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Posted on 16 September 10 at 21:53
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Ladies and Gentlemen, we found it: the ultimate stoner game. Call your buddies and break out the bong, it's time for some Amped 3: The ultimate pothead experience!*

*Doominator does not endorse the use of drugs for any or all purposes. Remember that drugs do not make you cool... but they sure as hell help.*

Snowboarding. You either love it or hate it. We never really had any memorable snowboarding games in recent years (with the exception of Shaun White Snowboarding), with the extreme sports market dominated by the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. The Amped games on the Xbox changed that, going the opposite direction of the Tony Hawk games sillyness, for a more realistic approach.

Amped 3 on the other hand, a launch title for the Xbox 360, is a little looser in terms of control, has noticably large mountains to shred upon, has a plot (if you can call it that), and a blistering framerate.

It was probably one of the better launch titles that went ignored, since everyone was playing Call of Duty 2, or playing Perfect Dark Zero and complaining about how it was terrible.
(Or complaining about how their consoles were breaking down... LOL)

Oh, and the cutscenes were designed by stoners. If you've seen them, you'll know what I mean. If you haven't, watch this then read on:

The control in amped 3 is a welcome change from the other two games in the series, and is actually better than Shaun White. You accelerate and jump using A, rotate in the air with the analog sticks, and perform tricks using the other buttons. It's simple and works well when hitting jumps. You also grind rails (oh, i'm sorry. I meant JIB rails) automatically, as opposed to pushing a button to do so. It's simplistic and fun to play, though you'll feel like you crash doing flips more than you should.

You get several different mountains throughout the course of the game, and they are HUGE. They also have several different paths to take, to get the best possible scoring run. Each mountain has a noticable amount of challenges to do, such as score challenges, time challenges, checkpoint challenges (which are STUPID), and challenges requiring certain tricks. Each challenge has its own leaderboard as well. I'm not the best at this game, but considering I'm #1 in several different challenges, this game must have been at it's peak before everyone got Live.

The soundtrack is also HUGE, with tons of tracks and artists. More than any Guitar Hero game we've seen (well, maybe not Warriors of Rock...). Too bad it's all Indie music. But, it's fitting to the type of the game Amped 3 is and its style, so i'll forgive it.

No multiplayer is in the game, which is a letdown, but not a game breaker. Well, there is this one thing that has you and your stoner friend tied together via inner tubes, and you crash into stuff, but it's limited and local play only. It's forgettable at best.

There is a plot in the game, and its one you have to ask yourself if it's brilliant or just retarded. It involves you and your stoner snowboarder friends winning some mad bills in a competition, someone (who may have been you) stealing said bills, a conspiracy by a company that may be Electronic Arts to brainwash your fellow drug abusers, and a ending musical number that has been considered one of "the biggest WTF endings in gaming history."
Anyone who has seen it will probably agree that it lives up to that title.

There is also a park designer mode, which lets you slap jumps and rails anywhere you please. This is nice but nothing special. Personally, I only used this to help with some of the harder challenges. You can also drive a snowmobile, but again, this is nothing special, since it's primary use is to go back up to a location or jump you may have missed.

There's also a challenge that wouldn't feel out of place in an episode of Jackass, where you carrine down the mountain on an inner tube and bail/hurt yourself in the most comical and painful ways possible. It doesn't feel out of place whatsoever.

The achievements aren't that tough either. You'll get the majority for beating the stoner story mode, and the others for various things, like driving a snowmobile a certain distance or "earning respect" on each mountain by performing SICK TRICKS near other pot heads on the mountain. There are some for doing all the challenges (one for beating them all, and one for gold-ing them all) that DONT both unlock at once, but they are doable. Overall, easy 1k.

How many times did I mention pot, stoners, or drugs in this review? LOTS. That's what it feels like though, for better or worse, this is a game that is simple enough for a drug abuser to play it, yet is still fun for the average gamer. Sadly, the studio who made it closed down after the game's release (presumably due to drug charges) so we'll never see Amped 4.

But if you love snowboarding or extreme sports games, and have stoner friends (or are a stoner yourself), Amped 3 is a good choice. Occasionally wonky controls, no similarities to other games in the series, and graphical issues at times aren't enough to kill your buzz for this game.
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Posted on 09 May 12 at 08:35
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Amped 3 is one of the selection of games that came out as a release title for the 360, so far my experience with these games has been less than positive… Fortunately for me Indie Built seem to have broken this pattern with the Tony Hawkes-esque view on the world of snowboarding.

While this game does include several vehicles for you to perform a variety of tricks on the main and obvious focus is on snowboarding.
The controls for this game follow along very similar lines to the tried and tested methods of similar titles and are fairly easy to get to grips with, it does however need to be said that guiding your character is probably best described as loose. For the most part this doesn't detract for the game play as the slops you make your way down are littered with jumps and rails, however for some of the challenges (kitty cleanup for example) you often be left frustrated and feel like the wind outside has about as much say in where you go as your controller. Which brings me nicely on the challenges..

Despite the somewhat strange presentation these fall into a few fairly straightforward games to play, each offering challenges for different aspects of the game. These stay true to there name and while offering a challenge never feel impossible but are still hard enough to keep you going for hours.

The story to this game is.... er.. .. well best described as different or maybe abstract. The actual plot when broken down to it's bare bones is fairly standard stuff but the way it is implemented is something that could only ever be put out there by smaller 'Indie' company. In an almost knowing nod they feel free to mock big corporate gaming as the evil you must fight to protect snowboarding from.
This for me is where this game really sets itself apart, the cut scenes are almost always hilarious often leaving you bewildered about what you have just seen. Despite the imagery being something you might expect to see in a depiction of an LSD trip every cut scene left me both smiling and knowing what or where the next step would be.

Almost 7 years after it's release this game still feels like it has a lot to offer, it brings solid game play with a polished feel, a great albeit short storyline and most importantly it's the kind of off the wall fun that games seem to be missing these days. (just look at how GTA4 turned out).

Sadly Indie built was consumed by 2Kgames shortly after this game was released and later closed down (something you feel they knew was coming). So as much as I’d be eager to play it, don’t expect to see another amped title anytime soon.

For those after something completely different definitely give this a try. Worst case you'll come away laughing.
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