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Cannon Fodder06 Cannon Fodder06XBox One X kept freezing and kept having to reset it. Went to Microsoft store and got a replacement in 30 minutes. So much better than RRD days. 75 128 9
G Mason Patriot G Mason Patriot 7 1 1
guitarstu guitarstu 7
GUYS GHOST GUYS GHOSTnel momento in cui l’otteniamo già non vale più quanto il nostro desiderio di volerlo. 2 11 1
IAteA11ThePies IAteA11ThePiesGot the online of FH2 (360) finished. Now I can rest easy, I'm in no rush to do the rest of this sub-par edition of the Horizon series. 19
JACK O DIAMOND5 JACK O DIAMOND5Lost my streak last night, but that’s because I almost died. Feeling better now though. 3 48 10
JohnPicklewilly JohnPicklewillyDances With Skeletons in Victor Vran has GOT to be the funniest achievement I've ever unlocked. 7 9 3
MasterTimos MasterTimosIt's Game Pass grinding time compute 9 10 9
Mr Granstaff Mr GranstaffSend me a PM if you would like to stay in touch. Moving onto something else. :-) 52 254 74
seamonkeypowder seamonkeypowder 30 2 3
Soulbleed426 Soulbleed426 5 23 3
StormyAsh0450 StormyAsh0450 11
Vr English Vr EnglishDoes running DOOM nuke anyone elses XB1 or XB1X? Its the only game I have issues with, the xbox fan goes into overdrive from the moment I press launch 26
x Mataeus x x Mataeus xText adventure is coming along great! REALLY enjoying developing again. RPG will wait until after this passion project is finished :D 20 25 10