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Worst Collectible Achievement of All Time: Anthem.Permalink
I have played a lot of games with collectible achievements. Amongst the least fun were Assassin's Creed 1 and 2.

First of all, I despise collectible achievements almost as much as I do multiplayer achievements. Few of them offer a reward in game commiserate with the effort.

Fewer still make the collection truly relevant to the game or lore.

Some games are generous and provide an in game map, which "Thanks, I guess".

But none other than Anthem have collectibles that are both unmarked in game (the map as a whole is useless) AND collectibles that are strewn over the map by RNG. The game forking places its over 200 collectibles in random places. A guide will only "help" so much.

Anthem already had a lot of bad, in a game produced by a company that was already struggling to make quality games. This pushed it over the line into a game that mocked your time. An unforgivable grind in an already poorly optimized grindy game.
Posted by DURDENS WRATH on 16 February 20 at 02:48 | Last edited on 16 February 20 at 02:49
Silicon Iceman 200 RNG collectibles?! Holy shit, dude! That’s like something from the 9th level of hell.
Posted by Silicon Iceman on 16 Feb at 14:11
DURDENS WRATH It was. No in game map, no minimap, no waypoints.

Just a ? that would show up on screen. But that could mean a collectible, a wreath*, a chest, or crafting mats. And IF it was a collectible, it might be one you already finished because the game doesn't remove completed collectibles from loot tables. It is a giant forking mess.

Easily the worst collectible achievement. Worse than flags or feathers.

* The game still has fucking Christmas wreaths enabled. In FEBRUARY. This game is such a shit show.
Posted by DURDENS WRATH on 16 Feb at 14:22