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Less than a week to go til Extra Life! I just did a massive 9 hour stream in preparation for the event and I'm ready. I know it's a big step up to 24 hours, but the only thing that stopped the stream was a rumbly tummy! Plus, you are all going to watch and keep me awake right? ;)

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I'm going to be playing and streaming games for 24 hours solid in order to raise money for the Sick Kids Foundation - which has a program that helps internationally as well as locally. I don't have any personal connection to the program, but as someone from the UK - it was the closest I could find, and I do like Toronto.

## WHEN?

I shall be starting at 8am UK time (GMT/UTC) (find start time for you) on Saturday 2nd November (2019) and streaming for 24 hours without stopping (nb: there will be short pauses for tea making, food and stuff, but the stream won't stop!)


1. Come and watch, hang out and chat :) The stream is happening on my Mixer page
2. Host my stream, share it with your friends and shout it from the rooftops* (nb: you don't have to shout)
3. If you have money to spare, donate. It's for the kids!

If you can donate, you can do so here: angelsk's Extra Life page


Many games. I have an approximate schedule for the day: 8am - Zero Escape: The Nonary Games; 11am - Chariot; 1pm - We Were Here Too (co-stream with Jesse/ RadicalSniper99); 4pm - Cat Quest 2; 8pm - Overcooked 2 (co-stream with Paul/ failurewarning, Jesse and LeekyUK); after midnight - Afterparty. And we’ll see how that goes…

I will be streaking my hair in cool colours (pink, blue and purple) for the stream - just because :D

Giveaways. I have codes for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to give away (3 months). I will definitely be doing 1 giveaway about half an hour before the end of the stream, but if I reach my $500 donation goal, I will give away 1 more code. For this, you need to donate. $10 per entry, you can enter multiple times, but you can only win once.

I will also have a game code to give away to anyone following the stream and watching at the time of the giveaway.
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