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February 2021 Preload Report - Target AcquiredPermalink
Now eight months into my preload project to see how much gamerscore I can gain in a single day, I prepared another 28 games in the month of February to bring the stack up to 199 games. I estimate that all of these games would take 24 hours to play. In other words, target acquired! Any more games that I add to the stack from now on will push the weakest games off of the gameplan into a subsequent day.

Here are my five best additions from the 28 new games from February:
Downtown Special Kunio-kun's Historical Period Drama! 1000G in 6 minutes
I had to play this Japanese game for a few hours, and I think I did it right so that I am at the very end of the game. I should be able to continue my game, let a cutscene play out for 300g, and then go into the options menu for the 700g that is common amongst all of these famicom games.

Surprise! Nekketsu New Records! The Distant Gold Medal 1000G in 6 minutes
This is the Japanese equivalent of Crash n the Boys Street Challenge which actually has a harder achievement list in the American version and this Japanese version is a bit simpler. Fortunately I still have my 360 turbo controller which comes in handy on one of the minigames. I have two different save files that should give me 300 gamerscore, and then it is over to the options menus for the final 700g. This was the 18th and final Kunio-Kun game that I have prepared (7 US 11 JP)

Queen's Quest 3 450G in 3 minutes
I have one more collectible to grab for 100 gamerscore and then the end of a hidden object puzzle that should yield 350 gamerscore just for clicking on the last three items (3 objects in 3 seconds for 50g, completing a puzzle without a mistake for 100g, finishing the last puzzle for 100g, and this also triggers a story related achievement for 100g).

Jisei 790G in 6 minutes
When I first spent $5 on this game I figured it was only so-so for quick points. About 20 minutes for the completion. But I was able to set up about 10 save files with the choices I need to make in each file. I couldn't do that without first acquiring 210 gamerscore from the game, but I think it will be well worth it for over 100 gamerscore per minute.

#SinucaAttack 1000G in 9 minutes
A new game that just released in February, hailed as a 5-10 minute completion, as long as I am not rusty then 9 minutes should be more than enough to get all the achievements in this simple billiards/platformer.

Now that I have planned out 24 hours of gaming for quick points, I have some charts to generate and share.

First up is just my 2018 effort in which I was able to earn 69K, somewhat outperforming my estimate of 64K. The green line is where I was at the end of 2017, after about eight months of work. This is when I first hit 24 hours worth of games and so it is equivalent to where I am now in 2021 having just hit 24 hours worth of games again. The yellow line is where I ended up by continuing to find quick points and push weaker games further down the list into the 25th, 26th, and 27th hours. Obviously the longer I hold off on scoring these points the more opportunities I have to incorporate new easy points that get released in 2021 into my stack.

External image

And now let's see where the projection is for a 2021 max gamerscore day. That will be the blue line.

External image

Quite the jump! The projection is 132,000 gamerscore in a day! The first 100,000 gamerscore in slightly under 14 hours! Could this be a mistake? Possibly. But there are several factors going on.

The main factor I can think of as to why I might have made a mistake is a bias towards expectation. Let me explain. When I first set out in 2017 to do a max gamerscore day, the goal in the back of my head was 24,000 points. As long as a game gave above 25 points per minute I would happily add it to the stack and give it a conservative estimate that often ended up in the 25-50 points-per-minute range. On my old spreadsheet, 124 games (out of 174) fall within this range. Now when I started up this project again in 2020, the goal in the back of my head was 100,000 points. So I was focused on adding games that are over 50 points-per-minute. As such I only have 31 games (out of 199) on my list in the 25-50 range. So it is possible that I have estimated some games incorrectly because I have a predisposition towards where I want them to land on the spreadsheet.

But there are also several factors as to why the estimate could be correct.
1. Xitilon. Loads of games worth more than 1,000 points now.
2. Console Commands. Pathologic 2, Starbound, Surviving Mars, Subnautica, etc. These quick points were not available to me in 2018.
3. Series X SSD. The new generation console loads games faster which makes a big difference when loading 200 different games in a day.

Let me do a little comparison between the spreadsheets.
50th best game 2018: Fibbage - 900G in 21 minutes
50th best game 2021: Autumn's Journey - 1000G in 9 minutes

Fibbage does definitely take longer to play through than a visual novel game with text skip.

100th best game 2018: Tachyon Project - 410G in 12 minutes
Play level 4. Before starting go to Config Ship and switch to Shotgun. Beat wave 1 (50g). On wave 2 make sure to kill shield bearers (40g), snake (50g), and two charging bulls (40g). Should also unlock 10,000 kills (100g) as well as 2500 shotgun gun kills (40g). Once done with shotgun switch to Machine gun. Play wave 3 to finish 2000 smasher enemy kills (50g) and the machine gun kills (40g).

100th best game 2021: Super Soccer Blast - 700G in 9 minutes
Save 5 custom avatars (2 for 75g)
Head to Custom > Team editor and select the New Team option at the bottom and press start (100g)
Go to World Tournament. Pick the first tournament. Make every single team human and simulate every game (X A X A X A etc.) (2 for 125g)
Repeat for all world tournaments (2 for 250g).
Do the same thing for the custom tournament named Sim Me (50g).
Go to quick match and score an own goal with the goalie (100g).

Hmm, these games seem similar in length based off the description so I could be off a bit. Only time will tell.

Finally, the last chart shows the estimated 132,000 gamerscore broken down by hour. I am definitely not satisfied with a petty 1,900 gamerscore in the final hour of the day. I'd like to push that above 3,000. Have a day so grand that even after 23 hours of playing the best available games for gamerscore, I would still have three 20 minute completions available to play.
External image

Let's see how March affects these charts. Can I make it to 144,000 gamerscore, a.k.a. 100 gamerscore per minute for a full day?
Posted by LausDomini on 01 March 21 at 04:31
Tandar1 I fucking love these due diligence blog posts. You are an artist with your craft.

Are you planning on streaming some of this? I would probably hop on to cheer you on a bit.
Posted by Tandar1 on 01 Mar at 05:08
LausDomini Yes I plan on streaming the day. I actually got my capture card out of my closet last night so I do plan on hooking it up and testing it out with the Series X soon. I am not aware of a way to swap between the XBox and the PC though. For instance I want to have the XBox run A Winter's Daydream, console stream it to a laptop (so I can use my turbo controller), and let the game play itself for 20 minutes. And while that game is running I would work on PC games on the desktop. So the stream might show the xbox game playing itself but I might be playing Doodle God or Varenje on the desktop and I don't think I have equipment to show both.

But that isn't a dealbreaker. Streaming the XBox is a lot better than nothing.

When will the day be? That is still unknown. My first task will be to get the 24th hour in the chart from 1900 points to over 3000 points and that will take a couple more months. I'd like to see if more Xitilon games are coming to PC to help that happen. And let's be honest. It would be really fun to be able to use these points for some contest. Maybe TA does something around summer olympics?
Posted by LausDomini on 01 Mar at 12:05
Elem3ntal80 Nice, impressive planning, and I always love statistics!
Posted by Elem3ntal80 on 02 Mar at 00:35
Jay 5iver I'm looking forward to seeing you pull this off.
Posted by Jay 5iver on 02 Mar at 16:54