the map killed my motivation and worst of all, collecting chests wasn't fun.

You can tell (at least I assume) that Syndicate was made by the same team as Black Flag, because chests are fun again and the controls feel very similar. Thank god for the hookshot, which is very fun AND convenient for getting around fast.

When you say "complete", do you mean play through the story or get every achievement?

Although I'm having fun (not Black Flag fun, but still fun), I find it hard to keep doing alle the side missions, let alone all the other activities. So I play in small instances, but I DO keep coming back. Mostly because I want to play through the story before continuing with Odyssey (Origins is one of the few AC games I didn't play through btw, it started off great, but went downhill fast).

Why am I even commenting on some strangers blog post? I don't know. I don't have anyone I can talk to about the games I play, only very seldom from time to time to my sister or her boyfriend, if we happened to play the same game, which is quite rare.
I'm also leaning heavily on the introvert side, but I can be sociable from time to time.
Posted by Echtzeit on 19 Sep at 07:44