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GTASC 2019: Period 20 (Gonna Make You Sweat)Permalink
Howdy folks and welcome to another GTASC roundup. This time we're visiting the gym to check in on our teams. Some of them decided to take a break from the treadmills this period to enjoy some gaming. However, about half of the teams took last period for the opportunity it offered... a test to see what the team can do with effort. Effort is what it will take to keep the motivation and plan working as we keep on chugging towards the halfway point of the event. Just a few more weeks to reach that milestone - Period 24 - assuming all goes well and there are no extended periods.

Just to touch on those since we haven't had to address them yet this year... if things go horribly wrong with Xbox in the final hours of the period - or TA's scanners aren't working during that timeframe - we extend the period rather than leave folks in the cold. Losing out due to one or the other not functioning isn't cool and that's something we've set rules in place to avoid. Here's where it gets funky though... if a period gets extended, it doesn't end on Monday as it normally would. Instead it will have an additional week appended. The scoring would continue throughout the now 2 week period and we'd cut one period out of the event to ensure the contest still ends at the same time. However, that doesn't fix the elimination issue... so if the period is doubled, we cut double the people we would normally to account for the planned elimination. Where this really gets interesting is if there's a bonus in play at the same time. As its all one period - the bonus doesn't change. If you needed to earn say 15 Story flagged achievements in the period, you would now have an extra week to get it done. If you needed to double a stat from the previous period, you'd have more time to get it done. On the other side though.... if the following period pulls a 'double your stat' style bonus, you've got to improve upon that 2 week period in just one week. Bonuses don't pay attention to how long a period is. I mention this as some were peeking at last years final periods. Period 48 wasn't actually a competition period since in 2018 we had to extend 1 period. That made Period 46 the Semi-finals and Period 47 the Finals.

Just a quick observation while going through the stats... this is the 2nd time now that the Solo side has used 60 bonuses in a row. The 1st time was Periods 15 & 16. Its also the most common bonus used total with 5 spots compared to the next most common (70) which happened twice and was also back to back (Periods 5&6.)


Last period we sent our teams To The Gym to get their stats back into shape. Amazingly, over half the remaining teams rose to the challenge and put up the numbers needed to complete their workout. Just to recap, they had to improve 3 stats by 50% or more from Period 19 - those being achievements unlocked as well as gamerscore and TA earned. Here's the list of all 49 teams that completed the bonus.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Additionally, Blas de Lezo was able to complete the requirements for the bonus but unfortunately they were eliminated.

Turning to the bonus on offer this Period for the Solo side - everyone is tasked with unlocking at least 15 achievements that are flagged 'Main Storyline'. As with scanned for bonuses, this requires the 15 achievements to be earned within the timeframe of the period itself. Saved achievements from Period 19 won't count. As usual, ensure you are online and check your work before the period ends since flagging may change at any time.

No winners this period.


This period we have cyberber of the Warriors of Rock V as well as the Solo chart-topper LuffyXxXhugo.
1) What pushed you to 1st place last period?
cyberber: I didn't play anything special. My teammates earned a lot of scores.
LuffyXxXhugo: I didn't particularly wanted to be 1st but I wanted to get the team bonus so I tried earning achievements with the highest ratio possible.

2) Did you play anything you'd recommend last period?
cyberber: Just Dance 2017
LuffyXxXhugo: I recently started Cities Skyline and it's one of the best management game I have ever palyer, I highly recommend it but it's quite hard to do every achievements because you don't have a "tuto", you have to search online for infos or you have to learn from playing.

3) Do you use the Backwards Compatibility program? Is there anything you hope gets added once Scarlet launches?
cyberber: Kinect games
LuffyXxXhugo: I use it a lot to finish or start some games I wanted to play, it's an amazing feature and it's really easy to use. The games I want the most are the one that aren't currently in the program and that I didn't complete.

4) Do you prefer single player experiences or multiplayer ones? What about that style of play keeps your interest?
cyberber: Multiplayer experiences are fun, but I don't like Achievements that require a lot of people.
LuffyXxXhugo: It's a tricky question. I like both of them, I love when I play a solo game that have amazing story or gameplay but I also love playing with friends.

5) What game have you spent the most time playing ever and what about it keeps your interest?
cyberber: Gems of War, it's my routine work for daily.
LuffyXxXhugo: The game that I played the most is World of Tanks with 2000+ hours only on Xbox One. I absolutely adore the gameplay and the ideas (not all of them) of the game. I also spent a lot of money on this game, more than anyone should spend on any game.

6) What would you say defines this console generation?
cyberber: Discless
LuffyXxXhugo: The power and the ability to play in 4K I think.

7) If you could recommend just one Xbox One game to someone new to the console, what would it be and why that game above all others?
cyberber: Disneyland Adventures, I think it can be enjoyed by people who don't play video games.
LuffyXxXhugo: I would go with The WItcher 3 : Wild Hunt because it's one of the best game I have ever played. The story is one the best (every quest, even the secondary, is amazing), the game looks gorgeous, the gameplay isn't perfect but I still liked it. And the DLCs are better than some other entire games.

8) What does your gaming den look like? Care to include pics?
cyberber: I'm sorry, my room is very messy. I can't share photos.

9) What is the origin of your gamertag?
cyberber: "cyber" is taken from my favorite arcade video game "Cyber Commando". I wanted to give it a unique tag name, so I changed the word a little.
LuffyXxXhugo: I love One Piece and I'm called Hugo so yeah no big deal. Now I think that the XxX thing is kinda lame

10) Is there anything else you'd like to add?
cyberber: When will the next Leap Frog and UHH be held?
LuffyXxXhugo: I would like to thanks the TrueAchievements team for this wonderful website. I use every day and I have been here for a lot of time. I would like to thanks the community too for the amazing guide that some people write, and a special thanks for the people taking time to write entire walkthrough, recently I finished Prey and it was one of the best walkthrough I read. The new site looks great too, it took a time to adapt but for me it's even better.

** The next Leap Frog event is slated for next year and to be honest, we're still trying to figure out what to do with UHH ** - Warren

11) Turning it all the way up to 11... what are your top 3 favorite songs?
cyberber: Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Feel Alright - Poolside
Weight of the World Kowaretasekainouta - Marina Kawano
LuffyXxXhugo: Oh this one is the trickiest to answer, I listen to a lot of music, every day and every time I'm listening to something. I mostly listen to metal but I also like synthwave.

The first one will be very easy, it's Painkiller from Judas Priest, it's one of the first song I listened to when I first got into metal (along shit like nu metal but I don't listen to that anymore) and was completely blown away by the music and the clip, it was like nothing I heard before. Rob Halford's vocals were so powerful with an insane range and so much charisma, one of my all time favorite vocalist. The two guitarists, K. K. Downing and Glenn Tipton, is the best duo for me, were one of the pioneer of dual lead guitars and one this album and particularly this song they just crush everything in their path with catchy as fuck riffs and otherwordly solos and leads (boy the first solo from Glenn is my favorite ever). Scott Travis is the newcomer coming from Racer X and he shows that he is a beast behind the kit with insane double bass and fills, and the solo intro is godlike. Ian Hill isn't a bassist that get a lot of attention but he clearly delivers the good.
I love this song to death, it's perfect, and the definition of heavy metal.

The second will be a bit harder to choose but I pick "er" by Buckethead from the Pike 65 - Hold Me Forever (In Memory of My Mom Nancy York Carroll). Buckethead is my favorite guitarist and artist ever, his imagination, talent and creativity are some of the best you can find in any genre. I love his music and I admire the person, he's one of the kindest person ever. But let's talk about the song. It's the closing song from an album dedicated to his deceased mother, in the first song they build up (and rely more on emotions) to the final one which explode in a total shred fest. This song is unbelievably good, it's almost 15 min of pure shred. You have to listen to this, especially if you are guitarist.

The third one is way harder because I have so much song I love. I'll pick one of the best song from my 2018 favorite album : Warrior Queen By Visigoth from Conqueror's Oath album.
Totally amazing heavy/power metal band from Utah. The whole album is exceptional, and this song is my favorite. From the start you get headbangable riffs with stellar vocal performance from Jake Rogers, who is in my opinion, up there with heavy metal best like Halford (Judas Priest), Midnight (Crimson Glory), Mike Howe (Metal Church), Dio (Black Sabbath and Dio), Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer) or Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) and nice leads. The video for the song is a bit cheesy but I love it and it looks a lot like the Painkiller video. The brief flute interlude is also beautiful and the whole song makes me want to go to battle.

Sorry about the long answer about the music but it's a passion and I love it maybe even more than video games and I'm glad if I make people discover new songs.

Overachiever: l306l FoOdRoAsT 37,366 TA (17,261 more)
Achievement grinder: Inferno118 7.6267 Ratio (1.7976 higher)
Achieveaholics: l306l FoOdRoAsT 729 Achievements (469 more)

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Achievements Earned: 20,006
GamerScore Earned: 828,488
TA Score Earned: 1,387,529
TA Difference Earned: 559,041
Bonuses Used: 60
Average Ratio: 1.6748

Achievements Earned: 813,449
GamerScore Earned: 27,660,047
TA Score Earned: 49,366,879
TA Difference Earned: 21,706,832
Bonuses Used: 1,606
Average Ratio: 1.8657
Bonuses Awarded: 2,511

Secular Forever with 14,902 TA Difference, 20,105 TA, 5,203 GS and a total of 153 achievements.
l306l FoOdRoAsT with 9,946 TA Difference, 37,366 TA, 27,420 GS and a total of 729 achievements.
Redrum Homicide with 6,133 TA Difference, 7,403 TA, 1,270 GS and a total of 33 achievements.

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Overachiever: Roast House 53,720 TA (15,052 more)
Achievement grinder: TeamBlitzkrieg 8.6917 Ratio (4.4756 higher)
Achieveaholics: Roast House 1,035 Achievements (483 more)

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Achievements Earned: 20,633
GamerScore Earned: 863,898
TA Score Earned: 1,424,381
TA Difference Earned: 560,483
Bonuses Used: 32
Average Ratio: 1.6488

Achievements Earned: 727,692
GamerScore Earned: 25,150,936
TA Score Earned: 44,714,736
TA Difference Earned: 19,564,120
Bonuses Used: 616
Average Ratio: 1.8503
Bonuses Awarded: 1,130

Magic Hat Mark’s Elephant Training Club with 15,595 TA Difference, 30,955 TA, 15,360 GS and a total of 420 achievements and 6,000 bonus
Terribly Sluggish with 14,424 TA Difference, 18,909 TA, 4,485 GS and a total of 124 achievements
Roast House with 13,595 TA Difference, 53,720 TA, 40,125 GS and a total of 1,035 achievements

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See you next period!
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