April random games have been posted to the BCM spreadsheet! April bonus announcement on March 30th.


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WHOOOO! What's up everyone? Today is the big day! The day I finally reveal the next chapter of my annual Better Completions Matter contest, usually referred to as the BCM. We have a lot to talk about today, including a new scoring equation, rule changes, new bonuses and how to sign up!

If you've been apart of this contest before, you should already understand how it works for the most part, but for those who may be joining for their first time, I'll explain the concept.

This contest was created as a fun way to reward and enjoy pushing for more challenging completions, rather than the typical easy completions that seem to be flooding the landscape through the past few years. This contest is meant for those who enjoy earning their completions through hard work, and/or dedication. Now don't take this as an insult to those who enjoy easy games and chose to play those, in the gamerscore hunt, it makes sense to choose the fastest route. This contest is meant for the people who don't have interest in that path, and like the feeling of accomplishment when overcoming a challenging achievement.

This is a solo leaderboard based, year-long contest where points are earned by completing games, with the higher ratios and time estimates being better rewarded. To award points we are using a new equation.

Ratio^1.5 x Time Estimate

Last year's equation felt too ratio heavy, and the year before that was too time estimate heavy, hopefully this will help us reach a nice middle ground where truly both are important. We'll use the same games as last year to give an example.

Last Year:
Destiny - 1.6 Squared (2.56) X Square root of 750 (27.38) - 1 = 69
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Director's Cut - 10.9 Squared (118.81) X Square root of 35 (5.91) - 1 = 702

This year, those games would look like this:
Destiny - 1.6^1.5 x 750 = 1,518
Giana Sisters ' - 10.9^1.5 x 35 = 1,260

As you can see, two games with opposite extremes actually wind up pretty close to even. (Note: the ratios and time estimates came from last year, so they may have changed since)

The score from all of your games will be added up through the year, and the leaderboard will represent who has been completing the "best" games. However game score isn't the only major part of this contest. The other equally important half is what makes this contest truly unique, and those are the bonus points, but we'll get to those a bit later. First I want to go over the rules.


This year, quite a few changes have been made to make the contest a little more about completing decent games as well limiting spam, and trying to minimize some of the excessive carry over that some players have.

Here is a full list of rules:

1. ALL DLC IS REQUIRED, NO EXCEPTIONS! If a dlc releases within the year after you completed it, you will have to do the new dlc to keep the game. Any game missing dlc by the end of the contest will be removed from your points.

2. 1.2 MINIMUM RATIO, and game under this ratio will not count. (Technically 1.180 since there is a .02 round up if applicable.)

3. Games can only be awarded the MONTHLY BONUS upon the initial completion during the year. That means if you complete it in February, it can only count for the Feb bonus. If a game gets new dlc later, and you re-complete it in June, it won't count for the June bonus.

4. Stacks are no longer allowed, and points will be rewarded for the first version you complete in the year, so if you want to optimize the best points, do the best scoring version first.

5. The max point cap for any game is 2,500 points, which means that any game that'd score above that will just be given 2,500 points.

6. You must be tracked on TA so I can see your completions on here

7. The contest runs on EST so make sure to play attention to that if trying to get bonus points in a specific month.

8. Submissions are only required to claim bonuses now, monthly bonuses must be claimed for the month they're active. Send one message at the end of the month with that month's earned bonuses. The year long bonuses can wait until the end of the year if you prefer. Submissions due by the 3rd of the following month.


As many of you know, bonuses make up a huge part of what the BCM is all about! First we'll be going over the year long bonuses so you make want to pull up the spreadsheet below!

Go ahead and open up the template tab to see an example of what your specific page will look like.

The first bonus you'll see is the returning favorite, the Random Game Selector Challenge! For this bonus Mattcam09 uses a script to pull a random game from your game collection to assign you that month. You'll be awarded bonus points for completing the game within the month it's assigned, and if you manage to complete them all on time, you'll get a big bonus.
To make things a little more fair, I have started you with 5 rerolls that you may request at any time using this forum:
BCM 2021 Reroll Requests
For every random game you complete, you'll earn another reroll.
I've also made some restrictions on games that can be pull, most importantly, no game over 100 hours will be drawn. This is now regardless of if it's started or not. If for some reason a game above that time estimate is drawn, you will be given a free reroll. Also no games that have delisted dlc, or discontinued/unobtainable achievements for be drawn for obvious reasons.

The next bonus is the Monthly Completion Challenge which is earned by simply completing one eligible game a month. The first eligible game of the month will be the one that is set in that challenge category.

Next up is the Alphabet challenge which tasks you with completing a game starting with letters A-Z excluding X. This is based off TA's spelling of the game, and words like The count as T.

Next we have 3 challenges which all follow the same concept, and we call these the category based challenges as you must complete games that meet a specific criteria. These bonuses are:
Monkey's Game Hunt Challenge
BCM Challenge 2021
Freamwhole Completion Challenge 2021

Monkey's Game Hunt is a smaller one that was suggested to me from A 0 E Monkey here on TA, and I quite liked a lot of his ideas. I've narrowed it down a bit as I needed a shorter bonus for you guys to aim for. Just to clarify, while the categories are named after games, they don't necessarily actually work for fulfilling it as they are usually just a play on the name.

The BCM 2021 Challenge is in it's third and likely hardest iteration, and is a list created by myself specifically for this contest.

Many of you likely already know of the Freamwhole Completion Challenge, as it's been going for much longer than the BCM. Two years ago during the first full year run, Freamwhole allowed me to use his list in my contest, and since has continued to allow me to use it. He has some great and interesting ideas, and while I always cut some, this was the hardest one to find ones to cut yet.

These category based challenges are meant to be tackled over the course of the year, so don't fret too much about them. While going for monthly bonuses, you'll likely finish a lot of the categories without trying.
Each category will have to be fulfilled with a unique game within each challenge. To elaborate, you can use the same game within all three challenges if it fits a category, but you can only use it once within each challenge.

Example: Crackdown 3 Campaign works for Monkey's Game Hunt: Fossil Hunters, BCM: Hard Mode and Freamwhole: Cloudy with a Chance of Gamerscore. You can use this game for all three of these categories.
However say it works for BCM: Hard Mode and BCM: Inflation or Amazing? You have to choose which one you want to use it for as it can NOT be used for both.

Finally for the last year long bonus, the Odd Job bonus has evolved. It is now The Ultimate Genre Challenge and it tasks you with completing a game from 30 of the most popular genres on TA. In order for a game to count, it must be marked as that genre on TA. For everyone's benefit I cut out all specific sports genres, but you will still need to do at least one to fulfil a sports game. You can only use a game for ONE genre, so if it counts for multiple, you'll have to choose which one to use it for.


Every month will also have it's own unique bonus, some of which are repeats of the past years, other which will be new or rotated out. The reveal for the next month's bonus will typically happen the Tuesday before the month begins. However 2 bonuses will now be opt-in bonuses, which will be revealed 2 weeks before the month begins to give people time to opt-in and those will be addressed when the time comes. Yes, February will be an opt-in this time :)

For January, the month bonus is called the Bean Dive Beatdown!

This bonus revolves around completing games on your tag with lower completion percentages. Maybe you decided to bean dive a bunch of games last year and never got around to them, or maybe you just like starting a bunch of games with the goal to get around to them later. Either way, this bonus is designed with you in mind. Here's how the bonus will be awarded
For games where your starting completion percentage is 1%-25% you will receive 40 bonus points for completing them! These games must be started before December 2020*
Here's a table for a better look:
1%-25% - 40 Bonus Points
26%-50% - 30 Bonus Points
51%-75% - 20 Bonus Points
76%-99% - 10 Bonus Points

As you can see, the less progress you have is better, but that's not all! Games with higher ratios and time estimates will be worth more, here's another table to show that:
Standard - x1 bonus points
Games at 2.0+ or 20+ hours - x2 bonus points
Games at 3.0+ or 50+ hours - x3 bonus points

So if you do a game where you started the month at 1% completion and it has a time estimate of 50 hours, you'd receive 120 bonus points for that completion.

*This rule does not apply to those above 90% overall completion percentage (inc dlc) For people who meet this criteria, you may dive some games BEFORE the contest starts on January 1st, and I recommend that you message me with your completion percentage before your dive as well as the list of games you plan to dive. You can dive as many games as you believe you can complete in January, just remember to make sure that the games you choose meet the minimum requirements to count.

Wow, that's a long read isn't it? We're almost done!

To sign up, all you have to do is say that you want to sign up in the comments of this blog! When I get a chance your gamertag will then be added to the spreadsheet.

To discuss the contest with myself and other contestants you should join the AH101 discord where we have our own channel. There you can ask questions or discuss plans on what games you want to complete for bonuses. If you're interested, I can send you an invite, just let me know.

Sign ups start today and end on January 6th.

The contest will run from January 1st 2021 at midnight EST, until December 27th 2021 11:59pm EST.

Games and score will be added to the spreadsheet on a month by month basis.

The winner may even receive a prize, though I won't legally guarantee it ;)

Hope you all enjoy another year of fun, this should be the best yet as MattCam09 has helped me out a ton by programming a script that allows me to upload games into the spreadsheet much quicker than before. Thanks you for reading this wall of text! toast
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I imagine most games will be below 25% on both, but lets say a game has most achievements at the tail end - you could be 3/10 on achievements, but 150/1000 on gamerscore. Would that be 30% or 15%?
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IronFistofSnuff It's taken by TA's standard which is percentage of achievements earned :)
Posted by IronFistofSnuff on 16 Dec 20 at 19:20
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