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GTASC 2019/20 Quick Roundup + ListceptionPermalink
GTASC 2019/20 Stats July 1st 2019 - June 1st 2020

True Achievement - Approx 585,000
Gamerscore - Approx 225,000
Achievements Won - Approx 5500
Contest Ratio - Approx 2.6
TA Difference - 360,894
Games Played - 522
Completions - 162
Overall Ratio - 1.93 up from 1.70
Highest Ratio Completion - Race The Sun - 12.084
Lowest Ratio Completion - Deep Space Rush - 1.005
Team Side - 1st - 267,543 TA Difference scored in finals week.
Solo Side - 2nd - 100,130 TA Difference scored in finals week.

Can check out the winners interviews here: planting42's Blog

Favourite Games Played

10) Monkey Ball Banana Blitz
9) Badland
8) Tricky Towers
7) Supermarket Shriek
6) I Am Bread
5) Unravel Two
4) Descenders
3) Action Henk
2) Chariot
1) Trials Rising

Worst Games Played

10) Speedboat Challenge
9) Dangerous Driving
8) DayZ
7) Fermi's Path
6) Tyd wag vir Niemand
5) Bounce Rescue
4) Super Bomb Rush
3) Gears Pop
2) Frozen Free Fall

For no1 just going to lump together some of the most garbage quick completions that were played throughout gtasc in no particular order.

1) Creepy Road, Caretaker, Aborigenus, Tanky Tanks, Pixel Gladiator, Outbreak Epidemic.


Bonus Listception Favourite TV Shows

10) Dark
9) Homeland
8) Utopia
7) Better Call Saul
6) Banshee
5) Marvelous Mrs Maisel
4) Mr Robot
3) Game of Thrones
2) Peaky Blinders
1) Breaking Bad

Umm Favourite Albums?!

10) Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
9) Pink Floyd - The Wall
8) Coheed & Cambria - Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV
7) Taylor Swift - Reputation
6) Mamamoo - Reality in Black
5) Haken - The Mountain
4) Devin Townsend - Epicloud
3) Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
2) Thank you Scientist - Terraformer
1) Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase

Ok you've lost the plot now Jim, Favourite Anime

10) Prince of Stride
9) One Punch Man
8) Baby Steps
7) Chihayafuru
6) Kakegurui
5) No Game No Life
4) Shokugeki No Soma
3) Death Note
2) Kuroko's Basketball
1) Haikyuu

Favourite Books, why not...

10) House of Leaves - Mark Z Danielewski
9) It - Stephen King
8) The Fisherman - John Langan
7) Needful Things - Stephen King
6) Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
5) The Talisman - King / Straub
4) Lord of the Rings series - Tolkien
3) Harry Potter series - Rowling
2) Dark Tower series - Stephen King
1) The Stand - Stephen King

Alright I'm done, hopefully everyone is doing ok... weird times atm.

Jimmy <3
Posted by JimbotUK on 08 June 20 at 16:51
Icefiretn First off, congrats on first place in teams and second place in individual, well deserved for sure!

Good to see Action Henk up there, such a great game!

Agree on Aborigenus, just not a good game.

I still need to finish the last 8 or so episodes of Mr Robot - such an interesting show.

I’m a big Stephen King fan as well - loved The Stand and The Talisman, still need to read the Dark Tower series.

Great lists and congrats again!
Posted by Icefiretn on 08 Jun at 20:12
JimbotUK Love Rami Malek as an actor, so intense. Very clever show, maybe a bit weak around season 2 but I thought the last season was amazing.

I read Firestarter when I was around 11 or 12 and have been hooked ever since. Dark Tower is well worth reading if you are a fan as it is kinda the centrepiece that links a lot of his other books. It’s really cool to notice the connections and then look up afterwards stuff you missed. Fair to say the series goes off the rails a bit in the last two books though. With books 1-5 being top top tier.

I think they are doing a new tv show for the stand so that could be interesting to check out.
Posted by JimbotUK on 08 Jun at 20:31
Mental Knight 5 Didn't read, no mentions of me. What would you say to someone who liked the other Trials games, enjoys Hard but can't pull off Extreme, and avoided Trials Rising because the achievements seemed too multiplayer-centric?
Posted by Mental Knight 5 on 08 Jun at 23:43
Mental Knight 5 Caretaker is definitely my least favorite quick completion ever, and maybe one of BiLLz' worst guides. laugh I'll have to check out Descenders, I appraised it as taking (me) too long to get (me) enough score out of it. But looked damn unique. I may wait for a sale, though. Got too many Game Pass messes to clean up already.
Posted by Mental Knight 5 on 08 Jun at 23:54
Mental Knight 5 Had to wait over an hour for it to go on sale. It was torture.
Posted by Mental Knight 5 on 09 Jun at 02:05
Icefiretn I think my first Stephen King book was Tommyknockers at about the same age - that book was messed up lol, but definitely got me hooked.
Posted by Icefiretn on 09 Jun at 03:42
JimbotUK @Mental Knight 5 If you enjoyed the previous Trials games you should be right at home with Rising. There is a ton of content in this one so there is plenty of gameplay to be had on the easy/medium/hard tracks. As with other Trials games though the back end achievements require half decent riding on the extreme tracks. I think this is the best Trials for newer players as there is a steady progression through the difficulties and you have to put in quite some time to even be given the extreme tracks.

The new university of trials feature does a good job of giving you tutorial tracks and explanations to prepare you with the throttle control & bunny hopping etc needed for hards & extremes. Not sure what you mean with the multiplayer achievements, there is one achievement with the tandem bike which is intended for coop play but can be done solo. Other than that it's all single player I think.

@Icefire Haha I wasn't a fan of Tommyknockers but it's definitely a trip lmao
Posted by JimbotUK on 09 Jun at 13:19