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Howdy folks! As the title implies, things just went nuts in the contest. Scoring like we've never seen and there are still a few periods to go before we hit the semifinals! If you thought it was crazy before, wait till you see what the teams are putting up now!
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This year is a whole new level of insanity and we're still a few periods from the end. If this isn't people putting out all the stops.. man, it's gonna be beyond crazy in a few weeks.


Since we've completed the run of bonuses and were able to tally everything together.. here's the results for what was earned.. by how many as well as the win rates of each bonus.
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What can we learn from this? The Jackpot bonus was apparently a little too easy. There were also some seriously crazy ones that took sheer determination to earn. If you have suggestions for bonuses you loved, hated or would like to see, feel free to PM me.

None this period.


With us this week are the members of Human Cheevopede 2 (Full Sequence) as well as the solo Overachiever Quickdontdie. They were given questions that the millions of fans back home have sent in. Here are their replies.

1) What pushed you to 1st place last period?
jrath05: All of us were just trying to survive the week in solo and to our surprise we ended up in first place.
LITIG8R: We weren't going for 1st place. But we are are all still alive in the solo and the cutoff for that was unexpectedly high, so we each had to put up significant points to survive and that just flowed through to the team.
Quickdontdie: my millions of adoring fans
Unky TimFU: All of us still trying to survive solo and a slight improper usage of bonuses was enough to get us there.
Wiznyatt: We were able to prevail due to sloppy bonus usage. My teammates were all like, "What if every team uses all of their bonuses? Then we'll surely lose!". I assured them the other teams wouldn't so here we are.

2) Did you play anything interesting that period?
jrath05: Nothing stands out really. Really just played games with score for the contest, none of which were particularly interesting.
LITIG8R: Unfortunately, everything that I played last period was tedious. But the week before that I really enjoyed River City Girls.
Quickdontdie: bold assumption that remember what i played last week, i think fuser was last week though. that was cool
Unky TimFU: Human Fall Flat took up most my time so that's a no.
Wiznyatt: Most of my gaming this late in the contest consists of high-ratio, low time investment type stuff but I was able to unlock a couple of juicy achievements in Stuntman Ignition which I've been chipping away at for a decade.

3) When shopping for games, what factors most influence your purchase?
jrath05: The two main stats are go after are TA ratio and completion percentage - in that order. Me checking out games usually consists of through the sales page listed on TA and first find games with decent ratio, that seem complete-able, or have a minimum number of difficult/unobtainable achievements. Definitely give preference to games with lower completion times so that I can sample more games, and get more points form them. The higher the game is rated on TA and if its something unique to me or something I know I like, all help too.
LITIG8R: I mostly buy from Limited Run games for collectability.
Quickdontdie: mostly price, ratio, and if having it on my tag will impress people (inferno told me about this, he bean dives expensive games so people think he is rich)
Unky TimFU: I usually only buy a game if it's on sale and/or beneficial to have for The GTASC.
Wiznyatt: I try to keep all digital purchases under $5.00 but I'm a hardcore physical disc supporter. In regards to content though I play just about anything. Often times I find myself trying to complete some of the worst games I can find. Rogue Warrior, My Horse and Me 2, Hour of Victory...yes please.

4) If you had to chose a sidekick (secondary character) from any game to help your daily tasks, who would it be?
jrath05: LITIG8R: I could use Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog to help me get everything done faster.
Quickdontdie: whoever can be a good provider
Unky TimFU: Oracle
Wiznyatt: Grayson Hunt, the main character from Bulletstorm. Everywhere we go he'd be throwing out hilarious one-liners.

5) Keeping on favorites... what's your favorite game of all time? Why is it #1?
jrath05: Not really one to have #1 favourites, different things are great in different ways to me. But If I had to choose one game I suppose it would be The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It's of course a massive game and I became enthralled with the all the depth and lore in it. Did just about everything imaginable in it - completed every quest, read every one of the in-game books, collected one of every unique armour set and weapon etc. It's gotta be the game I've got the most hours of enjoyment from, so it's hard to pick anything else over it.
LITIG8R: This is easy, Steel Battalion for the Original Xbox. It made you feel like you were controlling a real mech. It had a controller that had 40 buttons, 2 joysticks, footpedals and more.
Quickdontdie: my favorite game of all time is burnout 3. first game i ever got hooked on. that game perfected racing. no game has ever come close since
Unky TimFU: FFVII and Skyrim. I just never get sick of them. I hope there's many more re-re-re-releases to come.
Wiznyatt: Tecmo Super Bowl for the Nintendo NES. My friends and I used to play that game religiously every weekend in high school. Each of us picking a team and trying to make it to the Super Bowl to battle each other. It's a feeling that's unmatchable, just living the free and easy life of a teenager with no cares in the world and sharing good times with your friends.

6) What is the craziest thing you've done for the sake of achievements?
jrath05: Achievement hunters of course know we can many do silly things for achievements, I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of things I've done. But one whacky thing that comes to mind is passively racking up in-game currency in Guitar Hero World Tour by letting the droning of a fan do the "singing" for me. Took about 7 full days worth of time of me leaving the mic in front of the fan and keeping on re-selecting the same song again and again, to get the Bling, Bling achievement
LITIG8R: Just last weekend I borrowed an IPad from a friend's 10 year old daughter that she used for school so I could play Minecraft for the contest.
Quickdontdie: i have centered my life around a competition for a sweater do you really think theres places i wont go?
Unky TimFU: I guess you could call it all crazy.
Wiznyatt: Spending money on rare 360 imports like My Horse and Me 2 or all of the Japanese 360 titles I've imported just for easy achievements. Although the most effort I have put in is eight 360 consoles with 8 copies of Deadliest Catch : Alaskan Storm all connected to live with 8 Xbox Live trials in order to get one achievement is probably the most effort I've put into a single achievement.

7) Do you have any gaming related collections you'd like to share? Feel free to link me images.
jrath05: Don't collect gaming stuff really. Just have my library of the my game themselves.
LITIG8R: I have an extensive classic game collection. I'm a big Sega fan. My Holy Grail is a copy of the rarest game for the NES, Stadium Events.
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Quickdontdie: this is my rockstar games table tennis collection :)
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Unky TimFU: I have over one hundred Marvel and DC statues but that's about it.
Wiznyatt: I've been able to resist collecting games for the most part but I DO own a video game store.

8) What is more important to you in games - graphics, story, ease of achievements... or something else?
jrath05: As mentioned above I enjoy going after TA ratio in games. So I'll pick "ease of achievements" for this one. Not that I look for easy games, rather ones that are a fun challenge. Nothing better than going for achievements that are obtainable to you but require your best.
LITIG8R: When I'm not in the contest, story matters most.
Quickdontdie: i like it if the game is exciting and doesn't bore me. action genre knows what is up
Unky TimFU: Never cared about graphics or story. I guess right now all that matters to me is TA difference and achievement solutions.
Wiznyatt: I can't lie, I always look at the achievement list to see how long the completion is and if it has unobtainables. The one thing that can really make a game is good controls and camera. I think if you have those things most games can be entertaining.

9) Is there a meaning behind your gamertag?
jrath05: Not much of one. It's just the shortened version that people came to call me of my original gamertag, (which like the current one is just a combination of my real name, with a somewhat random # thrown in.)
LITIG8R: My gamertag is literal. I'm a lawyer. I've had it since the Original Xbox.
Quickdontdie: it was a gift from god
Unky TimFU: Unky is what my niece and and nephews call me. A guy I worked with (I guess eighteen years ago now) gave me the nickname Tim-FU when he found out I had Shaq Fu for the Super NES. The name stuck and it's what almost everyone I knew called me for a very long time.
Wiznyatt: Wiznyatt is just my name, Wyatt, but modified in the style of late 90's Snoop Dogg when he was putting -izzle on everything he said. My friend would call me Wiznyatt at work and I decided to roll with it. Plus, Sizzlechest was already taken.

10) Is there anything else you'd like to add?
jrath05: Just want to say thanks for running GTASC. I don't really do other community challenges on TA because being a bit of a completionist it just doesn't really jive my achievement hunting style. When GTASC turned to TAD for the scoring system I finally found a community event that really worked well with my play style of going after TA ratio. Have had fun with these last two GTASC's and appreciate the work put into them.
LITIG8R: My only other hobby is watching my alma matre Villanova dominate in basketball.
Quickdontdie: my shift key is broken. for the people whining about capital letters heres a ton of em place them where you want: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
Unky TimFU: I'll just say thanks to the guys in Human Cheevopede for bringing me on this year. We did some good work and It was a good time. I'll also thank you Planting for all that you do.
Wiznyatt: I love my teammates. We work really well together and everyone contributes. It's kind of tough because we all have different schedules but we are good at helping each other and making recommendations. Jrath especially is a master at finding high-ratio stuff for the contest. Litig8r saved me last week with a last second recommendation or I was absolutely going to bed near the cut line. UnkyTimFu is a beast and really we're all just trying to get to his level.

11) Cranking it all the way up. What are your top 5 musical artists?
jrath05: My all time favourite bands would have to be: Tool, Rush, Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. (Too many vying for that 5th spot to narrow it down to one.)
LITIG8R: I like all kinds of music.
a) Bruce Springsteen
b) U2
c) The Killers
d) Coldplay
e) Imagine Dragons
Quickdontdie: my 5 favorite musical artists in no particular order are aiden, slipknot, neck deep, can't swim, and enter shikari
Unky TimFU: Everclear, Mouse Rat, Jeffster, Soggy Bottom Boys, Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.
Wiznyatt: Stone Temple Pilots, Def Leppard, Depeche Mode and probably most 80's pop and electronic music.

Overachiever: Raw Sauce Ross 25,324 TAD
Achievement grinder: Inferno118 10.0688 Ratio
Achieveaholics: IEXECUTION BKI 371 Achievements

Bastian Reader 11,194 TA Difference
CasualExile 10,670 TA Difference
Bedholm 10,138 TA Difference
Krazie 4,061 TA Difference
danpsfx 3,843 TA Difference
JohnVaunMastro 2,017 TA Difference
Kovy88 790 TA Difference

Achievements Earned: 5,135
GamerScore Earned: 185,520
TA Score Earned: 662,376
TA Difference Earned: 476,856
Bonuses Used: 80
Average Ratio: 3.5704
Bonuses Awarded: N/A

Achievements Earned: 1,148,843
GamerScore Earned: 43,835,000
TA Score Earned: 77,998,508
TA Difference Earned: 34,167,543
Bonuses Used: 3,407
Average Ratio: 2.1315
Bonuses Awarded: 4,408

Raw Sauce Ross with 25,324 TA Difference, 33,269 TA, 7,945 GS and a total of 234 achievements
rbenthompson with 21,299 TA Difference, 26,854 TA, 5,555 GS and a total of 116 achievements and 2,500 bonus
jrath05 with 18,639 TA Difference, 24,104 TA, 5,465 GS and a total of 121 achievements

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Overachiever: The Great True Achievement Bake-Off 59,877 TAD
Achievement grinder: Is This Team Jim's Infamous Ballad of Intoxicated Shredded Robots & Icefire? Is This Just Fantasy? 5.5047 Ratio
Achieveaholics: Quarantine Boyz 874 Achievements

Three Men and a Lady 56,561 TA Difference
The Bigger Sucks 56,504 TA Difference

Achievements Earned: 5,704
GamerScore Earned: 213,801
TA Score Earned: 797,422
TA Difference Earned: 583,621
Bonuses Used: 56
Average Ratio: 3.7297
Bonuses Awarded: N/A

Achievements Earned: 990,044
GamerScore Earned: 38,104,965
TA Score Earned: 68,385,644
TA Difference Earned: 30,280,679
Bonuses Used: 1,023
Average Ratio: 2.1776
Bonuses Awarded: 928

The Great True Achievement Bake-Off with 59,877 TA Difference, 78,802 TA, 18,925 GS and a total of 601 achievements
John Carpenter Presents The Casuals: Director's Cut (2020 Edition) with 53,642 TA Difference, 72,708 TA, 19,066 GS and a total of 538 achievements and 6,000 bonus
Bury The Light with 49,260 TA Difference, 66,835 TA, 17,575 GS and a total of 438 achievements and 10,000 bonus

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Last week's comment about it feeling like Semi's already was apparently taken to heart by the teams. Save something for the end guys wink
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