P4 Bonuses: Solo - Don't Stop the Pop (100 achievements) | Team - The Power of Three (All members pop an achievement with 3 or THREE in it)


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Hello and welcome to another recap of the GTASC. Its Period 20 now and we've got the final bonuses on offer. There are very few that have maintained the entire collection (and only one on the Team side...) so that hard work will pay off shortly with what's typically fairly rare - the Completionist badge for earning all bonuses offered during the contest.

Warboats finished up just a few hours ago so here's hoping you sunk at least one ship to keep in the running for 100% of the Community Event Badges offered. Stay tuned for the next event!


Last period was a big ask for Solo. They were given The OG Double which required at least double the TA score as the period before. Considering the scores we're seeing, that was no joke, but thankfully it was TA and not TAD - so cheese was the word of the day.
17 Individuals were able to earn at least double the TA score of Period 18. However, one of them didn't make the rising tide. It was quite a sharp increase this morning.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Kudos to BenL72 for the great effort!

Teams were tasked with one of my favorite - that being Game Time. Each teammate needs to earn at least 20 achievements that are flagged as Card and Board. Its probably one of the more restrictive bonuses - but there are still a fair number available if you aren't a die-hard follower of the genre. It requires scanning so please bear with us.

Period 20 Bonuses.

End the scoring period having unlocked at least 20 achievements from the Puzzle genre

Its a scanned for one so please ensure all 20+ achievements are unlocked within the timeframe of this period if you decide to puzzle this one out.

Chop Chop
End the scoring period having spelled 'Chopped in half' using the 1st character of newly unlocked achievements Each teammate must complete this for the team to earn the bonus.

A spelling challenge will round out the Team side of the bonuses. Its a scanned for one so please ensure your intended achievements are unlocked during the timeframe of this period.

JohnnyInterfnk breaks a months long break by picking up both the Eastasiasoft Indie Shmup Bundle as well as some goodies for World of Tanks.


With us this period are all 4 members of Carrying the Pigeon as well as our Solo Overachiever, xMagicMunKix.

1) What pushed you to 1st place last period?
M I K 3 ID v: N1NJ4 (The Pigeon) He suggested we go for it. We thought why not!
N1NJ4: I, the Pigeon forced the team to go for 1st and carry me in the process, so they did.
Seany Sh0w: Well we kind of all got together on WhatsApp on Monday after your message about the 4.0 ratio bonus & decided fuck it, we'll go for it. By the time we'd completed a few higher ratio'd games at the half way stage, we were in first place. We then made a conscious effort between ourselves that it would be good to at least win a week (as given our competition, I doubt we have a chance of winning overall). As we're all UK based, we'd wake up every morning seeing how our US competitors would score over night & look to counter it whilst they got some sleep. If some of them actually do sleep... >_>
Thrash Forever: It's not a what but is instead a who. The Pigeon (N1NJ4) did. He wanted to answer these questions. The rest of us were simply along for the ride.
xMagicMunKix: Nothing Special, I was not aiming for the 1st place, I just score some points for Pure Escalation 2.0.

2) Did you play anything you'd recommend?
M I K 3 ID v: Blair Witch. This game was fantastic. The Pacifist run was quite terrifying (Brightness cranked up to the max!)
N1NJ4: Worms W.M.D - "Pigeons like worms" (Thanks for that comment Thrash..). Seany Sh0w thinks I've got worms, and he was close! I've got crabs.
Seany Sh0w: The Escapists: The Walking Dead. I went back to this game to do the Survival DLC due to its Ratio and enjoyed that over everything else I played that week.
Thrash Forever: Let's see... I played Morkredd, GoNNER and Burnout Paradise Remastered. Morkredd was average at best until the awful final section. GoNNER just irritated me, a lot. Burnout suffers from being too faithful to the original game. No fast travel, manual waypoints or event restart is ridiculous to see in a game that size in 2021. If you have not started any of those three games, don't.
xMagicMunKix: Yes! Moving Out! Another great Couch-Coop-Game. My girlfriend and me really enjoyed playing this.

3) Looking through all your unlocked achievements, which one was the biggest relief when it finally unlocked?
M I K 3 ID v: The 'Solo Win' achievement in the Culling 2. I think the pressure of knowing the servers were going to close at any moment was the biggest scare. Being my last achievement, I wanted it so bad. Managed to finally get it with 10 hours left before the servers finally shut for good.
N1NJ4: Dreamcatcher from Tumblestone - Won a Battle match against 3 Nightmare bots.

Only takes 5 minutes to unlock but GOD was it annoying..other than that I'd say a few achievements from Guitar Hero / Rock Band that were quite difficult for me at the time.

Completing all Kombo challenges on Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe was one I'd never thought I'd achieve.
Seany Sh0w: The Escapists: 'I can take care of myself' on Gonner (completing the game without dying). I got to the final boss so many times but he would own me. Thankfully I kept at it & got lucky with having the right load out to beat him.
Thrash Forever: Seriously 3.0 from Gears of War 3. I have since completed Gears 4 (which was a mammoth undertaking in itself) but Seriously 3.0 takes the cake. So much grinding. I highly doubt I will ever play Gears 5.
Trackmania TurboEnd of the Road?The End of the Road? achievement in Trackmania Turbo worth 2734 pointsGet a gold medal on every track of the solo campaign
Trackmania was a real Challenge!

4) Is there anything that looking back now you wish you didn't invest the time in?
M I K 3 ID v: Turtle Quest (win 10) Won't ever get those hours back it took from me :(
N1NJ4: Probably Gears of War 2 going for level 100 LEGIT - spent a good 2 years alternating from that game. I could've waited to boost on a crazy XP event, however I did enjoy the game very much during it's prime.
Seany Sh0w: I'm assuming you meant this week - I didn't enjoy playing Gonner but I was glad I did, as that helped us get to the top.
Thrash Forever: The Destiny series. The gameplay is fantastic but the completion for both games is a nightmare. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. I thought that after finishing the first game but the gameplay dragged me back for the second. Guess I am a glutton for punishment.
xMagicMunKix: Yes, Boosting Fracture, I guess I will never complete it, I could have spend the time for some Racing Games 😉

5) If you could recommend just one Xbox One game to someone new to the console, what would it be and why that game above all others?
M I K 3 ID v: Sniper Elite 4. Love this game. Great coop experience, satisfying X-Ray kill cams, easy for new comers. Had a lot of great memories with this one and would recommend it to everyone. And it's on Gamepass too!
N1NJ4: I only play bad games so that's a tough one..probably ACA NEOGEO CROSSED SWORDS. It's genuinely a good (bad) game all round and one of the lengthy Neogeo games so you'll get your moneys worth!
I've told my teammates about this many times but they won't take any notice..oh well, their loss! roll
Seany Sh0w: Forza Horizon 4. Great gameplay, stunning visuals and a fair representation of the British weather.
Thrash Forever: Forza Horizon 3. The best Forza game (Motorsport or Horizon) in my humble opinion. Winx Club and The Unicorn Princess are my honourable mentions. Both are stone cold classics.
xMagicMunKix: Forza Horizon 4, because it’s just a great game.

6) Of all the statistics that TrueAchievements tracks, is there one that you try to improve? What helps you focus on that goal?
M I K 3 ID v: Completion percentage. Would like to get somewhere around the 90% mark. Friends help me stay focused by telling me not to start more games. I can't help not listening to them ;)
N1NJ4: Ha, I'd have to say completion rate. I always say to myself I'll get round to finishing this and that but never do. Not to mention GTASC has got in the way a few times ;). So, I still need to focus on that goal. Apart from gaming I do athletics/running competitively.
Seany Sh0w: My completion %. I have a habit of starting games and then not playing them again for months / years (I have 500+ games in my backlog). It's something I've got better at recently, especially with GTASC and having extra time to game whilst WFH whilst in lockdown.
Thrash Forever: Probably completed games and completion percentage. I enjoy completing a game and moving on to the next. I did a bean dive (222 games) in January 2014 and am still trying to get back to my pre-dive percentage. One day...
xMagicMunKix: Completed Games. I really like to climb up some genre specific leaderboards, in Germany I have some 1st pos in Racing, Card & Board, Automobile and Naval and 2nd pos in Vehicular Combat and Motocross.
I also doing a good job in the international Leaderboards of Racing, 3rd pos. Interesting fact here, when I take a break of Gaming in 2017 I was leaving on the 2nd pos, when I come back in 2020 I was still on 3rd pos.
Card & Board, 4th place. Fun fact here, I just realized this week, that I’m on a good position in the international Leaderboard here…just 18 Games to smrnov on p1 here 😉.

7) If forced to play just one game for an entire year, what would you choose and why?
M I K 3 ID v: The first Left 4 dead. I could spend all year playing online versus. Its very addictive. Nothing more I love then killing zombies.
N1NJ4: Easily Rock Band 4 as it's by far the franchise I've put the most hours in to (not just for achievements). I enjoy playing guitar & drums and can easily get carried away grinding to perfect songs on Expert. The online library offers a lot (2000+ songs) so a variety to choose from - although the songs that get released these days can be..odd. Always fun jamming with randoms online or friends.
Seany Sh0w: Batman Arkham Asylum. I have all 6 stacks of this game (I haven't completed the NTSC-J version.. yet) and every time I played it, it reminded me how good a game it was.
Thrash Forever: Easy answer. Rock Band 4. I own all the dlc released for the first 3 games on 360 and the exports too. That would keep me entertained. Not played in a while but with a year to dedicate to that game I would be back to my best quickly enough.
xMagicMunKix: The Drone Racing League Simulator Achievements I don’t know, if a year is enough to learn how to control a Drone with a Controller ^^.

8) What is your favorite genre to play? What game would you say is the best example of that genre?
M I K 3 ID v: Survival Horror games. For me a great example of this is the Metro series.
N1NJ4: Music genre - Again Rock Band 4 (I prefer Rock Band 3 on 360 but I stick to the up to date version) - Can switch between guitar, drums and vocals - A lot of DLC - Great to jam with others.
Seany Sh0w: Based on my stats it would be shooters but I really enjoy the SP open world games of Assassins Creed, Saints Row and Middle-Earth.
Thrash Forever: Open World. I really enjoyed Mad Max. A game I owned for years but never played. Finally got around to it last Autumn and loved every minute of it. Fun game.
xMagicMunKix: Racing. Like always, Forza Horizon 4.

9) What is the origin of your gamertag?
M I K 3 ID v: My gamertag around late 2008 use to be MIKEL4D. I didn't like this much so I asked some friends for suggestions. One of them mentioned a website called NikeID, changed the nike to mike obviously. It's stuck with me ever since.
N1NJ4: Well I've checked if 'Wood Pigeon' was available but it doesn't like the word 'Wood' (giggidy giggidy). And I just love the ninja characters in games I've played such as Ninja Gaiden & Mortal Kombat. Also, I've never played fortnite and never will.
Seany Sh0w: It was a nickname my cousins gave me when I was younger & one which wasn't a piss take. So when I created my OG gamertag in 2006, I used it. Although its been swapped when I had my COD4 clan faze. I reverted back to it, although with a zero, instead of a 'o' as some dick with a Zune stole my original one.
Thrash Forever: It stems from my time playing Guitar Hero II on 360. I had never really been exposed to Heavy Metal before playing that game. The (pretty awful) cover of Hangar 18 (Megadeth) sounded amazing and I quickly immersed myself in most of the Metal genres. Thrash is the sub-genre that I was and still am drawn to the most.
xMagicMunKix: Oh I tell this Story some time ago, but here it is again 😉
Long Time ago I saw a band called drunkenmunky... I like the munk, but I don’t like the y, because many people spell my short name Benny and I hate the’s Benni!
So the MunKi was born. I added my favorite color blue as a synonym for the drunken and I was the BlueMunKi after many years I realized that I really like magic - the gathering...and I quit GD, so it was time for a change....and I decided to be a MagicMunKi!

10) Is there anything else you'd like to add?
M I K 3 ID v: Would like to thank SOS I99I, CelticCorpse, Angelus and BulgyDragonZord for keeping me going over the years. You guys are awesome!
N1NJ4: The Wood pigeons is, without a doubt, the most common type of pigeon to appear in gardens across the UK. It is a big and burley animal whose pleasant grey colour contrasts nicely with the striking white patch on its neck. In fact, white is quite a feature of this animal, particularly in flight when those white wing bars are exposed on a clear day. It is ever more memorable when combined with the loud beating of its wings, a sound which is ever more present in forest areas, where the bird is traditionally shy; you might hear the sound of its wings flapping, and the occasional rustle of leaves up high, but you might not see the bird directly.
Seany Sh0w: A big thanks to my Fiancée for having patience with me, whilst I game for longer and later to keep us in this competition.
Plus a big well done to my team mates, as we're originally only looking to make the top 100 as something fun to aim towards but as times gone on and the more bonuses we've acquired without using them, we've changed tac and will keep going until its no longer fun for us.
Thrash Forever: That Seany Sh0w is the Captain now.
xMagicMunKix: Just some Greetings to my great team mates of Pure Escalation 2.0
III Torpedo III
GD Great Healer
And also a shout out to The Cake is a Lie 4.Ever
Amazing Show in the last minutes of P19.
And another shout out to the number 2 of the Contest Top Teams, LillyTruscott
I didn’t expect this, but you guys did a great performance over the contest. Enjoy some relaxed gaming now.

11) Cranking it to 11... can you name your top 5 favorite musical artists?
M I K 3 ID v: Johnny Cash
Chuck Berry
Bob Dylan
Gang Starr
N1NJ4: I'd go with Megadeth, ZZ Top, AC/DC, Slayer, Iron Maiden.
Seany Sh0w: Based on my Spotify usage (without judgement):
Bring me the Horizon
Catfish and the Bottlemen
Thirty Seconds to Mars
My Chemical Romance
Thrash Forever: Mostly Metal with one Synth/New Wave band. Megadeth, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Pantera and... Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. One of those things is not like the others but I love them all.
xMagicMunKix: I don’t here so much music, but I really like Michael Jackson.

Thanks guys!

Overachiever: PHT999 16,090 TAD
Achievement grinder: danpsfx 6.0623 Ratio
Achieveaholics: Krazie 423 Achievements

BenL72 7,944 TA Difference
A1exRD 7,914 TA Difference
Anubseth 7,650 TA Difference
hta30 7,600 TA Difference
AndreFlash83 6,739 TA Difference
iBar13 6,407 TA Difference
trustfulwalnut 2,716 TA Difference
TriRock 2,591 TA Difference
MarketingPurse0 2,193 TA Difference
Elite1111111111 2,085 TA Difference
Ingen kommentar DQ

Achievements Earned: 7,963
GamerScore Earned: 332,505
TA Score Earned: 828,611
TA Difference Earned: 496,106
Bonuses Used: 56
Average Ratio: 2.4920
Bonuses Awarded: 16

Achievements Earned: 1,137,711
GamerScore Earned: 43,445,244
TA Score Earned: 76,665,538
TA Difference Earned: 33,224,329
Bonuses Used: 3,261
Average Ratio: 1.9951
Bonuses Awarded: 4,375

PHT999 with 16,090 TA Difference, 23,860 TA, 7,770 GS and a total of 175 achievements
PRTM CLUESCROL with 15,141 TA Difference, 19,845 TA, 4,704 GS and a total of 99 achievements
ASUnknown1 with 14,232 TA Difference, 29,842 TA, 15,610 GS and a total of 226 achievements

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Overachiever: Quarantine Boyz 37,278 TAD
Achievement grinder: Uncles With Benefits 5.2456Ratio
Achieveaholics: Quarantine Boyz 919 Achievements

LillyTruscott 32,542 TA Difference
Cereal Killers 32,142 TA Difference

Achievements Earned: 7,417
GamerScore Earned: 295,241
TA Score Earned: 795,858
TA Difference Earned: 500,617
Bonuses Used: 18
Average Ratio: 2.6956
Bonuses Awarded: TBD

Achievements Earned: 977,798
GamerScore Earned: 37,667,054
TA Score Earned: 66,894,402
TA Difference Earned: 29,227,348
Bonuses Used: 944
Average Ratio: 2.0476
Bonuses Awarded: TBD

Quarantine Boyz with 37,278 TA Difference, 72,603 TA, 35,325 GS and a total of 919 achievements
Three Men and a Lady with 32,965 TA Difference, 47,405 TA, 14,440 GS and a total of 466 achievements and 3,000 bonus
Uncles With Benefits with 35,918 TA Difference, 44,378 TA, 8,460 GS and a total of 244 achievements

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One more round of bonuses and then its just the final weeks of whittling down the final few. Assuming all goes to plan and there are no extended periods... Period 24 is the semi-final round and Period 25 is the finals. We've really done a good job of cutting the field so there shouldn't be the extreme cuts we see typically going from the semi's to the finals. Its anyone's game as can be seen by the upset this morning. Keep scoring and keep on your toes!
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