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HALO 4 IS NOW AN EVEN BIGGER MESS (#Gaming #Backlog #Xbox #Xbox360 #Halo #GamingBacklog #Halo4 #HaloSpartanAssault #HaloWars)Permalink
What should of taken one good TA session ended up taking four TA 2 hour sessions to complete. Mainly because connecting to other players was really hard to do. The worst part being that there is no one else playing the game (Except the people playing Big Team Battle). So the game should connect us all instantly, that wasn’t the case. This game had many issues that made it a horrible game. The story was lack luster, the Halo multiplayer style was destroyed to appease players that were not going to play this game anyway. For years when a new multiplayer game was release, someone would say it’s the Halo killer. Who would have thought that Halo 4 would be the franchise killer. Now that the servers are shutting down, I can see even more clearly. No one is maintaining these servers or they just don’t want to maintain them any longer. The biggest issue is that you will be connected to Xbox Live, but the game will tell you that you need to connect Xbox Live to play. The only way to fix this is to go to the dashboard and restart the game. This game has really fallen into shambles. The only silver lining is that gamers have a year to complete the game before it is all shutdown. I have this game done now, next on the list will be Halo Wars.

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DONE - Complete Halo 4 (X360)

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Another Legendary mount added to the stable bumps up the item level.

Halo 4 (DONE)
The first completion of 2021. Good riddance.

Halo: Spartan Assault (DONE)
The second Halo game of the year is completed. So far I am like this Halo variant.

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (49/72 Achievements)
Popped another breakdown achievement along with the monthly challenge.

Tom Clancy’s The Division (49/65 Achievements)
Started working on the Underground DLC, halfway down with the leveling to 40.

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Anthem (42/46 Achievements)
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamil Unlimited (10/113 Achievements)
R.U.S.E. (41/50 Achievements)
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Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 (41/55 Achievements)
Calorie Burned 50,429 out of 100,000 / 150,000 / 200,000
Left 4 Dead (44/65 Achievements)
35,991 / 53, 595 Kills

Saving Silverman - 5
Amanda Peet becomes Jason Biggs's new overbearing girlfriend in this comedy about childhood buddies who are now grown and in a Neil Diamond tribute band. As she quickly takes over his life and shuts out Bigg's life long friends Steve Zahn and Jack Black, it becomes apparent they must do something to save Biggs from Peet's marriage plans. Black and Zahn keep the film interesting as they hatch a plan to kidnap Peet and set Biggs up with his lost love Sandy to save their friend from making a horrible mistake. Overall the movie is good for a couple of laughs, but not so memorable that you would want to give it a second viewing. PC

Kruk The Immovable (Apex Legends)
This is my favorite clip from playing Shadow of Mordor.

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Posted by MarvzMitts on 26 January 21 at 01:55
R1KM4N Great blog. Congrats on the Halo 4 finish. I’m tempted to look at at finishing some of my Halo 360 backlog (3, ODST & Reach) but I’m not even sure I have access to all games at the moment.

Your 2021 completion goals are certainly ambitious. What’s next up after Halo Wars?

Also hit you up with those follows. Always enjoy your blog here so will definitely check your other content out.
Posted by R1KM4N on 26 Jan at 07:12
MarvzMitts Thanks for the follows, happy to do the same on your links.

I do have a lot of goals, to many probably, and I don't expect to complete them all

I was jumping back into Afro Samurai, but hit a snag with my 360 controller breaking which also puts a crimp on Halo Wars. So I decided to jump back into The Division for the time being as I hunt down a new controller. I have also been thinking of starting Ryse: Son of Rome, will see if The Division gets stale again.

When I get those done, I'll check out my lists to see what jumps out at me.
Posted by MarvzMitts on 26 Jan at 19:29
The S bot 9000 Random gamer viewing random blogs here: Good to know Halo 4 is running like garbage. I've also been meaning to get that wrapped up but was planning on boosting it with a few buddies to speed up the process. Hopefully we can get some momentum going to wrap it up and uninstall it foreverlaugh
Posted by The S bot 9000 on 29 Jan at 06:56
MarvzMitts @The S bot 9000 well you will need 6-8 people to launch games and some you can do as a full group of 8 others u will need to have 2 groups of 4. Luckily popping 1 achievement in the DLCs will randonly pop all the others in your favor. I would get it out of the way ASAP :D
Posted by MarvzMitts on 05 Feb at 01:40