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Still no Far Cry Primal achievements live. Hope they're up for launch.

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Another non gaming blog post. I posted a few weeks ago about my health problems getting worse. Well, I had some tests done at home (I'm agorophobic) and had the results today. Thankfully, I have come back negative for Coeliac Disease which is a huge relief to me. My liver function is a bit erratic but it's probably down to me not being able to eat.

I have been given some meds to try so I am hopeful these will do me some good. My depression and anxiety have been at a new level recently, hence my hiding away. I'm hanging in there but I really need a recovery to come along soon I think as I've lost a little more weight and I really can't afford to.

To sign this off, I would urge any of you out there that even suspect you may have depression, go and see someone and get some help. If it's not treated, it escalates into physical problems and becomes very dangerous. Don't suffer in silence.

Guess before I go, I should at least mention the 360. Well, I am 2 missions off finishing The Ballad of Gay Tony on GTA4. Awesome DLC but that 100% on every mission is going to be annoying. I also figured while I was in the sanbox mood to dig out Just Cause and try and finish that. I officially class it as the buggiest game I've played on 360. Best bug last night was every friendly NPC on the map shooting at me for no reason and the only fix was lose an hour of play and revert to a previous save. If I hadn't been rotating between saves, I'd have had to start all over.

Thanks for reading. Till the next time.
Posted by ponypo2001 on 01 August 11 at 12:47
Daniel Carmo Damn, dude. I hope you're better now, since this is an "old" post. And well... i know i might sound really random, but well, i was just checking some achievements and ended up in your profile hehe Greetings from Brazil.
Posted by Daniel Carmo on 05 Dec 11 at 05:38
Sasquatsch Hi, for sure you're getting better now. i don't know if you tried yoga, relaxations sessions, herman hesse interpretation of sidharta and of course being surrounded by true friends shall get you on the straight path. these are a glimpse of what can be done...but would be the most common...;o) wishing you all the best from sunny canarian islands
Posted by Sasquatsch on 02 Apr 12 at 22:16