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Howdy folks. Another late night start for this recap doesn't bode well with this being a detailed one. I seem to have forgotten the interview questions so that's missing this period... and I also seem to have forgotten to grab screenshots of the best games/achievements before I went back to bed this AM. So, stay tuned for a double shot of drama next period.


Teams were tasked with accomplishing an Active Reload which required them to end the period with the same gamerscore and achievement values as the period before. Given how crazy the scoring is in the final hours, this bonus meant that you needed to plan this out and get to a safe total with absolutely no room for error. In the end, 13 of the active teams were able to accomplish this task. The winners are:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

This period the bonus has returned to the Solo side and considering what's been on tap as of recently... this one is a cakewalk. Individuals have to pass a vision test. Those with 50/50 Vision will end the period having unlocked at least one 50G achievement. That's all. Just a single achievement that's worth 50G will earn you a bonus that's valued at 500points. I'd honestly be shocked if anyone doesn't shoot for this one as its not a difficult request at all.

Overachiever: Mr Peanutbubber 27,811 TA (7,850 more)
Achievement grinder: Danno Omen 22.6705 Ratio (13.7724 higher)
Achieveaholics: Mr Peanutbubber 454 Achievements (201 more)

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Achievements Earned: 9,866
GamerScore Earned: 336,777
TA Score Earned: 741,872
TA Difference Earned: 405,095
Bonuses Used: 61
Average Ratio: 2.2029

Achievements Earned: 931,411
GamerScore Earned: 31,735,987
TA Score Earned: 57,219,330
TA Difference Earned: 25,483,343
Bonuses Used: 2,076
Average Ratio: 1.8877
Bonuses Awarded: 3,036

Secular Forever with 9,471 TA Difference, 19,961 TA, 10,490 GS and a total of 253 achievements.
pandaman105 with 7,159 TA Difference, 10,644 TA, 3,485 GS and a total of 89 achievements.
l306l PoRkRoAsT with 6,834 TA Difference, 8,384 TA, 1,550 GS and a total of 38 achievements.

Overachiever: Lord InToX Veteran 54,592 TA (4,652 more)
Achievement grinder: Roast House 5.6128 Ratio (1.4026 higher) * 2nd highest ratio was actually eliminated so the 'higher' line refers to the active team (3rd place.)
Achieveaholics: Lord InToX Veteran 803 Achievements (27 more)

The Indecisive Lot 4,802 TA Difference
No Shame! Eternal Slackers! 6,731 TA Difference
Unallocated Players 2,603 TA Difference
Team Name Pending 5,602 TA Difference

Achievements Earned: 11,485
GamerScore Earned: 411,435
TA Score Earned: 863,555
TA Difference Earned: 452,120
Bonuses Used: 38
Average Ratio: 2.0989

Achievements Earned: 841,017
GamerScore Earned: 29,094,634
TA Score Earned: 52,370,689
TA Difference Earned: 23,276,375
Bonuses Used: 803
Average Ratio: 1.8783
Bonuses Awarded: 1,257

The Underdogs IV with 17,700 TA Difference, 26,960 TA, 9,260 GS and a total of 302 achievements
Lord InToX Veteran with 17,442 TA Difference, 54,592 TA, 37,150 GS and a total of 803 achievements
Roast House with 15,453 TA Difference, 18,803 TA, 3,350 GS and a total of 142 achievements

See you next period with a return of the usual features.
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